Mariah Carey On ‘The View’

Contributed by a_rod221:

Today was on hand ABC’s The View. Mariah was on the show as a guest host and really blended in well with the others. But those who saw probably realized that the topics of conversation were same as usual it wasn’t all about Mariah or they weren’t asking her questions about the breakdown or Em. So it was nice to see her just talking and laughing with Star and the other girls. There was also a Joe Boxer fashion show and the guy who dances with the Santa boxers on the Joe Boxer commercial also came out dancing with the boxers on. In the end Mariah Performed ‘I Only Wanted’ off the new album and at that it was a wonderful performance, Mariah hit every note perfectly.

Today Mariah also recorded her CNN Special with Larry King which will air on Dec. 19th on CNN.

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