Mariah Carey Sets New Sales Record In China

Contributed by SJ:

Initial reports out of China say during the first day of availability for Mariah Carey’s ‘Charmbracelet World Tour’ concert at the 35,000 seat Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai, over 3,600 were sold, setting a new ticket sales record. After five days of being on sale, the 8,000 available $15-priced tickets were sold out, with other tickets such as .I.P. packages also selling respectably.

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6 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Sets New Sales Record In China

  1. mikemc says:

    Go MARIAH!!!! She is the bomb, I know the haters are gonna love this!!! This venue is a 35,000 seater, and it’s sales are going so well they are thinking about adding another date in Asia because sales of all 3 venues have been going great!

  2. justanotherbtch says:

    I was gonna go see her but her tickets are like 150, and that pisses me off because that’s expensive. I like her music but I don’t like it that much.

  3. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    Asians suck anyways and the cow Mariah MOO

  4. mikemc says:

    You racist bitch!!! Your the reason why people hate on Britney, because her fans are so pathetic and retarded!

  5. NJHottie24 says:

    I love it, those haters must be crapping their pants. They haven’t responded in a while for two reasons: 1) they can’t handle the truth 2) their trying to think of more bull crap lies to make up

  6. Britney Sucks says:

    LOL at the Britney Spears seething 10 years ago. Britney is unknown in Asia.

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