Mariah Carey Press Attention Steered Sheryl Crow Away From Hospital

IMDB quotes talking about her thoughts of checking herself in for professional help to deal with depression but she sought other was following the press blowup that followed Mariah’s similar move. Crow said, “There’s no handbook on becoming famous and successful and I’m a person who had this overwhelming need to be right with the world and make sure everyone is happy with me. I became totally sick of myself, I got tired of seeing myself. I got tired of feeling that if I wasn’t in a magazine that interest in me was waning. Fame is a weird trip. It was really a mind blower. It took a few trips to Mount Sinai for some psychiatric help. I’m not joking. Had Mariah not had the incident that she had I would have fully checked myself in but I just didn’t want the press. In a funny way, visiting Kid Rock was an important turnaround for me. I went to Detroit and it was so much It totally reminded of what it was like growing up – it was all about Lynyrd Skynyrd and trucks and Budweiser and hanging out with your friends and it was like, ‘I remember now who I am.’ Stevie was also instrumental. She has been an awesome friend and influence on my life. There’s nobody like her. I feel really blessed.”

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