Mariah Carey Set Up For Failure

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OK, there is so much hoopla going around about Mariah Carey’s ‘The Remixes’ which hit stores Tuesday October 14th. It was obvious before they even hit shells that this CD had no chance to make its mark. First of all, Sony did not do one bit of promotion in the United States whatsoever. How can a label, even her old label, do that? It’s just hurting the CD and makes less money for Sony. The only logical explanation would be they want the CD to fail so they can say that Mariah had another bomb. Which really doesn’t matter because it is only a Remix album. Not only is Sony showing no support for this album, but neither are the record stores. It took me 3 stores to find the album. Most stores didn’t even get it in. The one I found it at was in the mall and they only had 5 copies on the floor and me and my friend bought 2 so there were only 3 left. They had plastered all over the place and well you know all the reviews he got that were posted on here. My other friend said that target and Walmart by him didn’t even receive it and finally he had to go to another Target and he found it in the Mariah Carey section, not even the New Release section. I know a lot of people are gonna make comments but the fact is a CD cannot do well with no promotion and no CD’s to sell. And finally, Sony sent an email to all her fans asking if we would like to buy the CD through them and you may get an autographed copy while supplies last. Well, a majority of people that ordered the CD last week have yet to receive it and if you check your order it still says in progress. Most of the people have not even been billed yet. Two people had the money taken out of their checking account to only find it put back in yesterday. It seems as though Sony doesn’t want to include those sales in this weeks numbers. Sony has been contacted numerous times and has not given one response yet. It’s really sad.

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11 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Set Up For Failure

  1. glammabella says:

    I hate when record companies do that. Sometimes they just look for a failure to get out of a situation they don’t like.

  2. niceg says:

    Why would Sony or Def J promote her if they know that it’s going to waste? Better spend more $$ on newer acts. Congratulations to Miss Flop-Chop. Maybe she can get another achievement award for breaking the #1s flop album 3 times in a row. The prince who awarded her the award recently gets to see and screw the crap out of Mariah again.

  3. WaneInTheZone says:

    It’s always interesting to see who the Cattle are gonna blame when her albums flop, In the beginning it always Tommy Mottola. Then it was Jennifer Lopez who supposedly stole her material, Now were pointing the finger at her label. When will the Cattle give any credit to Mariah for her failures? I’d say it’s long overdue.

  4. mikemc says:

    What are you haters speaking about? You make NO sense WHATSOEVER!!!! First off, this isn’t even Mariah’s label anymore, it’s just a contractual obligation to get Mariah’s last album out for them. Of course you haters are gonna say it flops, who gives a sh**, the woman isn’t even in the country to promote it, what can you expect. There is no video or song to promote it either, of course it’s not gonna chart high. The CD’s been out for a day, and you are saying it flopped, PLEASE!!! If this CD gets into the Top 20 I’ll be happy considering the complete lack of promo for it.

    You are such an ignorant fool it isn’t even funny, go listen to your damn Britney CD’s! First off let me school you on FACTS: 1. Tommy did try to ruin her career after she left him, Wendy Williams ADMITTED that Tommy went to her and wanted her to bad mouth Mariah on her radio-show. He was gonna pay her a six-figure amount just to talk bad about Mariah, Wendy told him to shove his money up his a## and then blew his spot up on the radio and told EVERYONE that he came to her with that. 2. I hate to tell you, J.Lo DID steal material from Mariah! Irv Gotti, the producer of “I’m Real” ADMITTED in XXL magazine that Tommy came to him after he heard Mariah’s song with Ja Rule and wanted him to do a song for J.Lo with the same beat and in the same format. It’s OLD news, everyone knows she stole Mariah’s stuff. 3. Sony, the record company that is releasing “The REmixes”, is Mariah’s OLD label, she hasn’t been with Sony for 4 years now!!! Oh course they aren’t gonna fork out tons of cash on promo for an artist that isn’t even signed to their label anymore! Plus, Jagged Edge’s new album came out yesterday as well, and they happen to be on Sony as well, so who do you think Sony’s gonna promote more, one of their artists or an artist that was theirs 4 years ago?

  5. Kizzardkid says:

    Glitter the movie was a flop stupid, not the album, it still went platinum as well as Charmbracelet but that one went double platinum, the only flop she has had is Greatest hits but Sony put that out before she had time to do press or anything. but whatever, keep on hating.

  6. MariahsMan says:

    Has anyone besides myself noticed that the haters seem to know A LOT about Mariah and her career?? Well…they THINK they know a lot. It amazes me how much time some of you spend discussing Mariah. Everyone posts their opinions about everyone…but some of you haters post more than the fans! Does anyone else find that funny?? And for the record – ‘The Remixes’ is not being released by her label…so of course it’s not gonna be heavily promoted. Flop or no flop…I don’t think Mariah cares as much as some of you do.

  7. tena says:

    I think it’s hard to find in stores, because, the people that run them obviously have good business skills. I think that this flop of all flops would do nicely at the 99 cent store. In fact, perhaps a 2 for 1 sale. Good for all the Halloweeners, but, they won’t get a treat, they will get a trick. A nasty one. I heard one of the cuts, utterly boring crap.

    mikemc, again with the dumbass delusional crap. Sony would want it to sell if it was a contractual thing. Mariah has song’s from her current label on it. It can get promoted no matter where she is. Wasn’t it stated by a fan or 2 that it was promoted on her special and several other places. It’s just that Clay Aiken and his schmaltzfest are the flavor of the month, and she also had to compete with Babs who attracts people with $$$. It was a lame remix, regurgitation piece of crap. They did a lot of promo in the UK though.

  8. babet says:

    Stupid Sony…… Mariah Carey needs a better record label. her remix CD was pretty good. I listened to it. it had all her good songs on it from way back and some of her recent ones too.

  9. mikemc says:

    How retarded are you? If Sony wanted this album to sell they would have invested more money in it! Just like her album “Greatest Hits”, Sony is notorious for throwing albums out in the market without the proper promotion. You can’t throw a CD out in the market and just expect it to sell, first Sony didn’t even invest the money to have it advertised in the weekly ads in the newspaper! The only chain they paid was Target, who advertised the album, while other chains like Best Buy and Circuit City didn’t have it advertised because Sony didn’t invest money in advertising. It’s common sense, if Sony wanted this CD to sell, they would have invested more money in promotion for it.

  10. Homertime says:

    Nah, this is Mariah’s final release from Sony. She doesn’t owe them another album after this. I went to the Sam Goody at Fashion Island to get a copy of the album, but much to my surprise, it was freaking sold out. I don’t know how many copies they got in that day, but they had three empty shelves (1 at the newest selections, 1 at bestsellers and 1 at the top 40 section). The shelves were marked with “Mariah Carey: The Remixes” and were priced at $13.99. I asked the guy at the front where the CDs were and he said I was too late. Interesting… I ended up buying the CD at Best Buy. They had it on their Best Sellers aisle. I did go to FYE to get it, but yeah, they didn’t get their shipment yet.

    The double-disc set is actually very well put together. The first disc is of all her club remixes. When I saw there were only 9 tracks on the first disc, I thought it was a little cheap, but then I realized that those 9 songs make up 78 minutes of music, so they couldn’t have put another song on it if they wanted. “Anytime You Need A Friend [C&C Club Mix]” is awesome. Her scatting at the end is truly incredible. It takes tremendous vocal ability and control to scat, and its a well respected practice, but most people aren’t even aware of it.

  11. NJHottie24 says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how Charmbracelet was a flop. It sold a little over 4 million albums worldwide according to MonarC. That’s hardly a failure. Most artists out today don’t sell that many worldwide. You need to get your facts straight about failures and Greatest Hits was done after Mariah left Sony also.

    You certainly know a lot of her for not being a fan. What person who hates an artist knows their previous and current label. You must be doing some research. And how would you know how many records Charmbracelet has sold? Keep doing more and more research.

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