Mariah Carey Offers Advice To Canadian Idols had a video clip, since removed, of visiting the hopefuls on Canadian Idol earlier this week. Mariah talked with the Idol competitors about how she keeps her voice in top form by drinking plenty of water and using humidifiers.

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6 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Offers Advice To Canadian Idols

  1. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    hehehe that fat ass Scarey can’t sing anymore that’s why she is only a judge now like Paula s***** bag *****

  2. Angel_M says:

    What a cutie…she’s so pretty.

  3. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    Those poor idol people. Now they will have their entire careers ruined by the advice of the giant fat head. She probably told them to do a lot of the things she does. Lip synch her songs, get giant fake boobs, wed a big shot in the industry and suck him to stardom, wear hankies for bras, try to be a stripper, fake going crazy. Most importantly she probably told them to yell at that haters. Face it, Mariah is a big failure and people love to make fun of her. I bet the contestants all made fun of her too.

  4. weebongo says:

    She lost her voice like 5 years ago. Everyone knows she can’t sing anymore and that’s why she whispers all the time. Who would take advice from that has-been. Even JLo has better vocal abilities than Mariah now.

  5. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    Weebong maybe Mariah couldn’t afford her gigantic fake boobs and traded her used up voice for the boobs? I dunno, I doubt her screaming shrills would carry enough value to pay for those boobs since it must have taken a huge amount of silicone to fill up those big enormous bags.

  6. joxee says:

    At least MARIAH can still pull it off while Sh**ney can’t. It’s a shame that you bash Mariah’s vocal ability while you missed the part that Sh**ney can’t pull it off and from the very start she doesn’t have the voice to be a singer.

    LMAO! Mariah’s using her whispery voice but did you went to her concert? NOPE, the girl is whispering there’s no denying that but she still can pull it together. The thing is JHO’s voice is a product of a multi-million technology to hide her freaking voice. Jho will never ever have the vocal abilities (what the hell was her vocal abilities anyway?) to kick Mariah’s talent. Mariah has the talent while Jho has only the formula.

    Her advice would be f**k all the haters who’re trying to put you down. People can’t pull you if you don’t want to. Most importantly, don’t mind those people who mock you when they’re hardly earn money for a living yet they have the guts to see what’s wrong with you. Look, whoever you are, try not to be biased. If you hate MARIAH because she lip synch, had those fake boobs, wed a president of a company, and all those stripping stuffs. Try to look around, there are so many singers who lip sync (jho, Britney), had fake boobs (xtina), sleeps around (jho) or maybe you just missed all thos facts about singers who’ve done the same or even worse than Mariah.

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