Mariah Carey Working Hard To Finish The Album

left a message for fans on her official website. Mariah said, “Hi… hey lambs, I know it’s been a long time since I left a nice message ’cause I’ve been working hard to finish the album and… it’s done and my credits are done and I’m so happy and… hum… I wanted to say that… hum… everybody I have been meeting at all the fan events around the country, you guys are stellar, I love you… and you gave me the best books and… you know toys and Hello Kitty stuffs, lambs and everything has been really really great and I just enjoyed you much, alrighty? And I love you much and I can’t wait for you guys to hear the whole album ’cause it’s my favorite definitely since ‘Butterfly’ and… hum… I just want to say thanks again to everybody for being here, for your support and for being here for… hum… ‘Through The Rain’ and everything else, so… I… will talk to you soon and I hope you like the nice… video and… hum… I will be leaving you another message shortly, bah-byyye!”

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