Mariah Carey Won’t Sing Live Without 12 Hours Sleep

The Mirror reports the reason refused to sing live when she appeared on BBC 1’s Fame Academy was because she didn’t get enough sleep. “Mariah told us all that she couldn’t sing live if she hadn’t had 12 hours sleep,” said the Academy’s Marli Buck. “The funny thing was that all of us had to sing live and didn’t have the option to mime. We really wanted to hear her for real, but ended up doing the high notes ourselves.”

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4 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Won’t Sing Live Without 12 Hours Sleep

  1. anthony lindo says:

    I understand the explanations,but as a fan of Mariah I little b8 dis appointed but for me she’s the 1 who have the highest voice ever….but I also appreciate my idols: Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera. Thanks

  2. anthony lindo says:

    Besides for me I really love her voice on the song THERE HAS GOT TO BE A WAY because she really sing perfectly the song with a companion of her firing high pitch whistle voice…please don’t take too much controversies with my idol because I know she live so happily and lovely to anyone. Thanks

  3. anthony lindo says:

    I know that idol Mariah never quit on to any request specially on performing because I know that she can do it…and yes 8s true that she can’t perform comfortably if she don’t have enough sleep because maybe sleeping not within 12 hours can’t take her vocal organs very relax…

  4. Christopher Hendricks says:

    You know MC is telling the very truth I’m speaking from experience when your body is tired it will have an impact on your cords your voice will feel sluggish and a lack of controll and sometimes your voice could drop an octave.

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