Mariah Carey: Queen Of The Charts

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Last year, all of the fans spent so much time defending her; now it isn’t even necessary. She is undoubtedly back at the top and no matter what anyone says about her, she did her thing with the new album and proved that she has longevity and is a living legend.

Call her trashy, call her fat, call her overrated if you would like too…but accept the fact that she has sold over 5 million records of “…Mimi” and she is being critically praised for her immensely successful comeback. Even though you say you hate her, for some reason you keep watching her appearances, keep looking at her pictures and keep listening to her is really shocking that you devote so much time to a woman you hate.

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2 thoughts on “Mariah Carey: Queen Of The Charts

  1. Aha says:

    Mariah Carey is The Queen Of Payola is no longer irrelevant these days! She is OUT and so 90s.

    Rihanna and Beyonce are IN!!!

  2. SKE says:

    Aha PLEASE!
    Mariah is the queen of the UNIVERSE!
    Without her, there would be NO Rihanna or Beyonce!
    ACCEPT THE FACT THAT SHES A LIVING LEGEND and she is more successful than both Rihanna and Beyonce PUT TOGETHER!

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