Mariah Carey ‘Shake It Off’ Video

Mariah Carey 'Shake It Off' single cover

is out with the music video to her new single ‘Shake It Off’, from the album ‘The Emancipation Of Mimi’. Watch it online below.

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey ‘Shake It Off’ Video

  1. AFStud501 says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Especially when MC is in front of the “MIMI” Lights. Good Job!

  2. MariahCareyFreak says:

    Shake It Off is going to be #1! This video is awesome! Chris Tucker even made a appearence in the video. It Features the Da Brat, JD and Camron. I love the part where she’s in the Tub! Of couse Mandydandy will come on here and say how she’s a crybaby and she’s a blank and bla bla bla bla… Which really means I hate that Mariah Carey’s video is so cool there no way that song won’t go to #1 now. Why can’t she just go away. I tell you why Mandydandy because you can’t keep a champion down for to long. Champions always find ways to come back! But the National Championship game is when the Grammy awards come up! note: I don’t want to hear any MC fan say I don’t care if she wins a Grammy cause you know you’re lying. That’s like being a Gator fan and saying you don’t care if Florida beats Tennessee and win the SEC Championship! Shake It Off will be #17!

  3. Not_That_Kinda_Girl says:

    OMG This video is great. I laughed my ass off when she’s being “gangsta Mariah” lol. She looks great.

  4. joshy420 says:

    she looks really good, but she should NOT dance. ever. I still love her though

  5. kittykow105 says:

    Great video!’, ‘I love the “mimi” sign that pays tribute to Elvis. Great visuals.. she looks amazing. In it’s 2nd week, it jumps 16 spots to #50 on the hot 100 this week as “we belong together” stays #1 for its 9th week. Now with the video out, expect another jump for “shake it off.” I’m so excited!

  6. DarkLord says:

    What’s up with her featuring washed up actors in her videos? Anywhoo the video is ok, she looks good.

  7. Nukleo says:

    Mimi is so Lame’, ‘Typical Mimi the video shows how unoriginal she is and how much she sucks as an artist. It’s filled with cliché after cliché that have been used in video’s thousands of time before, singing in a tub, talking on a cell phone while driving a car and the cheesiest of them all singing in front of your name that’s in huge lit up letters. Even in the 80’s singing in front of your name was pathetic. Mimi is the biggest dork in music so it makes sense.

  8. AGUILERAFAN says:


  9. darkchild_myk says:

    To all the haters….we just gotta SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT OFF SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE YOU OFF!

  10. JLOVER101 says:

    are you serious? that’s the most overwrought part of that video, not to mention’, ‘trite. It’s been done by nearly every R&B/Hip-Hop artist over the past decade.

    This song is one of my favorites on the album. This video is one of the suckies I’ve seen since “We Belong Together” (LOL) well, it’s all been said before. The only thing I feel compelled to point out is WHAT THE FU** IS THIS CHICK WEARING WHEN SHE’S SINGING IN FRONT OF THE LIT LETTERING? Does she really think she looks cute? She needs some friends to give her a dose of reality and tell her what she really looks like. A DAMN FOOL!

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