Mariah Carey Wants To Record Duet With Jennifer Lopez

A source close to Mariah Carey tells The New York Daily News the singer wants to record a duet with rival diva Jennifer Lopez. “Mariah wants to bury the hatchet,” the source revealed. “She wants Jennifer to do a duet.” A spokesman for Carey responded, “It sounds like a nice idea, but there’s no truth to it.” Meanwhile, Sony Music is trying to coax Lopez into returning to the studio, but she’s trying to renegotiate her contract. A source revealed, “Jennifer wants to wants to get back in the studio, but she’s not willing to do so until there’s a new deal in place. Given how the record business is now, her position isn’t being well-received.”

NFL Nixes Bono And Super Bowl AIDS Tribute

January 9, 2004 – The New York Daily News hears that U2 singer Bono proposed to the NFL that he and Jennifer perform his single ‘An American Prayer’, his song concerning the African AIDS crisis, during the February 1st Super Bowl extravaganza in Houston and thus raise awareness of the growing catastrophe. But last week, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue’s office summarily rejected Bono’s proposal, saying the show – which is being sponsored by AOL to the tune of $8 million – is for entertainment, not for flogging worthy causes. “We simply decided that we were going to have our halftime show, and we were going to deliver, as we do annually, an extremely entertaining halftime show,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy explained. “We don’t believe it’s appropriate to focus on a single issue.”

Does Do Bathrooms

January 7, 2004 – Sky News reports that while Jennifer was staying at a top London hotel, the actress and singer personally cleaned her bathroom from scratch herself. J.Lo told staff: “Now I know it’s been done properly.”

J.Lo Sets A Guinness World Record

January 7, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: appears in the 2004 Guinness World Records pages for achieving the Most Successful Remix Album. In February 2002 Jennifer Lopez’s album ‘J To Tha L-O!: The Remixes’ became the first album solely featuring remixes to top the US chart, with sales over 156,000 in its first week.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Dance At Light

January 5, 2004 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Ben and Matt Damon were spotted playing poker with Rene Angelil in the Bellagio’s high-limit section on Thursday night and later Ben joined Jennifer for some dancing at Bellagio’s club Light later that night with Damon and galpal Eva Mendes.

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6 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Wants To Record Duet With Jennifer Lopez

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Sounds like Mariah’s desperate for a Top 10 hit, Now she’s turning to J.LO for help. I can’t really blame her, Every record Jennifer laces turns to platinum. Look at the facts, Jennifer’s remix LP made the Genius book of world records for being the biggest selling remix album ever released. Mariah’s remix album was one of the biggest flops of 03. Jennifer and Mariah both released albums around the same time, This is me…Then and Charmbracelet. Jennifer’s album was one of the biggest selling albums of 03, Mariah barely pushed a million units. It’s clear to see who would really benefit from a duet.

  2. funkdobeus says:

    To the fool above, are you stupid both of J-Low’s last 2 singles “I’m Glad” “baby I need 2 u” or what ever it’s called flopped big time & so did her recent DVD/album “The Reel Me” flopped BIG time. Her time’s over. So next time get your facts right. Platinum my ASS.

  3. WaneInTheZone says:

    Simmer down Lambchop… “I’m glad” peaked at like #5, Which is obviously a top 10 single, “Baby I Luv U” reached #18 which isn’t a huge smash but that’s still pretty good. “Jenny from the block” was #1 for a week, “All I have” was #1 for four weeks. Two #1 singles from one CD is great. Now let’s take a look at Mariah’s latest catastrophe “Charmbracelet” shall we… Through The Rain- Peaked at #7 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak- Peaked at #23 The One- Never charted Boy (I Need You)- Never charted Now are my facts straight enough for you? Insert your apologies right here__________

  4. funkdobeus says:

    Get your facts right you’ve obviously fabricated the chart positions; I know 4 a fact those weren’t the chart positions on the bill board hot 100. How sad that you have 2 resort to lying over such a small thing obviously you have nothing else 2 do with your life other then live on this board, please for your sake get a life.

  5. Carrie says:

    How could you put those two together unless J Lo sings background. This would be something like the Madonna Britney kiss off. J Lo is smarter than that, she would never buy into that bull. She knows better. It’s not like she needs Mariah for a comeback. J Lo has to lay low for awhile, distance herself from all the negative laughable media about herself and take charge of herself again. She doesn’t need anyone to succeed. Her music does well because it’s enjoyable, although it’s not a voice like Mariah’s. Her movies will do well as long as she doesn’t work with Affleck.

  6. weebongo says:

    Here are the real chart positions of the singles from Mariah’s terrible Charmbracelet album on the Billboard Hot 100. Only one single managed to chart on the Hot 100 from Charmbracelet . They were all horrendous flops. Through The Rain- Peaked at #73 The One- Airplay was so horrible it did not chart Boy (I Need You)- Airplay was so horrible it did not chart Bringin’ On The Heartbreak- Airplay was so horrible it did not chart

    The only reason Mariah was ever a success was because of Tommy and his marketing team. Once they split Mariah’s career crumbed, she had no idea how to take care of it on her own. She always had Tommy pulling all the strings for her. Mariah was nothing but a puppet. Mariah even admitted to being a puppet and having no control. With Mariah gone Tommy put his attention towards J.Lo and made her a hit machine. Mariah’s career is falling apart faster by the day. It’s no coincidence that Mariah’s sales went down the toilet when she split with Columbia.

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