Mariah Carey Says Downsizing Tour Was A Good Decision

Early buzz on Mariah Carey’s tour wasn’t good after her shows suddenly went from arenas to theaters, and Ashanti dropped off the bill. But Carey tells Kevin C. Johnson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch downsizing the tour was a good decision. “Otherwise, I have a tendency to micromanage everything, and that can be a problem, especially when you’re trying to enjoy yourself as well,” Carey explained. “I didn’t want to have to think about the pyro stuff or the sound system. And it was the right thing to have an intimate setting. Fans would be very disappointed if they didn’t get a chance to feel what’s on stage. It’s all about communicating with an audience.”

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Says Downsizing Tour Was A Good Decision

  1. Stallion says:

    Too bad she wasn’t allowed to put that song she did with Justin Timberlake on her album. That would had help her album do better.

  2. jtfasho95 says:

    Yeah it was. I went to the concert at the fox theatre in St. Louis and the sound and everything else was great. It was just as cool as when I went to see “Le Mes”

  3. rachel says:

    Mariah doesn’t need Timberflake, please!!!!!!!!! I am a Mariah Fan again, her voice sounds awesome and she bounced back straight from her breakdown. Go Mariah!!!

  4. PaulNick19 says:

    I can’t wait to see her, its gonna be so much more personal than the rainbow tour. I’m so glad she decided to redo it.

  5. babet says:

    I love Mariah!!! its so nice how she wants to get closer to the fans. and her shows and performances are always tastefully done. she’s the coolest (next to Christina of course).

  6. Rhilee says:

    its good to hear positive Mariah news. Most all of the critics have done nothing but praise the live shows saying she’s never sounded better. I enjoy positivity!

  7. Loverboy says:

    Yea, I was at the Vegas show, and it was so much better than the Rainbow tour. You can see Mariah better and you do feel that she is actually looking at you from time to time… Very intimate. :-) Hope you guys enjoy the show as much as I did!

  8. YogiBear says:

    Justin is a flake…who needs that little boy. He tries so hard to be ‘down’. homey sounds like one of the chipmunks anyway. Cameron Diaz must be one desperate woman to date his sorry butt.

  9. Tig says:

    Mariah, I don’t know if I believe you on this downsizing, but, I’m glad ya did. I look forward to seeing your show in 24 hours and seeing if it’s as good and live as everyone says. I agree, the rainbow tour was a quickly, and this one seems real laid-back, real sexy and well sung. Great Reviews, Great Body, Great Voice, Great Singer. U Go Shortie.

  10. Monarc_2002 says:

    Yeah, all of the reviews are great! Any questions left to the critics, have been approached and answered. No Mariah can still sing, and looks fabulous. She even has made a list for one of the greatest bodies of 2003! Yep I would say she is totally BACK BABY!

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