Mariah Carey Responds To Christina Aguilera’s GQ Diss

Though was quick to praise ‘American Idol’ season one champ in her interview with GQ, the claws came out when asked about Mariah Carey. “She was never cool to me… to the point that one time we were at a party and I think she got really drunk, and she had just really derogatory things to say to me… But it was at that time that she had that breakdown, so she might have been very medicated,” the singer told the magazine for its June cover story. But Mariah did not take the remarks sitting down. “I had hoped that Christina was in a better place now than the last time I saw her when she showed up uninvited at one of my parties and displayed questionable behavior,” Mariah said in a statement to ‘Access Hollywood’. “It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain. It is in my heart to forgive and I will keep her in my prayers.”

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41 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Responds To Christina Aguilera’s GQ Diss

  1. mackenzie says:

    I love Christina she is so amazing I love her singing
    she is so pretty

  2. Haha! says:

    Christina Aguilera is stupid anyway. Always running her mouth about stuff she don’t know. Mariah’s the way better singer. Christina’s just a stupid slut who can’t sing.

  3. Theo says:

    Screw Mariah Carey. That bitch is a huge bag of crazy. Anyone who thinks that Christina Aguilera is a bad singer is obviously deaf or retarded. Stay strong, Christina, we love you!

  4. eortiz says:

    Mariah are you delusional or what do you see in Nick Cannot oops I meant Cannon? Lol dumb cougar!!! I used to like MC till she married this loser half her age. Christina get it girl,

  5. othfan says:

    I am a huge fan of Mariah Carey, I don’t like Christina and her and Nick make a heck of a cute couple and he’s so HOT!!!!!!

  6. necie says:

    Uh.. Mariah isn’t the only one who has a problem with Christina. Pink also dislikes her. Obviously, Christina is striving for attention. Mariah is doing her thing and still making hits. Where’s Christina?

  7. jaye says:

    personally Christina need to back off and get a fu**ing life and stop hating on my cousin. So by the way Christina ain’t nun but a bitch and she so jealous because she’s not beautiful and CAN NOT sing and one more thing if she gets this message tell ha I said screw her ugly ass and stop trying to be like Mariah and stop saying talking bout her in a nasty way because Mimi ain’t done sh** to her and if she have a problem with me and Mariah tell her to come to Georgia I’ll beat that boney ass because I don’t play when people fu** with me or my family and she got the wrong one!!!!!!!!!

  8. mark allan says:

    Christina is winner for belted but we have higher than belted what is this? Mariah can whistle and belted so Mariah I think best Pop diva singers
    My top 10 singer
    Mariah Carey
    Kelly Clarkson
    Celine Dion
    Whitney Houston
    Leona Lewis
    Britney Spears
    Miley Cyrus
    Taylor Swift

    Sorry Christina if don’t in my list but your a good singer

  9. missKNOWITALL says:



  10. Kevin says:

    Mariah Carey won, enough said.

    that’s such a classy response…who can argue with it!?

  11. deni says:

    mariah is fu**ing bitch . . . .
    she can’t sing with heart but she used her fu**ing mouth that smells not good . . .
    but Christina Aguilera is the best singer . . . .
    N she can make a wonderful performance in this world and nobody can do that . . . .

    Fu** Mariah Carey . . . .

  12. Tabby The Cat says:

    no deni… as Kevin previously mentioned, Mariah the Queen won, enough said.

  13. Fouad says:

    Mariah is arrogant, a drunk sh**ty woman…Christina ain’t lying because this won’t help her anyway sell more…Mariah is an old woman and she looks like jealous from a young songstress.

  14. Jim says:

    Christina bears bad relationships with many singer, even with Britney, do you know why? it’s so clear!

  15. Jim says:

    Christina is always jealous of many singers’ success!Especially Britney. She tried to flatter Whitney and Mariah and imitates both of them vocally! but they ignored her. That’s where the feud from! Her new album is doomed to be a flop! The current today show sucks!

  16. Jim says:

    TO those who say Christina sings better than Mariah, you are from another planet! Can’t agree with missKNOWITALL more! CHRISTINA IS AND ALWAYS BE AN IMITATION AND IMPOSTER, NOTHING SHE HAS DONE OR EVER WILL DO IS ORIGINAL, INNOVATIVE, OR CREATIVE! SHE HAS NEVER BEEN CONSIDERED AN ICON OR TRUE LEGEND LIKE ARETHA, WHITNEY, OR MARIAH! AND now she is copying Lady Gaga, what a shame! Floptina and Copytina!

  17. daph says:

    sure, Mariah can hit high notes but she can’t sing and she stinks live. Christina is just absolutely beautiful.

  18. MANdonnaNOtalent says:

    TRANtina MANguilera is a DISASTER.
    Shes half Mariah’s age, and her career is DWINDLING! Bionic sold next to nothing and all the singles barely entered the Billboard Hot 100, let alone a music chart overseas.
    Obsessed quickly went platinum, making Mariah the female artist with the most platinum singles in the US. And I Want to Know What Love Is stayed at the top of the Brazilian charts for HALF A YEAR, making it the longest running #1 song in the history of that country. Mariah accomplished all this at the age of 40!
    …and don’t EVEN get me started on FLOPtina’s HOLLERING, GROWLING, SCREECHING mess of a voice. She can’t sing. Not before, not now, and not EVER.
    Whereas Mariah’s voice influenced every singer since the 90’s.

  19. Number1 Mimi says:

    I Like Them Both. Guys, don’t join their arguments, I think its healed now. so please be more Respectful and please don’t say dirty words to either Mimi or Xtina… Tnx

  20. brandon cochrane says:

    for the first place I do not
    Mariah Carey. I knew she was
    alcohol woman and having
    a breakdown. I do not appreciated Mariah Carey for
    what she has said to Christina
    Aguilera. she was drunk & stupid!!!! Christina Aguilera
    is my number one!!!! be honest
    with me Mariah is crazy.

  21. xtina;notalent says:

    what the hell? Christina? dissing Mariah? Christina ! go back to nursery and learn the meaning of the word RESPECT . you kept on imitating MC and now , you are saying something bad to Mariah? what a shame Christina ! Mariah Carey is better than Christina in almost every way ! Back off Xtina!

  22. brandon cochrane says:

    no!! Christina Aguilera is better
    than Mariah Carey. Mariah is
    the one who says about Christina that she can’t sing.
    so what are you talking about?
    Mariah was drunk and sick!!!

  23. dsfjhdfj says:

    I love Christina Aguilera!

  24. MC2 says:

    Christina Has always been a bitch !! Not only towards

    Mariah, but also Pink , Britney , Lady Gaga , MJ Blige !

    These are FACTS ! People that work with her have reportedly

    mentioned they HATE her !!

    Christina will NEVER be in the same level we Mariah.

    Mariah showed superiority with her answer and FLOPtina

    got O W N E D !!!

    Floptina talked about drinks etc,Mariah about PRAYERS !!

    Enough said…

  25. bob says:

    Christina is ugly and has a horrible voice. How she made it as a singer I’ll never know. At least Mariah has a beautiful singing voice. Personality wise they are both phony.

  26. Serena says:

    I love both Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Christina maybe is not as good singer as Mariah well the bitch gotta voice. If I were her I would never say this “so she might have been very medicated”. Mariah can blow anyone away when it comes to singing.

  27. brianna says:

    I love Mariah and Christina way too much to pick a side. Let them battle it all by themselves guys.

  28. brianna says:

    @Mark Allen – You have Kelly Clarkson at #2 position, over Whitney freaking Houston and Celine Dion, and on top of that, you included Britney (Queen of Lip sync), Rihanna, Taylor Swift (horrid live singer, almost always off key), Miley Cyrus, and Fergie in your top 10 best pop diva singers list. Your list is a f**king joke. One of the worst I’ve seen.

  29. Reviendra says:

    I love both!
    But for me great sample as best divas is CELINE DION.

  30. brandon cochrane says:

    Pink, Mariah, Mary Blige, and Britney are very crazy & jealous of Christina Aguilera. because Christina has the best vocal & best voice ever!!!! maybe Mariah Carey need to stop being so full of dramatic and think who she is and says something like she is the best woman vocal out of the other.

  31. Imperfect.Angel. says:

    Look, this whole conflict between these divas does not make any sense to me. I like both of these artists and both of them have beautiful voices regardless the opinions of the biased public, but I grew up listening to Mariah more than Christina so yeah I am more of a Mariah Carey fan but I like xtina. However, looking at this situation, for some reason, it looks as if Christina started first. I didn’t like that she said “she might have been very medicated” making Mimi appear as if she was mentally sick, which was not true. Even if it was, I will admit, that was around the time, her music sales was not doing well because of her movie “Glitter”. However, every great artist experiences a struggle in their career. Michael Jackson is a great example of it; his invincible album was very under-rated but the man still continue on despite the allegations. Also after his passing, everyone included his haters have discovered how great of artist he was. Going back to Mariah, she moved on from that period and made her comeback with “Emancipation of Mimi”. For xtina’s behalf, somethings are better left unsaid. However, I think this conflict is a fabricated story. Sorry for making this message so long. I just had to make my voice heard.

  32. Hazel says:

    Mariah – Queen of Shade/Pop
    Christina – Queen of Flops

  33. LambOFMC says:

    Christina, has had countless encounters where she has issues dealing with people in the business, and this is more evidence…

  34. nicole ryan says:

    Mariah Carey has always been a peaceful person :) and she suffered a lot of controversies about many singers such as Madonna, Christina, etc. :) hays .. Mariah don’t want to fight but to make peace .. because Mariah Carey is a god fearing person :))a good person .. like she said in one of her songs .. “i wish you well” * the word said it, love your enemies.. do good to those who curse you , pray for those who mistreat you :)) ” love you Mariah Carey :D Always be strong :D for your more supporters and specially to your daughter and son :))))) and the LAMBS XD

  35. Serenity Ontario says:

    Please all these stupid delusional lambs praising Mariah like she is God’s gift to music please she is so fake and such a damn diva.I hate her fake ass and she doesn’t give a rats ass about her so called “fans”she makes you wait for her and talk show host are sick of it.Come back to reality she is not queen of music she not even that great of a singer. And don’t forget Christina idolized Mariah until she was rude to poor Christina. Christina is 20000000000000000000000 times better than Mariah and she cares about her fans.Stay Strong Christina you true fans are behind you.

  36. Serenity Ontario says:

    part 2 we went to Mariah’s concert on Feb 1 it was supposed to start at 7:30 but her part didn’t start till 9:00. Also we found out she didn’t come out for autographs until 5:30 in the morning. People walked away. We had to go home on Septa and Septa stops at midnight so we didn’t stay for autographs. I would have been very upset if we had wanted to stay for her autograph. It wouldn’t have been worth the wait because we would have been exhausted and my son has epilepsy and had to get his rest, so we weren’t going to stay for her autograph. I’m sorry we like her music but her attitude is like a diva. That is the way it is.

  37. _mArZelle27 says:

    . . .yes, Mariah Carey suffered from that kind of situation before but she knows how to move on and make a new start in her life but Christina should learn how to respect people, especially those people who respects her too… Mariah Carey is a better person and have a strong faith in GOD that’s why in every struggles and trials that GOD has given her she knows how to stand again no matter what people are saying about her,,.. She’s such an inspiration to all of her TRUE FANS, not only because of her amazing voice but also her good attitude…….. WE LUV U MC no matter what happens we’re just here to support and stand with u>>>>>>> thanks 4 inspiring us through your wonderful MUSIC<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. allthatsright says:

    Christina do everything with respect. She always give her all with ever performance. Even when she off, she is good. If you don’t agree goggle her!

  39. Soul says:

    i thought that Mariah is Christina’s IDOL !! and i always wondered why she never has met her !! and now i understand !! Xtina always said that Mimi is THE BEST :) but now i see that they had a fight !! GUYS DIVAS SHOULD GIVE SOME RESPECT TO EACH OTHER!!
    and now i know what happened !!

  40. Woohoo says:

    Both of them are a sick diva!!! Both of them pretended to be the biggest diva in the world (especially Mariah)… Come on!! Both of them are supposed to respected each other.. Both of them are beautiful and have a good voice.. Be like Madonna and Britney Spears (they are truly the divas, not Mariah and Christina)!!! Both of them are good friends, successful, n the biggest pop star in the world (Madonna=queen of pop, Britney=princess of pop).. But do they ever fight or feud each other?? Never. Because both of them are a good friends.. Not like Mariah and Christina..

  41. dave says:

    Christina is a good singer and I like her but Mariah will shine forever in my heart. Only Mariah can make feel so good with her music and voice. I listen to her since I was 13 and I am already 37 and I will never stop liking her.

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