Mariah Carey Says ‘Glitter’ Was ‘Simply Not Good’

Contributed by MariahsMan: reports that recently sat down with German newspaper, Netzeitung. She talked about her first feature film, ‘Glitter.’ She says, “Glitter was simply not a good film actually. You can’t blame the flop of a film on only the actors involved. I wasn’t allowed much input with the producing of the film. That was, by the way, my first film. There are many other long-time actors who produce flops.”

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9 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Says ‘Glitter’ Was ‘Simply Not Good’

  1. MistySl says:

    Weird, that she was such a likeable ho in Wisegirls. Smuggling drugs and cursing and flips it and gives that stiff boring performance in Glitter. And now her next movie is titled: Boobs are looking at you”.

  2. NJHottie24 says:

    It’s interesting how someone who hates her has seen both of her movies especially Wise Girls.

  3. mazza says:

    Good point njhottie24….. people say that hate Mariah but deep down they know very well of her star power and they really like her… Why else would they watch her movies.

  4. Madfan says:

    “She talked about her first feature film, ‘Glitter.'” – because THAT’S the ONLY interesting about her, besides the Mental Breakdown. What else can she talk about? So Flop chops, don’t tell us haters to stop talking about these lows in the so called life of the Queen of Flops: the Queen of Flops herself, your has-been idol, LOVES to talk about them. “She says, “Glitter was simply not a good film actually.” – Queen of Flops, NOBODY ever said that it was good. “You can’t blame the flop of a film on only the actors involved.” – Why not? If a film is successful we praise the actors involved. So if it flops, we also blame the actors. The nerve of the Flop Queen to call herself an actor. Don’t spit on the craft. “I wasn’t allowed much input with the producing of the film.” – Too bad. Had the Biggest Has-Been been allowed to put input on that much-hated film, it would have become an even bigger flop. As it is, it is already the biggest flop of all time. “That was, by the way, my first film. There are many other long-time actors who produce flops.” – Yes. And the greatness of the bombing of “Glitter” at the tills has made us forgot all the other flops by other long-time actors. Mariah Carey has made the biggest flop of all. No one and nothing can top that – EVER. I haven’t and will not see “Glitter” or any other “film” by The Queen of Flops. It is a give, whether you’ve seen them or not, that they’re just simply awful.

  5. MistySl says:

    It’s called: Cable TV, & they showed the movie, don’t hate her, she’s tired.

    Unlike the other hoes, Mariah has staying power, she’s just lazy with that whisper

    When she called that fat girl a D ike in the movie that was weird. She’s weird.

    Not really interested in her music.

    Doesn’t this woman see that the music industry has black-balled her. Tommy Mottola is not to be messed with. He stole her music and gave it to street-girl J LO, slammed her movie, and now he still has connections at Sony, The remixes didn’t have a chance. See 112 the group, they slammed Bad Boy and they can’t get a hit. Toni Braxton slammed her label and now her last Cd flopped and she’s running around on stage, trying to save face. The only reason Mariah, has not sunk to the bottom is because she’s a hungry woman, who has a dream. They have done everything to destroy this hoe and she won’t stop fighting. They have set her up for failure. Like Madonna, she won’t go away.

  6. weebongo says:

    Didn’t Wisegirls go straight to the bargain bins. It must have been even more dreadful than Glitter.

  7. JLOVER101 says:

    Actually, I don’t like Mariah Carey, but I did get a chance to see Wisegirls and I must say that was a really good movie, however that movie was not a Mariah Carey film, it was very much a Mira Sorvino film, and we all know that Mira is a great actress. Mariah did a better job on it than she did in Glitter, but I mean, was that pseudo-Italian(esque) accent really necessary? It certainly didn’t favor the movie, and yes the movie came straight to HBO, never made it to the theaters, namely because of the flop that was Glitter!

  8. ballersfantasy says:

    I actually thought Glitter was pretty good. I haven’t seen Wise Girls, but I heard it was pretty good.

  9. monarc20 says:

    At least Mariah can admit when she make’s a mistake unlike people like Madonna, Britney, J-Lo etc. I didn’t think “Glitter” was a good movie but I didn’t hate it either. Someone said no one said it was good mean while I’ve let it to so many Little Kid’s and they loved it. Mariah wanted to do a raw edgy Film like 8 Mile. Then the Director of the movie changed the whole concept and messed it up. Of course people are gonna put all the blame Mariah being that she was the Star of the Movie. That was three year’s ago though and she was amazing in “WiseGirls” and her next movie is said to be a lot better then that!

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