Mariah Carey Vs. Jennifer Lopez (Not Selena)

Jennifer Lopez 'Selena'

Contributed by afstud501:

I would just like to make one thing clear to all lambs. While visiting a site called, I came upon a section labeled “Spy”. In this section, there were two pictures of Jennifer Lopez and one picture of a young Selena, the Tejano singer Jennifer Lopez portrayed in a movie. The site bashed, J.Lo, which is fine by me, however it also bashed the Selena photo. I found this extremely rude, Selena was murdered in 1995 and she was a great woman. In fact there are many ties between the real Selena and Mariah Carey. First of all, on “VH1’s : 100 Most Shocking Moments In Entertainment History”, Mariah was a commenter. However, she only commented on ONE story, and that was the Selena murder story. Mariah said that “it was very sad, because she was so young”. In addition, Mariah is also rumored to have made comments about J.Lo having to lip synch to Selena’s songs in the movie – otherwise stating – “Selena could sing, J.Lo could not”. I also have rare footage of Selena in 1994 being interviewed, where she states she was excited to be working with Mariah Carey producers on her upcoming English CD debut. Selena never finished the CD, but Tre Lorenz is credited for the background vocals in Selena’s “I Could Fall In Love”, the same song J.Lo mimes in the movie. Just thought I would clear up the air. J.Lo = Bad. Selena = Good.

Sushi, Corona And Dancing For Jennifer Lopez

August 13, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports that Monday night in Miami, Jennifer dined on sushi, sipped from bottles of Corona, and dirty-danced with hubby Marc Anthony past 2 in the morning, seemingly nixing gossip that she was pregnant.

Jennifer Lopez Snuggles With Marc Anthony

August 12, 2004 – The New York Post reports Jennifer was spotted snuggling with her husband Marc Anthony at Mansion in Miami, where they turned down offers of complimentary booze in favor of Virgin Colas but posed for a photo op they had set up with local snapper.

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Vs. Jennifer Lopez (Not Selena)

  1. Katie says:

    Oh please that is the most Idiotic Post I have Ever read What your stating is False So Mariah bashed Jennifer for Lip syncing in the Movie well then Mariah and your are on Par with been as dumb as each other


    anyways who cares about moomoo she is dead out side the US fact!

  2. davidc says:

    no matter what anyone says j.lo did an awesome job in the movie. if you remember at one of her concerts she performed I could fall in love and she sounded just like Selena so even if she did lip sync in the movie she looks like her sounds like her has her laugh plus she even sings like her. all I have to say is get your facts straight before you start talking crap and who cares what Mariah Carey thinks or say she’s just jealous because J.Lo became really famous after this movie!!

  3. Setthingsstraight says:

    Ok, as was stated before the reason JLo lip synched in the movie was because the family wanted it to be Selena’s voice. It has nothing to with JLo’s singing abilities…the movie is a tribute to Selena, why wouldn’t they keep her vocals for the songs?? If Mariah said anything even remotely insinuating that JLo not singing in the movie had to do with JLo’s singing abilities that is sickeningly ignorant and shallow, the purpose of the movie is to celebrate Selena and her career, not to find a lead who can sing and dance. It would have made ABSOLUTELY no sense to use Jennifer’s (or anybody who played the lead’s) voice. And David, I like JLo and I think she has a good voice, but she sounds NOTHING like Selena, and quite frankly can’t touch her. Selena’s more or less in a class by herself.

  4. othfan says:

    I can’t believe Mariah Carey would be so mean. Jennifer Lopez is freaking awesome. Way better than Mariah Carey

  5. Austin says:

    All of you are nuts and deaf, Mariah is a trillion times better than Jlo. However, Jlo did lip synch at Selena’s dad’s request but she still cannot sing a lick. I am a professional trained singer, J-lo does not sing. She is terrible, it is all computerized, Mariah looks and sings better.

  6. lindsay mays says:

    jlo got famous for her big ass, not for her singing abilities. JLO CANNOT SING A NOTE! everybody knows that! the only people that think so are the Mexicans that look up to her. but she is a has been now so no one really cares anymore anyways! As for Selena, she really could sing but even she couldn’t compare to the phenomenal Mariah Carey. Mariah has been around for 20 yrs, has 18 number 1s, and is the best selling female artist OF ALL TIME! Enough said.

  7. jenny perez says:

    I think Jennifer Lopez is a hoe she ain’t got nothing on Mariah Carey she is getting old she needs to be a mother and take care of her kids and quit talking down on other celebrities like she is the queen of the world and she needs to quit talking down on Beyonce because Beyonce will stomp on the plastic ass that she has well anyways just want to say I love you Mariah Carey and congrats on your baby. and happy holidays to you oh and Beyonce my brother loves you

  8. jenny perez says:

    i think Jenifer Lopez needs to continue her music and leave Mariah Carey alone J.Lo is a mother so she needs to act like is and stop judging others well happy holidays hugs and kisses

  9. Kika says:

    I like Mariah she is amazing,I agree. I also like J.Lo and she is very talented in her own way to. But Selena, the difference with her is, she really loved and cared about her fans. She also wanted to really for people who could not afford the crazy high price shows.That there shows such blessing spirit.
    She also was not yet controlled by any higher power, like she can sing what music she wanted,dress the way she liked and be with who she chose. Unlike all others,like jlo, Mariah, Beyonce Jay Z etc. They are controlled and told to do what they say to do. I know this because I’ve researched a lot. Try going on you tube and look up the black boulegh. Don’t think I spelled that word right lol! I feel that also Selena was set up to get murdered because she was not doing what they wanted. Shoot, she only had a say so on one song on her English album, that song is dreaming of you. Crazy but true. She is beautiful in and out. She has a beautiful one of a kind soulful spirit and always stayed real. No I never knew her,but a spirit of energy is more real then a physical form and that energy anyone can truly know and feel if you understand all force! Her energy will never die,she is eternal and her family will always have her memories and the real her in them, because she is a force of energy! She had a unique voice,she could sing any style-slow,fast,rock,sexy and could even sing with a sore throat. Unlike a lot of celebrities today. And she sang beautiful passionate love songs, not about sex and perverted songs. I absolutely loved her own style of dance and how she carried her self on stage with that sparkle eyes and sweet innocent smile and one of a kind wave to her fans! She is and not was,but always an inspiration to I and all of you wonderful fans out there and she is near those who really love her for who she is!
    And not just love her because she’s on stage, but love her because she loves you and she is a real being like me and you!!! Thanks to all! Peace brothers and sisters.

  10. Kika says:

    Hay setthingsstrate, I wanted to say I agree with you! Jlo can’t come close to Selena. Yeah J.Lo can really dance,and I like her for that,but J.Lo she knows how to sing but she’s not a singer like Selena and Mariah! Hi Lindsay Mays, hay there! I wanted to also say to you yeah I agree that J.Lo got famous for her ass because its real, but also because for that Selena movie too,and yeah Mariah Carey is absolutely amazing but the only reason she’s been around for 20 years and has 18 number 1s,is because she’s still alive! And Selena she’s past,and Selena when she was alive she became the QUEEN OF TAJANO, she’s a legend just like Michael Jackson! If you go on you tube and just on line, there are so many people saying that Selena and Michael Jackson is queen and king. Yes Mariah is so amazing, but Selena just had it different at that time and Mariah can’t touch her in that section! Nothing against Mariah but she’s not a legend like Michael and Selena. But she is a legend with that voice she got, no doubt!
    Selena also legend because she had the Mexicans’ love and also Americans’ love, she had not just little children’s love to, but even older older people loved her, because her music was for all because she sangs about love and only love! Selena’s a legend in that section! And Mariah’s a legend with that voice! I feel that Selena and Mariah and Michael Jackson are all legends in there own way, and all are so talented in there ways!! There are so many talented people everywhere in the whole world! I only have opinions but I can’t judge others because everyone is different! Jlo cool, Selena cool, Mariah cool etc, but what makes them all unique is they are talented and amazing just like all the other talented people in the world!well anyway, just my opinion nothing against all who speaks!!! I enjoy reading all people who wrote! Neat to see what people think! Peace y’all!

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