Mariah Carey Spotted At Divas Live!

Contributed Anonymously:

Celebrity Insider reports “ was spotted in Las Vegas at VH1’s Divas Live rehearsal session. According to a spokesperson for the music station, Carey attended at Whitney Houston’s invite. She was seen talking to Houston and Mary J. Blige in the Lounge.”

The show’s producer, David Arnold adds, “I had no idea she was even there until I went over to the lounge to let Mary and Whitney know that they were up next for rehearsal and I saw her standing there chatting with the two of them” Apparently, according to insiders Mariah had “planned to stay for the concert and watch her friends perform, but when she learned her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola and his wife, Mexican sensation, were attending, she decided not to stay as she didn’t want a confrontation to occur and cause a scene. “Her Ex and his wife were there to support Celine Dion, a friend of the couple as well as Mariah’s”, said Arnold.”

The article goes on to say that “Carey slipped away while rehearsals were still going on, after saying goodbye to her friends, Houston, and Blige.”

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