Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston Are Truer Divas Than J.Lo

Phoebe Reilly of the New York Post wonders with the recent releases from and Mariah Carey, and the upcoming release on Tuesday, which of the three is the biggest diva of all. Alan Light, former editor in chief of Spin magazine remarked, “I suppose you could make a case for all three as legitimate divas. But I think the combination of God-given vocal gift and erratic behavior make Mariah and Whitney much truer [divas] than Jenny. ‘Diva’ should mean a larger-than-life, dramatic, in some way outrageous, and indisputably talented, star.” He added, “‘Diva’ is the most overused, devalued term in entertainment. J.Lo seems a little too professional, a little too together, and a little too vocally limited to really qualify, no matter how big a star she is.”

Returns To Her Old Bronx Neighborhood

December 6, 2002 – Extra TV played highlights of Jennifer and Ben Affleck on the Today Show on Friday morning where J.Lo performed live at the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club. They also spoke with Harold Maldonado, who runs the club who remembers young Lopez as the talented dancer always willing to lend a hand. He says, “There was just something about Jennifer. On stage, there was that presence.”

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