Mariah Carey Pitching Autobiography

A source tells Jeannette Walls of that is close to signing a deal to write her autobiography. “She was making the rounds, pitching it,” explained the source. “She says it will be an inspirational story and she’ll write about her humble beginnings, about growing up biracial – everything. She said she’s tired of everyone else writing about her – now she wants to set the story straight.” Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Pitching Autobiography

  1. CARPEDIEM says:

    Autobiographies should be done after your career is over.

  2. SJ says:

    Mariah’s writing about her humble beginnings its not mainly about her career. I think!

  3. mikemc says:

    Yeah, it isn’t going to be her life story or anything like that, its gonna mainly focus on her childhood and overcoming difficulties in life.

  4. kiki says:

    hey Mariah you are my biggest fan keep it up

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