Mariah Carey Performs In Miami

performed at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on Saturday (August 5). Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages.

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6 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Performs In Miami

  1. amelita says:

    we belong together, so true, love the lyrics of that song, especially, the male star, in that music video, so sexy, muahhhh!

  2. weebongo says:

    Since just about everything in Mariah’s tour is a rip off of Madonna’s (back up dancers in bondage suits wearing masks, a leotard worn by Mariah, a cape worn by her) that could mean one of two things. Either what ever ideas Randy had came from watching Madonna’s tour, which he admitted being hugely inspired by and Mariah just said yes to all of them or Mariah saw M’s show and was knocked out at how amazing it was and she wanted hers to be like it. Most likely it was all Randy, that’s why Mariah’s tour is like Madonna’s in so many ways. The biggest problem is that Mariah just looks like a cheap Madonna knock off. No one can look at Mariah in that red leotard and not think she’s trying to be like Madonna.

  3. TigerLily says:

    oh puhlease,mariah’s herself n she doesn’t need to be a Madonna 2 be a success

  4. divinah says:

    oh stop! even I myself am getting tired of this supposed MC/Madonna “rivalry”

    Arguments about MC & Madonna are old and tired. Let’s give it a rest.’, ‘Let’s just all move on….there’s other great things happening in pop right now

  5. CELEBR8 says:

    She only says this cause Janet’s COM isn’t doing well & since JD produced it & is’, ‘likely doing Mariah’s next album, she doesn’t want to set herself up for something she can’t handle.

  6. divinah says:

    oh gosh, some people will just never grow up and move on’, ‘i don’t care anymore. it’s boring, tiring and nauseating. its also true what they say about aging male homosexuals…they’re worst than menopausal women. i’ll leave you to your old idols then, I’m movin’ on.

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