Mariah Carey Too Much For Luis Miguel

Contributed by Kizzardkid:

A recent Mexican TV special tried to investigate more about Mexican singer Luis Miguel’s life. In the one-hour show Mariah was an obvious topic. “ was one of the very few serious relationships of Luis Miguel and by first time Luis Miguel was proud to show the world a girlfriend.”

Was he good enough for Mariah? “I don’t think he is looking for a serious relationship right now,” said the host. During the relationship Luis Miguel was cheating on Mariah several times with some not so serious girls from Acapulco, Mexico; he obviously didn’t care about Mariah’s love.

Mariah was not good for Luis Miguel, he often dates with women who are not as successful as him, and with Mariah the story is different, she is one of the most successful artists of all time and much more successful than Luis Miguel, he believes he has to be always the best. For example, he never shows up in TV shows or in many interviews, he tries to be more than an average Latin artist, he could have felt less than Mariah and that could be the main reason why Luis Miguel broke the relationship.

Source: Mariah Hero

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57 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Too Much For Luis Miguel

  1. Terri Cotto says:

    I have to disagree with this information. Luis Miguel is a far more internationally known entertainer than Mariah Carey. He market reaches the entire globe. Mariah is an extremely well-known artist but only for the most part in the US. Luis Miguel has sold out Radio City Music Hall three nights in a row and that’s just in New York City. Can’t say the same for Mariah. Luis Miguel’s career began in his early teens and still continues performing today. So as far as the statement more successful I would have to disagree. He is most certainly more than just the average Latin entertainer. Who ever wrote this piece should do more research. I think the problem is that Luis Miguel has had many beautiful women and Mariah just happen to be one of them. What can be said..”Latin Lover.”

  2. Terri Cotto says:

    In conclusion, Luis Miguel was too much for Mariah. She could not handle the break up.

  3. Manuel Eros says:

    Thank You Terri, This Kizzardkid has no idea what he’s talking about! I’m sick and tired of reading these anti-Luis Miguel blogs. Let’s talk about his beautiful melodies instead shall we!!!

  4. John Doe says:

    Yes. I agree this kizzardkid obviously has no idea what he/she is talking about. Luis Miguel is one of the most famous Latin artists of all time. He has been selling millions of records since the age of 12. He is a worldwide phenom and outsells every venue. Check out his videos on youtube. If anything they didn’t stay together just because of the nature of their careers.

  5. nat nat says:

    erm, I think Mariah Carey is more famous than he is…she is famous well outside the US (she always does tours here in Japan). I like Luis Miguel; but lets not kid ourselves: he’s known for being a player/womanizer and wanting to be the big boots of the relationship.

  6. Ebony says:

    Nat Nat knows what she is talking about. Luis who??? Mariah Carey dominates World wide successfully. He is crazy, its Mariah freaking Carey!!

  7. A rizzad says:

    In my opinion you all are fighting over nothing and are just a bunch of children who really have noting better to do than argue about who is more famous and should really get a life doing something better than argue over something that doesn’t even concern you in any way shape or form so bravo

  8. omar says:

    last time I check Mariah Carey had a nervous breakdown when Luis Miguel dumped her! and Luis Miguel is the Frank Sinatra for the Latin, Mariah Carey more successful than Luis Miguel? please hes probably one of the few artist today that sells out every concert of his.if you look at Mariah Carey car rear there was a time where she was no where to be seen or heard of. Luis Miguel has always been on the top

  9. rae says:

    Mariah Carey is second only to the Beatles in #1 singles and she’s been on the charts collectively for 79 weeks second only to Elvis. she is most successful female artist of our time… I’m sorry I don’t even really know who Luis Miguel is only that Mariah dated him.

    she is also well known around the world even though her music may not be as popular as it is in the U.S…when most famous singers give a concert in most cases they sell out that’s nothing special.

    Luis Miguel may be more of an international star but that doesn’t mean he is more popular or better known usually artists like this are less well known. Luis Miguel I read is mostly popular in Latin America

    to this rizzad – no one is fighting just debating and commenting if this is so childish then what are you doing participating in it. don’t be a hypocrite.

    btw did anyone realize this article is from 2003?

  10. ernie hernandez says:

    he is more well known compared to Mariah because he has been singing since the age of 11. if anyone knows anything about music, they would say that Luis Miguel is more popular. he is most likely to be known in Latin America because he knows Spanish, that’s the most obvious he’s more popular in Latin America. she was never too much for him and I don’t believe that he was too much for her. its called people don’t have the same feelings forever.

  11. Candy Bling says:

    No one knows who the hell Luis Migit is outside of Latin America get real! Mariah is an international superstar unlike this ugly nobody.

  12. anonimo says:

    MMMM.. Luis Miguel sucks!!! he is a player.. that’s the end of the story!!! Mariah Carey is the best!! and I am Hispanic too.. but I think Luis Miguel is a big liar!!!

  13. lmelissa says:

    Mariah Carey is FUGLY I don’t care how she sings , she is a ghetto wannabe diva,,,and yes she did have a nervous breakdown when he dumped her because her slutty ass cheated with Eminem. I repeat she is a fat ugly cow….

  14. Alejandro says:

    I’m Colombian and Luis Miguel was once a superstar only among Spanish speaking countries, hence Latin America. Now he’s the laughingstock for being such a player and disgusting looking man…he looks sweaty and old and his music declined a lot, he’s a fallen star…There’s so many other Latinos that have replaced him talent wise. As for Mariah, I don’t know, the last time I checked she still has a body guard because she has the craziest fans all over the world…I know her talent is also not the same, but till this day I haven’t seen the first artist in any continent that has surpassed her amazing singing abilities or her success. and FYI people she had a nervous breakdown for overworking and glitter criticism not Luis Miguel

  15. blah blah blah says:

    Mariah is nobody. wow …she does some concerts out of the U.S. big deal… Luis Miguel is known around the world. Who the f— is Mariah…

  16. Misterbee says:

    To Imelissa and blah blah blah, you are both just ignorant haters. Mariah is a trillion times as popular as Luis Miguel. Imelissa, she is a fat ugly cow? You are extremely blind and need a million pair of glasses if you think that she is fat and ugly. She never cheated with Eminem, Luis cheated on her if anything. Mariah is known around the world also blah so get your story correct.

  17. nico says:

    have to agree that Mariah ain’t sh** Japan is like the only place she went to out side of the U.S and big fu**ing deal one other compared to the World like Europe and other Countries all Know who Luis Miguel is SORRY TO SAY but Mariah don’t have sh** on Luis and Mister BEE name one other country she’s known cause you don’t hear her in Latin America or Europe Been to both and Homie no Mariah sorry to bust your Mariah dreams but they don’t play her in Italy Spain Mexico Greece or any other Countries besides here and Japan Sorry homie but it don’t happen

  18. GoodGirl says:

    This discussion is so pointless! “Oh Mariah is best!!… No! Luis Miguel is!!…” JC to earth! Respect each other! If you like Mariah respect who likes Luis Miguel and vice-versa. There is no sense in fighting about who is better, because different people have different points of view. But since we are talking about this issue… I do know both and Mariah is definitely better :P

  19. eomer says:

    These Latinos are delusional. I hope they check both artists’ record sales worldwide. I’ve heard of Luis Miguel only because of Mariah. Whether or not Mariah have a concert in a place, it doesn’t deny the fact that she’s a superstar. She’s very famous in Asia, not just Japan. Unfortunately, not all countries here have charts like Billboard in the US. Asia is the biggest continent and is the most populated. Mariah is famous here since the 1990s. She consistently topped MTV Asia Hitlist even if her song wasn’t that good just because she is THE Mariah Carey. Japan is the second largest music market in the world. And Mariah is the biggest selling non Japanese act there of all time. She was already a has been in 2003 but thousands flocked to her concert in the Philippines because Mariah is Mariah, has been or not. We all know that she came back to the top in 2005. On the contrary, nobody knows Luis Miguel here unless you suddenly find an interest in the Spanish language and accidentally saw his music catalog in a not so visited Spanish library. Latin America and Spain is not the world. Even in a former Spanish colony like the Philippines, he is not well known how would you expect that the Chinese or Koreans to recognize him? Mariah is an American, and Asians go crazy over American divas.

  20. Derek says:

    Mariah sold 200 million records worldwide. Luis sold 75 million despite being in the business longer. Mariah won a record 17 World Music Awards. Go figure!

  21. paul says:

    Only when I moved to Miami did I learn about Luis Miguel.
    I have to admit he is a good singer, but Ricky Martin and Shakira have had cross-over success which is something that I think Luis Miguel wishes would happen to him. What makes him so famous is his mystery. You don’t see much of him which in many minds makes him larger then life. Also what would you like for fans, Rich Americans or poor central and south Americans.

  22. NazRulez says:

    Gosh, Latinos get your FACTS right…I don’t even know Luis Miguel. The reason I heard about him..just because he was dating Mariah..Mariah is the TRULY INTERNATIONAL artist…Luis Miguel is just for Spanish speaking countries.. Mariah is different story..Shes just not popular in the US or Japan… BUT ASIA is where she is the Reigning Queen… last time Mariah perform in Malaysia she sold out 30,000 seat… Even though the cheapest ticket price is at 120 dollars US..and Mariah’s album went platinum and diamond for many times….her newest Christmas album went Gold in Malaysia in the first week of the release…as for Miguel…we Asians never listen or heard his MUSIC….his album is nowhere around music stores in Asia..

  23. Sally Van Dunn says:

    Luis Miguel who?? Mariah Carey’s music is known world wide and there is no comparison . I never even heard of him until the two dated and I reside in Europe.

  24. ernie hernandez says:

    you guys must know nothing of music because half you guys don’t know who he is. hes ranked in top 10 for pop singer around the world. his voice is praised by many critic because its that dam good. he was honored to be at Frank Sinatra’s 80th birthday. Mariah is a good singer but she hasn’t reached anything near what Luis Miguel has gotten. he’s the only Latin singer to have two Spanish CD’s hit platinum in the US. his x-mas album is the only x-mas album ever being nominated to the Grammys in the category of pop. Luis Miguel tours are ranked at number five of the highest-grossing tours of 2011 in North America. hes not even known as a womanizer at all, the reason hes not main stream like most artists is because he doesn’t like talking to the media about his personal life. when he was dating Mariah, he didn’t make it public and the reason why is because he only wants to publicize his music because that’s all that needs to be public about him. you can read that anywhere. you have no idea how much reporters want interviews with him because he lives a private life. just because he doesn’t like much publicity doesn’t mean he’s not well known.

  25. JustMend says:

    I may be late at this but oh well…

    Mariah Carey has been singing since the age of 4
    wrote her first #1 hit at the age of 3 and happens to
    Come in second place of having most #1 hits.
    Also known as one of the worlds most successful
    Artist of all time. Mariah had a #1 hit every year of
    The 90’s. Mariah Carey is well known all over the world.
    Mariah Carey is and always will be the BEST!!!

    This Luis Guy…. yeah I didn’t even know he was a Singer
    so that goes to show how well he’s known.

    Haters will always hate.
    Even when your hating on Mariah your still
    Making her famous. Us “Lambs” we love the haters.

    Later Haters,

  26. JustMend says:

    I’ve never even seen one of Luis CDs
    In the music store. Mariah is listed in the
    Magazine of ‘100 Celebrities Who Define Our Time”

  27. mari says:

    also late for the discussion, but never the less…
    I am Mexican, and yes, Luis Miguel has been a BIG star, and yes, he’s been an international star all over Spanish speaking and other Latin countries, he has a great voice and has cultivated an image…problem with me, is that after he sang boleros and rancheras, he just got totally lazy and stopped being creative.
    His albums became the same, after listening to one, you have heard them all. I like his pop work and some of the other bolero albums, but he’s tried so hard to shield his private life that he became famous for it.
    He did not have a normal life ever, and to this day is the same, he had a suspicious relationship to become a father, and craves to maintain his looks a la Julio Iglesias, but still seems immature to me. Maybe with Daysi fuentes he will be more in tune, but I doubt he will ever be faithful, well, maybe when he gets older and tired like Julio Iglesias.
    And yes, Mariah and Luis M are both legends in their own “worlds”, we Latins have to accept that being an English speaker, American artist, Mariah is much more known around the world.
    Good for her for having her family and stability now. she deserves it.

  28. ernie hernandez says:

    people on this page are being more bias because they most likely know English much more than Spanish or other languages(i mean fluently of course). when a person knows one language more than the other, they’re going to speak that one more and is most likely surrounded by that.
    When I went to Italy, no one knew who was Mariah Carey and knew who Luis Miguel was. I’m not saying that he is well known in Italy because some of the younger people(ages 12-17) had no clue because the type people mostly listen to isn’t boleros or ranchera. i listen to all types of music and music in different languages(even if i have no clue what theyre saying). what im getting to is that not that many people listen to that type of music but he still has a high reputation(higher than hers because he does have more achievements that not that she has and you can do your reading, make sure that you read everything because one person here said that mariah had sold over 200 million cd’s, which isn’t true she has sold about over 50 million cd’s and luis miguel has sold over 80 million cd’s) i can bet more than 70% of the people defending mariah are from the US. he is a well known artist in the US, spanish music isnt really heard in the US, i don’t know why not but it isn’t, so not that many people are going to know spanish artist(ones that are fluent in spanish) i bet the only one people can say is probably is enrique iglesias but not that many people know that he started sing in spanish and got popular by his spanish songs not the english ones. what im trying to say is that people who only speak english or live in the US, they are only going to listen to popular artist in the US. as i was saying when i was in italy, many people had no clue who mariah carey was and if they did they only knew about her because she went insane. those who did know luis miguel had a clue who he was because he sings in italian, not many of you guys know that(he fluent in italian), when i was in portugal not that many people knew about mariah other than she sang the song “touch my body” and when i asked if they knew about luis miguel in spain they knew who he was because they obviously knew who he was because he speaks spanish and they had an idea who mariah was because of the break up. im not saying that i went to country to country asking if they knew luis miguel, i just listened to him on my ipod a lot when i was in europe for a program and many people asked what i was listening to and when i told them they knew who i was talking about(it was also around the time that mariah and luis miguel had broken up too and i was surpised not that many people knew her when they knew him) what im trying to say is that he is well known when people who listen to music(not one type or one language) they know more artist. yea mariah is a big star and has set many achievements in R&B but she hasnt achieved much as he has. what im telling people is that you cant say mariah is better than luis miguel when your judging it based on your genre of music but all around. if you actually listen to his music you will like it if they have willingness to listen with an open mind and not have a bias mind about him, like “i think mariah is much better no matter what” while listening to him because that is gonna interfere with your judgement. i listen to mariah carey and like some of her music(not that i dislike her music in a bias way but im not a huge fan of R&B, not that i dont listen to it. if its on the radio and its playing ill let it finish but its not something that im always looking for on my ipod all the time). if you listen to his voice and how you can she how he puts emotion in his music and what a great voice he had and youll see why he is a great singer. whether who is better its based on opinion. whether who is more successful in achievements wise then its luis miguel because he has done so much that not many artist have. one of his tours almost made 1 billion dollars and your gonna tell me that he isn’t well known. hes also had his tour “luis miguel” ranked 5 for the highest grossing tours in 2011. yea mariah has done a lot in R&B and had changed it in a great way but shes only gonna be well known for that genre. i like her music and and i like his music more just because I’ve listened to him him since i was little. all im saying quit saying he isnt well known when he is well known. he wasn’t to much for her or she she wasn’t to much for him. you cant say that she loved him to much and he cheated on her while on an interview he said that its upsetting when you love someone so much and then they dont love you as much. we cant say someone was the reason for the break up because there can be many problems that cause their break up based on both parties.

  29. Alex Mack says:

    The reason Mariah Carey might be more popular than Luis Miguel around the world is because she sings in English. English could very well be considered the language of the world and because of that most celebrities both actors and singers that come from the US or England are popular around the globe such as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Madonna to name a few.
    Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Shakira became well known in the US and internationally when they decided to sing in English. Luis Miguel has refused profoundly to sing in English so far (with the exception of a duet with Sinatra) because he said is not his native language, but hasn’t rule it out completely. Luis Miguel is big because of his incredible voice and not just because of his high pitch reach but also the way he follow instruments with his voice. Using an astronomy analogy, Mariah is like a blue star, they are enormous, massive and super bright but they burn out fast. Luis Miguel has never hit rock bottom like Mariah has. Luis Miguel is nicknamed “The Sun” and actually he is like a Sun, powerful, massive and bright enough to burn for a long time.
    A lot of people have said LM’s best days are behind him yet everywhere he performs is a sell out and every album he releases is a hot seller. The last album debuted in #45 in the US Billboard top 200. That’s #45 competing against all genres and languages in today’s unromantic society. I think it’s very good. He covers a wide spread of the age bracket. I have cousins who are 19 years old and are big fans of LM as well as my 85 year old grandmother.
    Also LM’s record is 31 concerts in 6 weeks in Mexico City in the same venue all sold out, every year he does the same. In January of this year he performed in 21 concerts in the same venue, again, all sold out. I can bet you a $1 million that Mariah would have never ever sell out 31 concerts in the same venue in 6 weeks in her home country much less today.
    Also people say his albums are the same. I mean Boleros, Rancheras, Villancico, Pop and Baladas. I don’t know how people say they are the same when they are not even in the same genre. He has his touch and that’s what makes them sound similar, but don’t tell me that all the songs of U2 don’t sound similar or the style of The Beatles is mostly the same. It’s his style. Mariah has been trying different things and you all know the results. Virgin Records gave her a $100M contract and the freedom to be creative and well Virgin dropped her contract and it was bough for $50M. Warner Music who represents LM gives LM the freedom to do whatever he wants and he has never disappointed WM. Warner knows LM is a gold mine.
    As for you Americans who don’t know him is because of the same reason you can’t locate a European country in a map: ignorance. Anything that comes from outside the US, Americans don’t pay attention. They are obsessed with everything the US offers. The World Cup for example, I can’t still believe the WC is not popular among Americans. I mean I love the NFL more than anything and rarely follow soccer, but the WC is an international event and the games are very exciting, but I’m multicultural and love sports and music from many countries.
    Each artist in its own language has done really well, but Mariah still behind Madonna and others in the list of 300+ million records sold. LM is on a lead of his own, no other Spanish speaking singer has done what he has done.
    So next time gringos, go to a LM concert (he performs in almost every US big city) just listen to that incredible live voice….you won’t be disappointed!!

  30. Kylie Winter says:

    I’m from Australia and I know Luis Miguel. They used to sell his albums in Australia. I think da only reason why mariah is better well known than Luis Miguel its because she sings in English. If she sang in Norwegian n for example nobody would know her… Luis Miguel chose not to record in English, he could’ve crossed over but he’s happy singing in Spanish which is also an important international language. Luis miguel has sold more than 100 million copies singing in Spanish… Now! That’s remarkable!!!!

  31. lathan reigntree says:

    Lets be serious,LOL mariah carey is the best selling artist of all time all over the world so to say she is not more famous then him is a lie,LOL even ppl who do not listen to mariah carey will still shoot their head up at the sound of her name where this migal guy isnt even known,LOL hell he was even relavent outside of latin america until he got with MIMI! even little kids in guam know who mariah carey is,LOL s for all you bitches who are lieing to ur slves “GET REAL” in the words of mariah carey from the single obsessed “mariah-i am a press confrence and all others- you are a conversation” FACT! :) mariah carey is the most famous celeberity in the “WORLD” proven by the media so dont waste mine or your time trying to disprove a fact ^_^

  32. lathan reigntree says:

    @kylie” mariah has sold over 200 million your point??!!! oh and key word “used to”,ROFL where as mariah is still selling albums from when she first started all over the world

  33. lathan reigntree says:


  34. reinaldo says:

    terri cotto ok wtf are you talking about dumbass?? How dare do you say that luis miguel is more famous and more successful than Mariah Carey?? like where have you been living in Mars??? Mariah Carey is known all over the world She sells out arenas all the time everytime in the most remote countries out there!! and on top of that she has sold over 250 millions albums worldwide, luis miguel doesnt even reach 60 million albums lol and these are just facts here!! im hispanic myself and i knew who mariah carey was before i knew who this motherfu**er luis miguel was he has an amazing voice and hes very very known in the spanish speaking world aside from that his trash and his fame will never come close to Mariahs so know youre facts before you talk!! besides he acts like a freaking wanna be diva and no one likes him!! MARIAH CAREY is the beast here!! <3

  35. rea says:

    Mariah has sold over 200 million records worldwide and 50+mil was in the united states. I know all the rest didn’t sell in Japan.

  36. Jan says:

    Ok so born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe and spend a lot of time in Asia, France and Italy and have been to North America, A lot of the other European countries among others Spain, Denmark, Germany, England, the African continent, Middle East but have never heard of Luis Miguel. And I don’t even listen to music that is in English but also Dutch, French, Cantonese, Indonesian, Portuguese.
    Maybe he is famous in the latin community but without a doubt Mariah Carey is worldwide better known than Luis Miguel. In Hong Kong, Tokio, Jakarta I will bet that there are more people that know Mariah Carey than people even heard of Luis Miguel.
    I stumbled upon this page just after I did a google search about who Luis Miguel is because I just read he dated Mariah Carey and is now dating Britt Gastineau…

  37. Kara Zor-El says:

    Who cares who sold more than who or who is better known ! All I know is that he did her all night long. So tell me who`s Number 1 ?

  38. Kara Zor-El says:

    Fact From Tom Looney on FOX SPORTS RADIO About Luis Miguel.
    Whe You Add Up All The Albums He Has Sold In North And South America, Nobody On Earth Has Sold More. Jan.2011

  39. Kara Zor-El says:

    Feb.3 2011 to be exact.”When You Add Up All The Albums He Has Sold In North And South America, Nobody On Earth Has Sold More.” Jan.2011
    That Includes Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Mariah Carey. Some people would be happy if he was a dish washer or a gardener I guess.
    By the way all those women who hook up with him know exactly that he is a player. He met his wife on an sit down interview that I have when it first aired. A reporter knows you know.But there she is.

  40. Alex Mack says:

    Mariah might be more famous but she is not more successful than Luis Miguel. Again, Mariah is more famous because she sings in English which is the Language almost the entire world knows, but her career has gone downward spiral and has yet to recover. Luis Miguel has never hit rock bottom and he continues to sell out venues around the globe and his albums continue to earn gold and platinum awards. And the fact of the matter is, LM broke up with Carey because she was having an affair with Eminem and after the brake-up she went into severe depression. Meanwhile LM continued to date hot girls, continued to sell out venues and has released 4 successful albums since the break-up. So who is more successful career wise???? LM by far!!!!

  41. Kara Zor-El says:

    As For all you doubters out there as to why Mariah Carey was with Luis Miguel She has said No ONE knew how it felt to go on that stage with that many people in front of her than Luis Miguel.Hence The connection. Hey Luis is smart why have the cow when he`s getting the milk for free. Love those pictures where he`s copping a feel on her sweet butt in that club. I myself am deeply jealous !

  42. Kara Zor-El says:

    .”..he tries to be more than an average Latin artist…” .CORRECTION ..
    He IS more than an average Latin artist or American artist or any nationality artist for that matter. He`s like that rare golden singing bird the king or queen wants captured and caged so he can only sing to one of them for always and forever.

  43. Kara Zor-El says:

    How does a person outsell every single man and woman on earth in north and south AMERICA and yet isn’t known by many people ? How is that possible ? If you outsell by more yet not well known then tell me how does that work ?

  44. Kara Zor-El says:

    Does any one know what Luis Miguel has been up to for 2012 or going to do for the rest of 2012 ? What`s Mariah up to for 2012 ? or last year ?

  45. Kara Zor-El says:

    I hope Mariah doesn’t turn down the American Idol gig. I would LOVE to see her barely hidden tatas in her tease and peekaboo dresses every week, Eight Days A Week ! I don`t know why I’m so Obsessed with them ! I Love You Mariah !

  46. Kara Zor-El says:

    I take it all back ! I was at K-Mart today (July 17 2012) and I saw this magazine with these celebrities on the covers that were hot and now fat !
    Mariah Carey was one of them .OOOweeee, IS SHE FAT ! So Fat She is a COW ! Her Chi Chi`s are udders now and just plain rude ! When I said Luis is smart why have the cow when he`s getting the milk for free.” I was absolutely right ! She is most “deffers” a cow ! I am no longer deeply jealous or want to see her on American Idol ! A show I don`t watch anyhow … Faulty Towers anyone ?

  47. Kara Zor-El says:

    Who am I kidding ? Of course I`ll bee watching her every week ! I just can`t resist seeing the MC Girl and her tone soon to be hot bod on AI !

  48. Lila Rose says:

    Mariah has an extraordinary voice and I loooove her work. With that said, I am also huge fan of Luis Miguel. He has an angelic voice that melts you away. They are both unique and fantastic artists. It is very hard to find talent and voices like that nowadays. Unfortunatly, their relationship did not work out for reasons we do not know simply because we were not there. All we hear is what the media has to say, which half of the time isn’t true or is exaggerated. I love them both and they are equally great! Sit down and listen to their voices and you shall see so stop talkin crap about them!

  49. Frank Garcia says:

    Love them both, but Luis Miguel has had to combine his concerts with Marc Anthony and Cheyenne just to try to sell out venues (even small ones like El Paso, TX). I do’nt beleive Mariah has had to add extra talent to sell concert tickets…
    Both are very talented, but in professional meetings in Los Angeles regarding promotions/advertising many of my peers have never heard of Luis Miguel. I wish it wasn’t so, but big money people in the entertainment business, often times, dismiss latin acts

  50. Meredith says:

    Luis Miguel is nothing compared to Mariah Carey who has been much more successful than him. I mean, she is one of the best selling artists of all time. just check out world music awards, ifpi, riaa, billboard. Mariah sold more than 180 million albums in just 22 years, meanwhile Luis Miguel barely gets close to 100 million and has more than 30 years of career ! Mariah has sold much more albums than him in less time! Besides, Mariah holds a big record for selling 200,000 tickets in Japan’s Tokyo Dome with her Butterfly tour in 1998, surpassing her own 1996 record in that venue with Daydream Tour. Not to mention that she outsold her latest concerts in Australia in just 4 minutes ! We all know that Mariah has never done long tours but at least she has always toured all around the globe !

    By the way….Luis Miguel has never toured around the globe as his fans say! Since when Latin America and USA are the entire globe??! He has never toured successful in Oceania, Asia, Europe (except for Spain…wow) or even Africa. His biggest records of touring are mostly in Mexico ! He doesn’t even outsell most of his concerts in the USA and you can check it at his tours database….Come on ! If Luis Miguel was more successful around the globe, then why has he never toured in different European countries apart from Spain, why has he never toured in Asia, Africa or Oceania just like Mariah? Besides Mariah has sold more albums in Asia than any other foreigner artist in that continent ! Luis Miguel only beats Mariah in Latin America, which is not as an important market as US, Canada, Europe or Asia (where Mariah beats Luis Miguel).

    Mariah is simply in fact the third most successful female artist in history just behind Madonna and Celine Dion, not to mention that she is so down to earth and has even helped for charity…and what about Luis Miguel? He has never done anything good for anyone and has never helped for charity. Besides he thinks he’s the maximum star of the world, but he is not even close to that

  51. Lauren Taylor says:

    I am too a Mariah Carey fan, but without Mariah no one would have known who the heck he is… I’m from South Africa, showing pictures when I Googled this ugly mofo, and my friends were a about to vomit when they saw him, i mean, with a dis, if you guys would like to say Luis is international, and more famous, trust me even in Africa, in the far villages, people play Mariah Carey music and watch videos of her and they love it… So screw all of you fools if you say Luis Miguel is better than her, because nobody can top that… Peace to all the lambs!!!!

  52. gil gil says:

    Yeah Mariah is famous great singer well known & everything you all want but never like Luis Miguel now does of you ignorant lame heads that don’t know him I’m asking WHERE IN THE HECK BEEN YOU IDIOTS.. LOL SPANISH OR NOT HE IS SUPER KNOW SO SHUT THE HECK UP N RECOGNIZE A GREAT SINGER n a great actor from ?the early age of 11 lots of people hate on him because of his Non-appearance on many TV shows or interviews it has just who he is maybe that’s a great part of him being so high up there in coparence to others that die to make publicity on every little show or interview and opportunity that they have.

  53. Another latino commenting says:

    So the battle between Mexico and the USA will continue on.!!

    One thing is for sure, Mariah got the better deal of being dumped by Luis Miguel. Now Mariah is really happy with a family, Luis Miguel just have girlfriends and children that don’t have the luxury of a real father.

  54. Lauren Taylor says:

    Uhgg, i give up… This is pointless… It’s in the past nw…:/

  55. Aradi Szilvia says:

    Who is this Luis Miguel anyway???? Nobody talk about him in my country, so don’t say selling around the globe Terri…

  56. Mary Lembi says:

    Luis Miguel, is a very confused person about women, his father taught him, at women
    always lie, also he has a very different way of thinking, He is only really for him-self. And to me he is a dangerous person to trust! He doesn’t trust women, and now
    he has let go of all his friends, and people are out to take everything from him
    Luis Miguel, is a Cocaine addict, since he was a child, his father was one all his life, and his mother never wanted him to be a singer ever. She all of sudden disappeared, since 1985, Luis Miguel, has look for her on earth, land, and sea.
    he claims she was found in a mental insitution. But doesn’t reconzied her own son.
    He has strong metal problems, as well abandoment issues. The sings great but he has gone through hell, in his past and life!

  57. Jerry says:

    This post should be taken down, it is utter rubbish. Luis and Mariah, like many couples, were dealing with issues and they unfortunately could not overcome them, which caused their breakup. She did not take it well, and was out of the spotlight many years after it. When she came back with a hit album, the song “We Belong Together” was for Luis Miguel, read the lyrics and you will understand what their breakup was: a couple dealing with issues they couldn’t come across, and chose their careers instead.

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