Mariah Carey Thanks Fans In Voicemail

left a message for fans on her official website on Tuesday (June 21), thanking fans for all of their support getting her latest single ‘We Belong Together’ atop the Billboard Hot 100. Read on for a transcript. “Yeah, oh yeah! (laughs) Okay, we got that from Trey, but anyway we had to use it on this message ’cause that’s what we were doing at that moment, just revelling in the splendor of Trey.”

“Now listen, I am calling to say so many things, number one, being just thank you so much for this being We Belong Together’s fourth week at #1 on the Hot 100! You guys like I don’t… I can’t even know what to say (laughs). This is how messed up we are able to catch phrases. Why do we like look at each other and know exactly what we’re about to say… But, anywho (laughs), this is Rachel guest-starring in my message, FYI by the way.

“But anyway, I also wanna talk about the fact that you guys… can you believe that the Hot 100 audience was 195.8 last week? Just seriously, I have to thank all of you so much and it’s very, very exciting because also another fact that I’ve come to know about is the fact that it’s only eleven days until We Belong Together is… it could be retired if it stays on TRL that long. So y’all voters (Rachel in the background: keep on voting!), we appreciate you doing your thing ’cause that would seriously be hot tamale ’cause the only other one – oh look what time it is – the only other one is that, that has ever been retired one of my videos is Heartbreaker so that would be hot tamale.

“But anyway, we love you, appreciate you, enjoy you so much. Thank you for every, every, everything no matter what and seriously I can’t thank you enough and we’ll talk to you soon. Okey dokey smokey? Buh-bye.”

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