Mariah Carey’s Circus Concert Leaves Music As Sideshow

Evelyn McDonnell of the Miami Herald was on hand Monday night at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts to watch perform, and was left disappointed by the several outfit changes and a virtual circus on stage, as well as the diva’s strained voice. “The band intros demonstrated that if Carey relaxed with her vocals, instead of trying to fill each song with flips and cartwheels, she could be an entertaining song stylist,” McDonnell noted. “But by trying to always do it all, Carey winds up doing little at all. Her voice is as damaged as her reputation; it’s nowhere near as big as the sound she would like to create, and as the drama that surrounds her.”

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Circus Concert Leaves Music As Sideshow

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    Mariah will always be the uplifting, inspiring, and beloved spirit that has touched the heart of millions! She’s truly a beautiful person with a wonderful heart that has a source of peace, strength, and confidence within herself, which to me is what makes her stand out as a positive artists, someone who dedicates herself to her health, her spirit, and her fans, and a down to earth role model that will always stand the test of time.

  2. weebongo says:

    This is old news. .We all know Mariah ruined her voice and is put to shame by even J.Lo. When J.Lo sings better than you live then you know it’s time to give it up and that’s what Mariah should of done after Glitter.

  3. right_wing says:

    I like Mariah and I don’t see why everyone’s so down on her? its only ever since Glitter and I’m sorry to all Britney fans but how was it worse than that? I didn’t actually mind either of them. And if it is just because she had a breakdown, that is pathetic. People don’t seem to understand mental illnesses are illnesses as well and that people don’t actually choose to have them. It’s not like she’s the only person in the world to make a crap movie and have a breakdown, at least she has talent unlike some of them you forgive!

  4. Tig says:

    Evelyn is so not with it. She’s the same critic who said Madonna’s Drowned World tour was mapped with an unruly stage, horrible vocals and a boring set list. Mariah’s show is warm, entertaining and well sung. Note To Evelyn: I can just imagine, you looking at this thin, beautiful bi-racial girl with an angelic voice, hating her as you gulf down ur 6th beef hotdog and your bottle of Corona, as you look down at ur hips and see 17 spare tires, and your hair all raggedy, and the stringy. Sh**, I’d hate on her too. lol

  5. tena says:

    Except you forget that she has done those songs with rappers that I think were not positive. And I am not so sure she is confident of herself. I think she does try too hard to be liked. So, that I agree with. as well as the “over the top” vocals. Which is what I have always said about the way people don’t allow for different styles of singing, and constantly call Mariah,Whitney, and Celine. And if you see the top tours of 2003, it includes acts that don’t have major vocals. And as far as a role model, look at some of her videos, boy, Heartbreaker, she is doing a Britney or ‘Christina. I mean that is how she turned off a lot of fans, along with whatever happened to her voice.

  6. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Oh please. J.Ho couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag, so shut the f**k up about that. Mariah has been sounding better live recently because she’s been working with a vocal coach. In 1999, she revealed during an interview that her vocal chords have formed nodules, and if she wants to restore her voice back to the way it used to sound, she’ll have to undergo surgery to remove them. She’s better off actually, because both Judy Garland and Julie Andrews had the procedure done and it ruined their voices. You and tena need to get a grip. Mariah’s just hit a low point in her career. I really despise the fact that some members here try to sound authoritative about Mariah. Especially on negative things that are posted. I noticed that Popdirt has posted hardly any positive reviews about her tour, and God knows there are more than plenty.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah I know that Mariah sang with some of those rappers, but why does that make her and the rappers negative? You also forgot that she also sung with Boys II Men, Luther Vandross, and Brian McKnight. In my opinion, a role model is how someone gives without asking for anything back. Mariah is a great artists that truly cares about her fans. If you ever go to her website, she will always say something positive and inspirational to her fans, and in interviews she’s always giving thanks to her fans. Plus her lyrics, which many people don’t know that she writes herself, shows a real human being that’s not afraid to express her individuality about being biracial and insecure. I don’t judge Mariah as a role model from her music videos, the MUSIC is all that matters. Her MUSIC shares more than any artists has ever shown in our time. How can we say how many fans an artists has lost? Until you can prove that by having a survey on it (or if you know every single person in the whole world to say so), all I can say is that for all those fans that fully love Mariah for who she is as a person and a singer will always be there for her.

    “When J.Lo sings better than you live..” LMAO…J.Lo singing? Are you kidding? Screaming and practically forcing her voice into a vocal range that can’t even ac*****ulate a single pretty note maybe, but actually singing, NO. When was the last time she sang a ballad live on stage or on TRL?

    Yeah your right! It’s sad that just because a big celebrity makes a failure a few times in their career that it’s as if NOW we suddenly see them as being less than perfect. And your right…the problem about some people are that they have no idea how it feels for someone to go through a mental breakdown, or even pondering the thought of having the whole, whole world looking at you as a figure, that’s a lot of pressure!

  8. tena says:

    Because in some of those songs with rappers, it sounds nasty. I believe on Charmbracelet. And I know people who used to like her, I read on other music websites people who used to like her, etc. And even her own fans say they know people who no longer like her. And some of her decreasing record sales and lack of ability to sell out small venues. If that doesn’t indicate a decrease in fanbase, then what does. Even the Dixie Chicks were # 3 on the top ten concerts of 2003, even after the bush remarks. And yes people are judged from their videos it is a media which has taken over in the last decade or so. How many people call Christina Aguilera a skank from her Dirrty video. And even Courtney love posts messages on her website. Well, I think she messages on her forum. Does she care about her fans too? Or does she do it for admiration? Those are unanswered questions because we don’t know anything about either one of them, except what we read. she might be a more generous warm person behind her raunchy image. And sorry to burst your bubble, but, she is a co-writer of lyrics. I saw on And I find her lyrics to be corny. But, to each their own. We find inspiration in different things. Some people find Kurt Cobain’s lyrics to be inspirational, some find them negative. It’s a point of view, not exact science. It’s what a particular person can relate to, and not everyone relates to things like Butterfly and Dreamlover.

  9. Arman80 says:

    I went to Mariah’s show at the Universal Amphitheater and in my opinion Mariah’s concert performance totally contradicts anything this lady has said in the article above. Alright, so she’s entitled to her opinion also, I understand, but to say that her voice is nowhere near the sound she would like to create, is a pretty ignorant statement to divulge since there is no way of confirming it. Mariah is the only person who truly knows what Mariah does or does not want. As for the America’s sweetheart comment, I haven’t noticed any behavior that would lead me to believe that Mariah is DESPERATE to be America’s sweetheart, but if it makes this lady happy to say this, then what can we do! All I know is that if I hated Mariah so much like some of these people do, I wouldn’t waste my time or aggravate myself by checking out the latest news on her every ten minutes of the day! That to me is a little excessive.

  10. MariahCareyFreak says:

    I went to the concert in Orlando at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre and Mariah was awesome. I don’t know what this lady was talking about! Mariah sounds better live then she does on CD! You really don’t know how powerful of a voice she has until you hear her live. The show she put on was great! Oh and I think the only reason this ***** gave it a bad review is because Mariah poked fun at Evelyn wanna be boyfriend Slim Shady! McDonnell sounds like a CLOWN to me! You’re opinion is stupid and blind to the facts! This review is bull*****. Her voice was magical

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