Mariah Carey Remains In Philippines At Amanpulo Resort

Philippines Inquirer reports is staying in the exclusive Amanpulo resort in Palawan until Sunday. “Owners of the place practice strict security,” said Jofelle Tesorio, Inquirer correspondent in Palawan. “They will not welcome visitors who go to the island through private yachts. Guests have to be flown in by their own plane.”

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Remains In Philippines At Amanpulo Resort

  1. Madfan says:

    She should stay there forever, really. She’ll NEVER make it big in the U.S. anymore.

  2. Madfan says:

    However, will we be without her huge FLOPS? send her back!

  3. joxee says:

    Why does haters always had to comment first? Just come out of the closet haters, we’ll forgive you. No matter what you still love Mariah so much.

  4. niceg says:

    Fly the cow to a secluded island and leave her there. She can have all the attention and flops she needs. Maybe, she can start mating with the wild animals on the island. “Survivor series – Divas live”!

  5. joxee says:

    Just a question haters. What will you do “if” Mariah’s next album would go to number one and along with the first single?

  6. joxee says:

    How’s Celine and Mandy’s album doing on the Billboard charts? You should buy at least 5000 copies to see them at top 10.

    I’d found out that wherever (almost) madfan post these people post: webanging, niceg, queenlambflops aka rachell, weebongo. It’s too obvious. At least 3 of these Mariah’s haters are into Madonna and Britney. Hey, Madfan I thought you hate Madonna yet you’re kissing her ass because she’s releasing a remix album. Are you going to write a public apology again if her album made it to the chart? I bet. You’ll say: Sorry Madonna and I still love you! You suck!

  7. collins_xtina says:

    Many Filipinos disappointed in her Bodyguards! poor Mariah you’re not welcome here in my Country you Bitch! You better go back to your place. Philippines is not on you.

  8. joxee says:

    Oh please. I know you hate Mariah but saying many Filipinos hate her that’s just out of the line. Her (Mariah) concert is a huge success which I can never tell with Mandy since my friend (who’s a die hard Mandy fan) told me there are a lot of empty sits in Araneta. She’s welcome here and it’s just Manda who’s being a bitch. And please Mariah didn’t request for a VIP treatment while Mandy did. You should read newspapers it will help you.

  9. SJ says:

    Wow your JEALOUS!. Just because your fat and ugly don’t blame it on the beautiful MARIAH!

  10. monarc20 says:

    It’s nice to hear Mariah’s take her long deserved break. It’s good she’s doing outside the U.S to cause the media won’t be all over her. I hope she take’s this month to rest her voice completely and have a little fun!

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