Mariah Carey Post Concert Party Buzz

The New York Post reports Ivanka Trump showed up at Mariah Carey’s post-concert party at the Canal Room Thursday night, telling photographers, “I’m not here to be photographed, I’m here to meet a friend.” Once inside, Ivanka made sure she wouldn’t be recognized on the way out by changing from a preppy white polo shirt and sweater into a black lingerie top. Though Ivanka was happy to sit in a secondary VIP area with Pras, Philip Bloch and Janice Dickenson, Denise Rich “threw a fit” when she realized Mariah had a more private VIP section across the room, spies revealed.

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7 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Post Concert Party Buzz

  1. Maddie says:

    This news makes no sense. First – the party was obviously for Mariah Second – all this names above were invites, so why the hell are they going to be upset because Mariah got a more private VIP section?..huh, I’m scratching my head trying to understand this. They all took pictures for this party. Get some better news please!

  2. niceg says:

    It’s because MCow loves to make others around her feel inferior. Remember , Glitter? Tia Texada and other co-stars were forced to wear ugly clothes. That’s why Glitter flopped. Plus, why would a fat-ass slut get more VIP treatment. If only she can be half as beautiful as Denise Rich. Denise and others did the right thing. They should leave immediately rather than being treated a “CLOWN” after the circus show was over. Eminem, where is your new album.

  3. mikemc says:

    Niceg, your so HILARIOUS!!!!! You make the funniest excuses for things. Yeah, “Glitter” flopped because that fake Rosie Perez-wannabe, Tia Texada couldn’t show off her body!!!!! Your so pathetic, it wasn’t Mariah’s choice on what people wore, it was set in the 80’s and certain clothes had to be worn to go with the story. No one cares what that fake-Spanish actress has to say, yeah her career has really blossomed considering the only movie I’ve ever seen her in was “Phone Booth”, in which she played a hooker!!!!! Yeah, she’s a true talent!!!! I wish I could have gone to Mariah’s VIP party, I bet she had fun. I know Cam’ron, Usher, Maxwell, Tyson Beckford, and a bunch of other people were there, I bet they had a really fun time.

  4. EyezCold says:

    Glitter, breakdown..blah…blah…blah…. this is so cliched and morbid much already. Lets nominate Niceg for the 2 Years ago news award! I think niceg is campaigning for b!tch of the year don’t you? Oh yeah I forgot that niceg doesn’t have to campaign because he or she is already a b!tch!!!!!!!! Well anyways congrats to Mariah on her success that the critics just hate!!!!! I and the fans and new fans give Props to Mariah and all of her success.

  5. Arman80 says:

    If she was trying to make Denise feel so inferior why did she invite her…. and why do you feel the need to throw in more people than the article mentions? “Tia Texada and OTHER co-stars,” “Denise and OTHERS,” What the hell, why do you lie to yourself. That’s simply sad, you can lie to everyone but when you start lying to yourself….., well, that’s just pathetic! If you are so interested in Eminem, why don’t you go away and check his site or something. Go do something positive with your life, dude!

  6. mc_daydream_95 says:

    niceg, you are by far the most ignorant self-absorbed a-hole that is alive today, you need to get a life, plus your lame ass excuses are funny, I am laughing my ass off at every little pathetic comment that you make about the artist of the millennium!!! Mariah Carey is blessed with a god-given gift, she is #1 and is simply the best, better than a puta Spanish fly like yourself niceg, what the hell are you, just some low-life little scum with a big mouth, lol, and whatever you may say after this, to me ur nothing but a waste of life, and what is up with the words MCow & lamb-ho’s, how sad, you must be in still in 3rd grade, and ur ass really needs to be checked into a mental institution, well imma let this go now, so you have a rotten ugly hectic day, you little idiot. bye bye, chow, gratzii. lol hehe haha, oh boo, blah blah blah blah!

  7. Tig says:

    Gang, I just met Mariah and trust me, she is extremely thin, Not McCow in site. Also, she’s very humble, and very nice, I thought honestly from our 1st meeting, she would be a royal Bit*h. But she was not.. So don’t pay attention to NiceG, he/she just wants attention, and he/she knows how passionate fans are too Mariah. Trust me on that one, so just ignore he/she and they will go away..unless you like the arguments, because the McCow thing is so funny, denoting that Mariah is a toothpick right now. All I Ever Wanted: Greatest Song in History.

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