Mariah Carey Performs At Radio City Music Hall

Mariah Carey’s Charmbracelet Tour stopped at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday ( 18) in New York City. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

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11 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Performs At Radio City Music Hall

  1. mikemc says:

    Go Mariah!!!!! I like the outfit, damn she is fine!!

  2. weebongo says:

    It’s the Sheep with their Cow. Why is that Cow dressed up like CHER.

  3. Crusader says:

    Dressed like Cher? you must be retarded or plain stupid! Cher wishes she could look half as good as Mariah. All of you four losers (Weebongo, faust, niceg and GoingUnderr) need to get a life or something. It’s obvious that you four pathetic waste of life are collectively trying to bash Mariah, that is truly sad. Here you are bashing Mariah, sitting in front of your screen all day doing nothing productive, meanwhile Mariah is rich and famous making millions of dollars and inspiring many around the world. Get the picture? LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mariah Forever!!! Crusader!!

  4. faust says:

    she’s fat, she eats too much lamb chops!

  5. tena says:

    Actually, the NY times did say that she was going for a Cher effect. And when Cher was Mariah’s age, she was stunning. Even up until her late 40’s she was gorgeous, exotic. And she still is a great performer. She is almost 60 years old now, can’t compare her to a woman 30 years her junior. And lambs are just as pathetic calling themselves and bowing to some god.

  6. weebongo says:

    Hey Crusader don’t you mean to say that Mariah wished her tour has grossed a 150 million like Cher’s tour and Mariah’s album is at the top of the Billboard charts like Cher’s album is. CHER is killing Mariah in every way possible. Mariah wishes so badly that she just had a little of the success that CHER is having right now. That’s why Mariah is trying to dress like CHER and imitate her. lmao

  7. SJ says:

    weebongo… go back to your trailer park you trailer park trash!

  8. niceg says:

    Cher’s concert was totally awesome. Unfortunately, MC-Ho tried to copy but it turned out to be a circus instead.

    How many HOs does it take to screw the lambs? 2, MC-Ho and and J-Ho. They are both going mad.

  9. EyezCold says:

    lol, to all the haters, whats wrong, just sour because Evanescence isn’t worth sh**!!!!!! or could it be J-Ho has flopped, and will flop some more, or maybe you just can’t stand the fact that that Mariah has put all of your rumors to the dust!!!!!!!!! She is here and she ain’t going anywhere. Like I have said before, strap your freaking seat belts because its gonna be a long ride!

  10. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    Hey lambs that were at the music hall can any of you tell us if Mariah really ate 10 bags of BBQ pork rinds up on the stage? We all know she just lip syncs so it ain’t like she wouldn’t have the spare time to suck down some grub. All bow in praise of the queen of the flopchop.

  11. mikemc says:

    OH REALLY??? Cher’s tour has grossed over $150 million??? WOW, those are great numbers, but where did you get them from??? Because MTV reports say that see has $63.4 million so far, HUH!!!!!! That’s funny, because $150 million is a little bit off from that, especially since a few weeks ago you were saying that she grossed $100, so your saying that she grossed $50 million in the past few weeks???? Oh, wait a minute, YOU WERE LYING!!!!!! SAD SAD SAD!!!!!! And, Cher’s album is not at the top of the Billboard charts, she has sold well, but this is a different type of album than Mariah’s. It’s Cher’s Farewell album to accompany her tour, so of course with the success of her tour her album is gonna sell good, maybe you should take some math courses and some marketing courses!

    I do give Cher credit, because she is a great performer and she looks great for her age, but Mariah and her are totally different types of performers. Cher has always been for the show, she always gives you some crazy stuff, while Mariah is all about the music because let’s face it, Mariah kills Cher vocally. You can’t compare the two.

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