Mariah Carey Says She’s Just Like Mary Poppins

is on the cover of the new issue of Maxim magazine where she talks about her nickname Mary Poppins, gained because of her lifestyle that she insists matches the prim and proper nanny. “I know I have this image that’s sexy. Bit I’m basically like Mary Poppins. That’s my nickname! I’m prudish. It’s like playing dress-up,” Carey explained. “When you go through difficult stuff as a kid sometimes your childhood stays with you. I’ve hung on to that. There was a period when I was in a relationship that was confining, where I had to wear turtlenecks and long pants, and that wasn’t me. So when I broke out of that – around the time of the ‘Honey’ video, where I jump put of the water like a secret agent – everybody was shocked. But that was the real me coming out.”

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11 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Says She’s Just Like Mary Poppins

  1. babet says:

    I don’t see the comparison.

  2. Madfan says:

    “There was a period when I was in a relationship that was confining”: I can understand…. “I had to wear turtlenecks and long pants”: she should’ve stayed in them. Mariah is a great singer…but I can’t stand it when people like her identifies liberation with taking off one’s clothes. . . and doesn’t have the body to show for it.

  3. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    boys like me hates when fat asses woman like Mariah Scarey wear bikinis that is gross Mariah looking like pig poop lately keep going *****

  4. YouSuck says:

    The revealing clothing was only 1 aspect of her feeling liberated.If you were forced to dress and act a certain way for a period of time I’m sure you would feel the need to break away from the image that for so long wasn’t really you. This has happened to numerous artist over and over again. And as for madfan’s comment about “her not having the body to show for it” …go watch honey my love she looks phenomenal nobody else could have pulled those stiletto’s off .

  5. weebongo says:

    I heard her nickname was MISS PIGGY. Oh. .or maybe that’s Kelly Clarkson.

  6. Kizzardkid says:

    Mariah still looks great, she’s gotten back in shape and she is the best singer in the world. Mariah, girl, you still got it.

  7. Madfan says:

    yeah, I saw it…and had a breakdown…that’s why I’m still in psychotherapy.

  8. Madfan says:

    To YouSuck: Yeah, I saw the “Honey” video…then I had a breakdown…I’m still in psychotherapy as of this writing.

  9. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    What a disrespect to Mary Poppins, Yeah she was so classy when her fat ass was hopping on Slim Shady’s trampoline…Tired old hooker

  10. Kizzardkid says:

    Don’t talk about yourself like that girl, its not right, just makes your sorry ass look tired.

  11. MariahCareyFreak says:

    Madfan, Def Jam and Britney Can’t sing! Oh and your a *****in’ idiot if you think Britney can sing! Mariah Carey is very beautiful and I didn’t know 123 is fat? lol! Your full of *****! But ***** you madfan, Def Jam and *****ney can’t sing! May Jason cut you into a million pieces!

    Men like me would beat the hell out of your *****get ass! I know real talent and beauty! Britney is a ugly *****!

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