Mariah Carey Performs In Shanghai has photos of from her concert the other night in Shanghai, China. Check them out here.

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Performs In Shanghai

  1. monarc20 says:

    Mariah look’s amazing as always but it pisses me off that they never post the Pictures of Mariah in her Classy outfit’s she wear’s at the concert’s. Everyone thinks Mariah always dresses too sexy but she dresses classy just as much as she dresses sexy!

  2. joxee says:

    I’ve watched one of Mariah’s concert here in Asia and I must say, she still have it (the voice) and if she dresses some skimpy clothes it’s because the songs are up beat but if she sings a ballad she’ll cover up a bit or let me say she’ll wear a nice gown. Haters had never seen any of her concerts and never saw any of her pics when she’s all covered up that’s the reason why they think she’s a slut or whatsoever.

  3. weebongo says:

    The barrage of Cher outfits just keeps on coming. When is Mental Mariah going to get over her Cher fetish. As hard as she might try to be like Cher it’s not going to happen. Cher is entertaining and her tour has grossed around 150 million dollars. The Cher Wannabe’s tour is a total dud like her Remix album bringing hardly any money in at all. The Cher Wannabe is boring, lazy and has the grace of a pig. She also can’t pull of the outfits like Cher can, they make her look dumber and older than she already is.

  4. monarc20 says:

    Oh please your so jealous, you can’t see strait cause Mariah look’s amazing like always. I respect Cher but we all know Mariah’s a lot more beautiful than Cher and Mariah didn’t need any surgery to make her Hot. Since when did skimpy outfit’s that glitter have Cher’s name on them, get real Mariah Rule’s she’s fine as all hell!

  5. mikemc says:

    Mariah looks GREAT!!! And just for the haters, “The Charmbracelet World Tour” is expected to bring in between 30 to 40 million by the time it finishes up, not bad for a six month tour, while Cher has been touring for almost a year and a half now that’s why her sales are so high.

  6. niceg says:

    This is so unfair. Why is it that only that drag cow is able to borrow her outfits from Cher’s circus. How much are the lamb-hos paying to watch “him” wear that!

  7. weebongo says:

    Mental Mariah thought she needed a lot of surgery that’s why she got her boobs done and who knows how many liposuctions. Those little Vegas glitter outfits are Cher’s trademark. She wears them on every tour she does. Now the Cher Wannabe is trying to rip off her style, quite badly. She doesn’t have the body or personality to do it successfully. Cher might be almost 60 but she looks thinner, more beautiful and younger than the Wannabe could ever hope to be.

  8. NJHottie24 says:

    they are so pissed off, I love it, and Cher is disgustingly thin, she looks like death, she doesn’t look good, believe me, she looks like a transsexual, and you wish Mariah was so yesterday, give it up, you are losing, we are winning

  9. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Cher is famous for her ass-less chaps and sheer scarf ensemble. You always talk about Cher, when in reality Cher said in a recent interview that she admires Mariah. And don’t forget that Cher has had her ups and downs in the biz too. Get over the fact that Mariah is just good.

  10. tena says:

    I agree, Mariah has had a few things done. and she needs a refund on her boobs, because they dropped. Of course, her lambs will have something to say about how “natural’ they are.

    Expected and actual are 2 different things. Mariah is never on the billboard concert charts. This week it is Gloria Estevan-#1 in concert sales. All these acts around longer than Mariah, but, she can’t fill arenas.

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