Mariah Carey’s Entire Octave Range Is Not Seven Or Five

Submitted anonymously:

For those of you who remember Mariah was in the Guinness Book of World Records not to long ago for having a five octave range and singing a G7# when she sang the National Anthem. But that’s not true. The note she sang was a B6. You can play this note on the piano if you don’t believe me. However it was later found out that there was some tampering going on with the sound equipment and so she’s supposedly no longer in the book.

If you’ve been musically trained you know that octaves are arranged C D E F G A B and then C’. There are 8 octaves on the piano and to count octaves you start with the lowest note and count to the same note in the next octave until you get the range. Now in order for Mariah to sing all eight octaves she’d have to be able to sing several notes lower than what any man can which is impossible even for someone with her range. The lowest most men can sing is a G2 while there are those like Viktor Wichniakov (a male opera singer) who can sing C2 (C1 in European standard). Mariah’s lowest note she ever sung was C3 at the end of My All, and the beginning of Emotions, and You’re So Cold–not A2 or D3 like some people keep saying.

A singer’s true range is measured by the number of notes they can actually SING–not necessarily HIT. You see, in actuality Mariah can only sing up to D7. The E7 she hit on Emotions (album version), the F7 she hit on All in Your Mind, and the G7 she hit in 2 live versions of Emotions were all done when she was either congested or sick. You see in order to access what is called the flageolet register the vocal cords are held closely together and a high pitched sound moves up into the sinus cavities. When a singer is sick or congested the vocal cords become swollen making it easier to access this range but it can throw a singer off a little when this happens. This explains why none of Mariah’s songs with the exception of Emotions, and All In Your Mind have been written to go higher than D7. Mariah herself has said that she’s hit notes she can no longer do. If you’ve ever heard the clip of Mariah singing All In Your Mind acapella you’ll notice she can’t go higher than D7. You can find that clip by going here
You’ll also find a clip of Mariah singing her G7 and a G7# (it was unintentional because it didn’t match the melody) But I doubt some of the accuracy of what the author has written about Mariah’s range. That’s why I’m telling the information now so that nobody will get confused. Now if you have been paying attention Mariah’s range (C3 to D7) is 4 octaves and 1 note.

Next Mariah has 2 top vocal registers she can use. One is called the “Whistle Voice” and the other is called “Super Head Voice”. Contrary to popular belief whistle voice can be used by both females AND males. That’s right–MEN can do it too. The only reason hardly anybody uses it is because the voice can be hard to control since the sound is moving into the nasal cavity and so it sounds soft and has a low volume. Super head voice on the other hand has a higher volume and a sharper sound and it doesn’t really move up in the sinus cavities. It DOES take a little more effort than whistle voice but it’s easier to control. It also sounds higher than whistle voice but it’s the EXACT same range–whistle voice has a lower volume because the tone of the voice is airy while super head voice isn’t.

And guys CAN sing as high as women. And woman CAN learn to sing as low as men (alto’s are most likely able to do this). The lower your is the wider you can develop your range with practice. If you’ve heard of Adam Lopez then you probably know he can sing D7 using super head voice. Technically he doesn’t hold the record for highest note ever because Betty Wright also uses super head voice and when she appeared on Making the Band II (when she was teaching Sara how to control her voice) she sang Eb7 which is higher than D7 by a semitone so if anybody holds the record for singing the highest note ever it’s neither Mariah or Adam it’s Betty Wright. Mariah could HIT those notes when she was sick but she couldn’t hold them because THE NOTES IN THE 7TH OCTAVE ARE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ACTUALLY SING. I don’t expect many people to know this but this is the reason why no opera has ever been written in the 7th octave.

In conclusion I would also like to say that it IS possible to have a range wider than Mariah (Mariah fans don’t hate me for this because I’m a fan of her too) I have a range wider than Mariah (since I’m a baritone) I can sing down to a Bb1 and up to a G6 or higher) But neither Whitney Houston or Christina Aguilera have a wider range. Whitney has a 3 octave range (C3 to C6–she did C6 on How Will I Know) and Christina has close to a 3 and a half octave range (E3 to G6#–the note she sang on The Christmas Song was D6 in super head voice).

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277 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Entire Octave Range Is Not Seven Or Five

  1. Giacoco says:

    soory but you are wrong. I’m not a Mariah’s fan but her range is G#2 made during an interview and A2 in some songs. her highest note is G#7 made in a performance of emotions in 1991…. so that her range goes from G#2 to G#7. Moreover Christina’s lowest live note is C3 made in some performances of At last. her highest live note is A6 during Por siempre tu live in caracas. so her live range is C3-A6. it’s true that in the Christmas song she hit a D6 but after that note there’s her famous C#7. search some videos on YouTube to understand. I leave you three videos in particular that you must see:
    – ….this is about Mariah’s live range
    – ….this is about xtina’s live range
    – ….this is about xtina’s studio range

    read the cooment of this last video cause it says that her lowest note is C3

  2. Gina says:

    Welcome to the 21st century..nobody cares about ‘octave’ other than Lambs who have been brainwashed since the 90s.

  3. Giacomo says:

    it’s not true.. some people care about octaves. how many times do you hear people talking about Mariah’s octaves? I think a million times. On YouTube there are lots of videos about octaves

  4. Gina says:

    What makes a good singer? Apart from measured by the number of notes they can actually SING and HOLD, not necessarily HIT- I agree!

    Moreover, the ability to interpret the lyrics turning into a ‘believable’ live performance without overdoing it, versatility, good technique and fresh.

    Whitney is the VOICE of our time and sorry, the rest is just a footnote below her.

  5. giacomo says:

    i love whitney’s voice is my second favorite singer but the first is Christina Aguilera. she has such a strong voice, such a high whistle register. moreover the highest live whitney’s note in chest voice is G5 while Christina did a G#5/A5. in this place we are talking about whistles. don’t you think that Christina goes pretty high? I really love Whitney but here we are talking about whistles

  6. Calvin says:

    Wrong!!!! Mariahs Ranges are:


    LIVE RNAGE: G#2 – G#7 (5 OCTAVES)

    Go on and search calvin999999999 , and click on Mariah Carey Vocal Range and you will see :)

  7. giacomo says:

    i saw that video of Mariah. (in YouTube my name is rocketto8) this is what I was saying: Mariah’s range is G#2-G#7

  8. Vicky says:

    “Whitney is the VOICE of our time and sorry, the rest is just a footnote below her.”

    Aw look, a snobby little fangirl! *points* Everyone take a picture, quick, before it runs away!

  9. Giacomo says:

    we are talking about whislte register. so don’t talk about Whitney cause she can’t whistle. we are talking about Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera and their vocal ranges. Whitney has just 3 octaves even if she has a great voice and she is the best singer with Christina and Mariah. anyway I’m sure Christina can hit an E7 in fact even herself said that she never forcd hr voice actually her range is 4 octaves and a semitone (C3-C#7) while Mariah has 5 octaves (G#2-G#7).

  10. Jennifer S. says:

    What about Pat Benatar?

    She had a 4-5 octave range, I believe.

    You’re right about Mariah, and she, Christine Aguilera both are nasal – comment on that?

    Pat Benatar was NEVER nasal; she and Whitney both had better tone.

  11. Joven says:

    Mmmm I just wanna point out some things..

    About the low note thingies and Wichnakov thing…Uhmm hello she’s a woman…Do you really expect that she can reach bass??? And as far as I know nobody claims that she can sing/hit 8 octaves…As far as I know the claim is only 5 octaves…And yeah let’s just say the highest notes were just some luck but she sang them with EASE and she can hit them EASILY..and she sings so easily not like others who push and push…

  12. Pierre says:

    This post if full of a jealous Whitney lover. You don’t have to be sick to sing the whistle register. You just have to have talent, it is classified a gift. When your sick and your throat is hurting, please try to access it, I wonder how you throat will feel. Plus she has done it live many many times and she wasn’t sick…

  13. pedro says:

    You are wrong!! Check out for “You and I” tribute to Stevie Wonder where she hits a G2 lol and she has hit G#7 and wasn’t sick because she can’t do the whistle if she is sick… besides she no longer is on the Guinness book because Georgia brown can hit a G9 and got the throne now…get your facts straight before talking

  14. Giacomo says:

    no Mariah’s lowest note is G#2 and georgia’s highest note is G10 and not G9

  15. bleak says:

    She can’t really sing, but people think that she can because she sings in her highest register.
    The only reason she can sing in that is because she has nodules that make it easier for her to zip up her vocal chords.

  16. Toot says:

    She’s an amazing singer. Beyonce has a 3.2 octave range.

  17. mammamia says:

    Mariah Carey h8rs,if its dat easy 2 sing like her n its not a gift then please,feel free 2 show me wot you got.giv it ur best shot let’s hear…thot so!u can h8 all you want bt she’s stil makin n breakin records.she’s beat Elvis presley’s record n hopefully she’l beat d beatles’ record soon n u’l stil b arguin about dis.get a life!!

  18. bleak says:

    Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson are both better singers.
    Jennifer Hudson is better at singing than Beyonce and Mariah Carey. What I mean on the she can’t sing part is that she can’t sing as well as people really think she can. She can sing, but mostly sounds better in studio at times than she does live. Like when she sang the “star spangled banner.” She can sing though.

  19. bleak says:

    Minnie Riperton is and was definitely better than Mariah Carey.

  20. Tee says:

    what a load of sh**

  21. Crackhead says:

    LMFAO!!! Some people are just…ok…

    Mariah’s vocal range is EXACTLY 5 octaves, nothing more nothing less. Her lowest note was sung during an interview when she did a vocal run going down to G#2. She has sung a A2 during a “Yours” performance in a UK TV show in 2003. In the “You And I” performance she hit Bb2 a couple of times and loads of sustained with vibrato C#3 and Eb3 notes. Her highest note was a G#7, which she clearly did with complete ease and effortless. It was on the Emotions performance in the MTV Awards in 1991. On that final run she did a G#7 followed by a G7. She also did G7’s and F#7’s in other live performances of the same song and there is proof to substanciate these claims…both video and audio proof. The whole “notes that are hit shouldn’t count” argument is pathetic bullsh**. There’s a lil’ technique called “staccato”, used in opera as well…it’s where you ony HIT notes. It’s what Mariah did in those G#7, G7 and F#7 runs in “Emotions” and also what she did in “All In Your Mind” with those F7 notes (she also proved more than able to do this song live with the high notes with ease…and she surpassed even the studio recordings). So yes, hit notes are obviously counted as well as long as they’re incorporated in the music.

    And no, I’m not a fan of hers. Used to be but no longer am. However, facts are facts.

  22. bleak says:

    Minnie Riperton had a five and a half octave range.
    Who do you think has a wider range.??..

  23. bleak says:

    Minnie Riperton of course. She sang higher than Mariah ever has.

  24. Crackhead says:

    Wrong! Minnie had a 4,5 octave range. It is SAID she once hit an A7 in a live performance but there’s no proof AT ALL of that. The highest she displayed was D7. Even if she did, to have a 5,5 octave range she’d have to be able to go down to D2…when her lowest note is D3. That’s actually 4 octaves but I believe she was able to go a few more notes above D7 so yeah, let’s say 4,5 octaves.

  25. Ash says:

    Mariah Carey is the BEST singer in the WORLD. No matter what anyone says, she has every special characteristic any good singer has, plus a million of her own. In other words, if she sang someone else’s song, she would sing it even better than the original singer; but if someone, if anyone, tried to sing ANY of Mariah’s songs – they would like idiots and sound like fools. Not only that, but Mariah’s lyrics are amazing. They’re inspiring, emotional, so well written and beautiful. Totally her own, unique style, and her 18 number one hits are the support. She’s just one around the Beetles, and just so happened to come out with an album THIS YEAR after being in the music industry for 20 years now. She writes her own songs, produces them, and sings them. She’s got the hugest range, best control, most gorgeous voice. She’s definitely the best singer in this world. No doubt!

  26. Ash says:

    She has so many albums, the most beautiful Christmas album (which is also the most successful xmas album of all time – and we get to listen to it next month!! yay!) and I don’t even know how many songs. She began in the 1990’s and she’s still around, with better music than anyone. She never loses trend, stays in with what’s going on and keeps coming out with music that fits the crowd. She can go so low, yet so high. And all the bullsh** about nodules she may have that make it easier to hit high notes, or her being sick during performances in order to hit those notes is all crap said out of ignorance and jealousy for her one and only voice. she’s the most talented person on EARTH! For anyone that doesn’t understand or agree, listen to at least 10 of her number ONES (google it if you must) and prove me wrong!

  27. Ash says:

    Find ONE singer that has as MANY songs as Mariah Carey, who WROTE the lyrics to EACH and EVERY one of them!

  28. bleak says:

    Whitney Houston and Beyonce have the better voices. Mariah Carey definitely doesn’t have the best or widest range. Minnie Riperton did have a wider range than she did, she’s just said to have a wider range because of her million dollar insured legs and boob job. The fact is that she’s a marketing genius like Britney Spears.
    She has a nice voice and everything but the reason why she sold so many albums was because she’s so interesting to the public. Of course Whitney had the bigger and better voice, and Beyonce has more control. One of the reason’s why she had gotten to where she is today was because she did you know what with her first husband.
    AND THAT’S THE TRUTH.!!!!!..

  29. bleak says:


  30. Billy123 says:

    Um a piano has a little over 7 octaves not 8

    guess you weren’t musically trained…

  31. hahhahaha says:

    LMAO at this article. WHO CARES! GET A LIFE

  32. AceMusic says:

    This is humorous. What is intriguing me is how some say within this article (which includes the author) is stating that, hitting the note is not singing the note. Last I checked in my musical and singing theory, when you hit the note with a certain technique to shape the note (which is known as stacatto) is singing the note. ( I absolutely agree with Crackhead) In her live version of Emotions in MTV 1991 I believe, she sings the notes MELODICALLY correct. She goes up the scale, a portion, where thereby proves that she sings it. As well as even belting the note which she does is classified as singing. What confused me as well is, that she was supposedly “sick and her voice was congested”. According to my piano teacher and my theory books, there is no way you can belt a whistled register note if your sick. That is obviously stupid. Your sick and your whistling a F7/G7. Yeah Ritio, I’m sick and I can sing A1. Yeah Totally… And the statement of how men and female can hit the same notes as well as sing. That is true. But many males (this is basically generalised) used the falsetto to hit female notes. For example, males trying to sing Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” which is set around more than 12 bars of belting E5. Highly unusual to see a male to belt E5 correctly without falsetto. Many males tend to utilise falsetto when it passes the C above middle (C5). Also when people are saying that there is a significant difference between hitting a note and singing the note. True, but we are talking about vocal range. That thereby means, your range of hitting AND singing, which last time I checked, she can do both with her 5 octave range.
    Sheesh people…. Get your facts straight before twisting Mariah Carey’s vocal range around…

  33. bleak says:

    Any mezzo-soprano can hit the same set of notes she does with a full voice without making that stupid squeal.
    She has the same range as Yma Sumac.
    You don’t have to squeak or scream to hit an A7.

  34. Dianara Torres says:

    So, You have a range wider than Mariah? Can we have a proof like a video…. just so you can prove people (including me) wrong for thinking that’s a load of bullsh*t…

  35. alex says:

    fu** y’all!!!you don’t know anything about music so don’t pretend that y’all do… and for the author of this article, research everything before you post, dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. sheralda says:

    what is minnie ripperton musical range because I saw somewhere where she was pitching d7 and there is a rumoured E flat 7.does anybody know if that is true

  37. bleak says:

    First of all Alex, all that I’m saying is true about her vocal nodules.
    Don’t get it twisted!

  38. bleak says:

    And I did do research, I don’t need a video for whai I said to be true.
    If you want proof do the research like I did.
    Don’t you feel moted.

  39. bleak says:

    you can look it up for yourself of course.

  40. Rachael says:


  41. bleak says:

    She just has marketing smarts. She’s definetely not the best singer in the world and she got to the top by dating her manager.

  42. i can go higher says:

    Well the highest note I can hit is the C#8 (same as Adam Lopez … dammit >.< ), but the highest note I can hold is G#7, just a few notes lower.

    Anyway, apparently when Mariah hit that G#7 live, the sound had been tampered with which was one of the many reasons she got removed off the Guinness World Records Book. But, indeed she has got quite a great voice and yes I am a fan of her, but she hasn’t got the highest vocal range.

    But … on another note … there’s a singer called Camille with a song called Money Note where she goes into the 8th octave in the back, and you can hear it on YouTube if you wish to listen to the song, and see a singer with a higher vocal range.

  43. i can go higher says:

    oh and forgot to say I could hit the C#8 when I had a cold too, because I practice it a lot lol. But anyway, when your sick you have to put a little more effort if you’ve got phlegm blocking your airways. But yeah I can go high whilst sick.

  44. bleak says:

    The only reason why Mariah was able to hit these notes was because of her nodules. What happened to her voice, she sounded terrible on X-factor and Obama’s inaugural ball. She has been seen smoking a few times.

  45. Juddy says:

    Sorry everybody but I have to update all of you!!! GEORGIA BROWN is the official holder of 2 vocal range records on GUINNESS BOOK. She’s a great R&B/Soul singer she has 8 octaves G2 to G10 check her voice at: and her
    my space: . I was searching for singers whistlers and I descovered her! Powerful and Impressive artist!
    It will be great you know this wonderful singer!!!

  46. bleak says:

    I’ve heard her sing and she cannot sing good. she only has a wide range. You can have the widest range and still not know how to sing. Britney Spears makes better music than Georgia Brown.

  47. s.o.s says:

    all I’ve gotta say is ‘mariah Carey: O Holy night from the chritms album 1994 find it and listen to it’, in my opinion that took her to a higher level I’ve ever herd from anyone in my life: whitney, Jennifer etc, it put her up their with pavaroti obvi not the vocal range but the power of the sound. I’ve never found whitneys voice that good its amazing but very limited there’s only power in whitneys and Jennifer voices, listenin to Mariahs early 90s stuff (fu** the mainstream singles) everything else on the albums I was fu**in fascinated she sounded super human. she can’t do it no more but the point is she did it.

  48. TheCor says:

    I can sing and hold C7 pretty easy, and when I’m sick I can go off the piano. But I’m not alloud to sing in the house, in case I brake the crystal glasses. Not to mention, it kills my ears!

  49. dd says:

    come to to hear her lowest(g2) and highest note(f7)

  50. says:

    im nikko ..
    i love music !! and I even do whistle ..
    but I don’t know how many octave that I can hit, but I can reach the whistle of Mariah in “MINE AGAIN” atlast 7-8 seconds with curls..
    is anybody can tell me??

    >any way I reALY LOVE THIS SITE
    even your discussions guys
    am gonna read every comments of each participants,

    cutie ,
    nikko ..

  51. shocked says:

    What about Greg Pritchard? He was featured on britain’s got talent. He’s very rough and received a shock factor award in this arena due to his age/looks

  52. Henry 4m S.AFRICA says:

    Rapheal thanks bro . I couldn’t have said it better . If Mariah sing it or hit it (G7) doesn’t matter . Because no one else has done what she does . And for you haters . Back the hell of because if you have ever notice when searching for vocal abilities you would find Mariah name there . Even though you hate her doesn’t it mean that you have to write lies of her . Because you know what ? Her lambs will always be here to back her up . AND LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE LEAST . SHE IS THE BEST IN EVERYTHING

  53. Maxine says:

    First of all BLEAK I LOVE YOU. I heard about that other woman who has a range like Mariahs. Your RIGHT! I searched wikipedia.

    There’s a lot of talk about how high Carey’s voice is.
    Is someone really the best singer in the world because they can hit high notes? I bet Mariah fans hate Toni braxton and have a lot to say about her. Mariah Carey is a soprano. Not everyone is a soprano. To aspiring singers, this is kind of sad. If they don’t fit your mold of what a singer’s supposed to be( high notes, self-written songs) y’all say ef em. When did good singing become all about range?

  54. Maxine says:

    Even God sings in his spare time. I guess. God doesn’t make people better than him. He’s already the best at everything. He blesses people like Carey to inspire the world. That’s why she can definately be the best singer in the world but hardly be better than the creater who could sing much better in a heavenly duel. God blesses.

  55. Robin says:

    At Maxine

    Mariah Carey is an alto!!! Beacause what matters the most determining a range is the lowest note not the highest. (and G2# is about as low as it gets for a woman)

    look it up

    About Mariahs range.. A hit is a hit. 5 octaves it is.

    But what really matters is the quality of a voice. Mariah Careys’ voice has good quality but some singers have better qualtities

    That why I must say that Mariah may have a huge range.. but it is not the BEST range.

    I listen to her songs 2 though

    And to all people telling their own vocal ranges here.. idiots I bet you can’t even sing.

  56. Robin says:

    Correction, what matters the most are the lowest note AND the the sound (light or deep/full) Judging Mariahs natural voice, she is definently an alto. She said so herself..

  57. bleak says:

    There are singers that can sing better than Mariah Carey. Jenn Hudson, Fantasia, Beyonce…(need I go on?).
    Just because you have a wide range doesn’t mean your the best singer, just look at Georgia Brown, she can’t sing at all. She sounds like one of those dog whistles. she doesn’t have 5 octaves and she only gets so much recognition cause she’s a marketing commercial genius.

  58. ash says:


  59. Phillip says:

    Actually Mariah holds notes in her live concerts like singing vision of love whistle note in C7 during TEOM tour….shd get your facts right if you are writing on your favorite singer….no offence

  60. Derrick says:


    I love Mariah and Whitney actually and at least I now know how their voices ranges but what about Tina Arena?

    I have been looking for her voice profile and couldn’t find any except that people are saying that she’s a dramatic soprano but I actually want to know Tina Arena’s range in octaves.

    Anybody, musically trained here could possibly help? Thank You.

    Derrick XXX

  61. Porcelain Cougar says:

    All of you are talking about the Mariah Carey of the early ’90’s.
    She was, back then, nothing short of amazing.
    What we heard in the studio, she could easily do live, as evidenced by MTV’s “Unplugged” and at the “Grammy” shows, [Vision of love, If it’s over] her technique back then was flawless.
    At around 1995, she, on her own admission, said she was a workaholic, in the studio till 5 am, only to do morning shows, singing, talking. Back to the studio, so on and so forth, technique goes out the window, and you end up with nodules on your vocal chords. Nodules are bumps caused by singing incorrectly.
    What results is a scratchy, dry sounding vocal, and the worst part of nodules?
    The singer is left with half the range they had.
    This is exactly what has happened to Mariah, it is NOT age, I know to you folks 14, 19, think 40 is old, not true.
    The sad part of the whole story here, all of this could have been prevented with rest.
    The damage is permanent.

  62. Ax'lhehe says:


    Mariah Carey’s voice is so fresh that she hits the G#7 whistle trademark EFFORTLESSLY.
    I think if you let other singers to perform the G#7, they would need to take a deep breath and SHOUT!

    in the just stand up (Take it as a sample for it), you could hear that she is performing the G#7
    in the line of Fergie. at the last part, you could hear her singing(with the G#7) [up, up ,up up!!!]

    …so the octave 5 is it.
    and bleak, you thin that Mariah is not the best octave singer, so go on with your feelings…

  63. Will says:


  64. Gabriel says:

    The Best voice is Julie Andrews. She isn’t modern Pop but she can slay a legion of Mariah Careys with he NATURAL (Modal) Vocal range. Many may disagree with me but I don’t think Falsetto and whistle register should be considered part of someones range because it’s not part of their natural or modal voice. That being said Mariah’s Range is on;y about 2 Octaves of Natural modal singing voice. She can’t hit B6, BUT Julie Andrews can.

  65. riil says:

    will… you r the real one…
    hey… falsetto n whistle register r part of singing n someone range…
    n whistlin is not the only great thing bout MC… her vocal tone is very rich n soulful…. + she is one of some rare female singer who can sing in the lowest note for female….
    n even toe there r svrl female singer who can hit whistle note but MC can sustain her whistleup to 18 scnds…. her chest voice is really rich the same goes to her low note voice…

  66. bleak says:

    Beyonce, fantasia, and jenn hudson all have stronger voices and Mariah. Mariah has a nice voice and all the other three are better and it’s not just them.
    So yeah. And if ya didn’t know now ya do.

  67. bleak says:

    I like Mariah Crey’s voice and all but she’s no better than any other singer. She can sing but let us be honest. Her voice and singing ability has gone down since her first coming out.

  68. paulo says:

    Mariah Carey has already been considered the best singer or the woman with the best voice of all time by people who know what they’re talking about,not a bunch of ” I know it all in this blog”. She does not have 7 octaves as firtly credited to her, but it is around 5 and 5.5, also the whistle register is not something common the experts say it is something unique and very few singers can do it. So her voice is considered to be very special indeed, unique in fact.

  69. ryan smith says:

    you people have absolutely no lives!!!

  70. bleak says:

    She can’t touch Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston. There are a lot of singers who are better than her. Just because you have a wide range doesn’t make you the best. She doesn’t have the widest range either. Don’t cise her.

  71. Laura says:

    Does it really matter?? B, E, F, G, C whatever!! Mariah can hit some very high notes and let’s just leave it at that!!!

  72. misterbee says:

    Anybody that says that Fantasia, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson are better singers are delusional, Mariah is a trillion times better than all of them, despite the fact that I love Beyonce and I like Jennifer Hudson. They are not nearly as good however. Fantasia is very whiny, exxtremely. Mariah is one of the greatest out there and those of you that think otherwise are jealous haters, she is better than Whitney but nobody beats Aretha Franklin.

  73. Craig says:

    Mariah is the greatest, she proved that many times. The best female’s voice in the history of music.

  74. chronoxelsis says:

    hmm, Mariah is definitely the best singer
    “Emotions” was also one of her greatest songs proved that she could sing “LOW” notes and very “HIGH” notes.

    bleak,,,,,, Beyonce has only louder voice, and that doesn’t mean that Beyonce is better than Mariah.

    and, by just listening to the two voices, you can already compare who has better voice:
    Is it Beyonce? or MARIAH?

    another question bleak, can Beyonce really hit the G#7? have you heard her singing the whistle register?

    and also, Mariah can hold whistle register notes long but steady which is rare to normal singers like her. (you can hear her performing that in the song “We Belong Together Remix Feat Jadakiss and Styles P.) even she consider herself as an alto(with 5-octave range) but her voice quality is really for sopranos…

  75. chronoxelsis says:

    and I also think that Beyonce could not even do he “Falsetto Register”, right?

  76. james says:

    obviously speaking, it is Mariah who won this pact… she is a mile ahead than any singer in this world… whitney’s voice is too common, it’s easy to imitate… Christina’s is too, loud and a kinda eardrum-breaker, they’re both terrible singers, have you ever heard a voice similar to Mariah’s? none… because Mariah is Mariah, she is gifted and deserves to be in prominence… she is very rare and we’re proud to have her…nobody can beat her… her super head voice can flush away Whitney and Christina, how come if we consider her whistle talents? all haters, you’re very annoying… you don’t understand the principles of choosing the bestest singer, ad it’s Mariah Carey.. forever..

  77. chronoxelsis says:

    go james!!!!!!!!

    your the man!!!!!!!

  78. tpballer3361 says:

    James said it all. Mariah is and always will b the best. Nobody can touch her.

  79. bleak says:

    You have to be delusional if you think Mariah’s voice is better than Jennifer Hudson, fantasia, or whitney. They all have stronger better sounding voices. Just because you have a wide range doesn’t mean you can sing great. Whitney influenced Mariah not the other way around. Fantasia is more souful sounding than Mariah and her hoarse dried up vocal chords. Mariah’s easy to imitate except for when she squeals. Beyonce’s voice is definetely musch more stronger than Mariah’s voice. Mariah’s performances ain’t lookin to good. Whitney will emberass Mariah on stage. Beyonce is not the one who screams Mariah is. Mariah does have a beautiful voice but it definitely is not the best. Whitney, Jennifer, Aretha, fantasia and Beyonce can sing circles around her. Whitney houston had a drug problem and still sounds better. I tell the truth and nothin but it.

  80. Person says:

    I am a big Beyonce fan… I was blown away by Jennifer Hudson’s ‘And I am Telling you’ … Who is Fantasia ?? .. I like Whitney and Aretha .. and I adore Celine Dion but my favorite is still Mimi, you all have your own opinions, but when it comes to chest belting they are better than her, although none of them can beat her with the rest of the registers. Mariah has strength and control in her voice: definitely better than Minnie when it comes to the whistle register.I believe that Mariah’s voice his downgraded but she did hit those notes. I’m not a music expert but I’m trying to make a point that each one of these singers have gifts that shouldn’t be argued about, because they are all unique :))

  81. Axel's Axiom says:

    hi to all! I’m a big Mariah fan!!!!

    a great thing a singer must have is his/her vocal range. who could a singer sing soulfully if he/she has poor vocal range? it’s true that beyonce, Whitney houston, and fantasia sings louder but Mariah can throw them off by her super head voice.

  82. =) says:

    it depends on the piano to say how many octaves it has, it can range from as little as 5 octaves, to as big as nearly 9!

  83. Nicole says:

    I myself can be said to have almost a 5 octave range. However, the power of my notes is poor, although I can hold them. In a sound studio or with sound equipment then it would be fine. But you can’t compare that to pure, raw voice as found in the opera. Mariah and Christina wouldn’t be able to sing most of their range over an ochestra without sound equipment.
    Check out Joan Sutherland for “the voice of the century”.

  84. ezekiel says:

    mariah’s range is 5.5 octaves,it’s from F2-C#8.she reached C#8 in her charmbracelet tour as she sings with a man playing the organ from a whistle headtone to that note.F2 was recorded in sweetheart(though actually in dreamlover she reached a note lower than F2).her highest claimed note is G#7 and that was in a live performance of emotions and that is real.the studio version of all in your mind’s highest is at F7 while whwn she sings it live,she does it at a D7.

  85. divadevotee says:

    come see heres and others ranges at
    her newest album has her showcasing just under 5 ocataves

  86. Diamond Boy 69 says:

    I think Mariah,Christina,Barbara, Minnie,& Whitney in her hey day, are/was all great singers. When it comes to live performance Christina and before Whitney voice was ruined have performed the best live. I wanted to know what is Vanessa Williams and Maxwell vocal range?

  87. Diamond Boy 69 says:

    If you guys are real vocal buffs, check out Rachel Ferrel. TALK ABOUT A RANGE! She is a jazz singer that would sit them all down, LOL! I don’t think you can say any of these people are not good or this blog would not exist : – )

  88. bleak says:

    Mariah Carey does have a wide range but whitney, beyonce, aretha and Jennifer have stronger and better voices. I’ve heard of Rachell Ferrel and she couldn’t sit a person down if she had a chair. Sarah Vaughn is better than her. So is Ella Fizgerald and Billie Holiday.

  89. bleak says:

    Whitney sings circles around Christina.

  90. RichrrsR Southwick says:

    Hey, has anyone heard of Linda Lewis from the UK, she was at her best in the 70’s. I think she has a 5 octave range?

  91. derek simmons says:

    mariah has a 5 octave range for sure, I personally witnessed this, so lets put doubt to rest on this.

  92. derek simmons says:

    has anybody remember Lisa fisher, crazy vocal range.

  93. Jama says:

    I think that you are a hater. First of all, it is possible that Mariah Carey did sing that note in the National Athem. Her mother can sing 7 octaves…you should take into consideration

  94. Jama says:

    blek your crazy if you think that Beyonce sing better than Mariah Carey does

  95. lameof1991 says:

    MARIAH IS MARIAH…and she really sang the note G#7 and that’s the proof that her vocal range is 5 octaves or something like that…
    and for God’s sake, is there a human compare her to Beyonce?
    what on earth is goin on…??

    Beyonce is not singing properly, she keeps on screamin(and it hurts my ear!) everytime she belts the note…

    And futhermore, she’s an entertainer, just like Madonna or Shakira…you know..she dances, but NOT SINGS!!

    So if someone thinks that Beyonce is better than Mariah ….

    It means that he/she is kinda deaf or somethin….

    So sad, but it’s true…


  96. dinchh.. says:

    oh god..
    there are lot of non-commissioned judges here…(BLEAK)
    all of you have to accept that MARIAH is the best singer ever….no one can compete her even Whitney also..
    definitely Whitney is great…somehow she is under MARIAH…morover..MARIAH has won a lot of awards and it was from by the commissioned judge..and not from judje like BLEAK who wasn’t knew anything about music…
    5 OCTAVE RANGE…all of you here can’t hit n defeat why don’t just shut up and try practice how to be a superwomen like HER….

  97. S Judah says:


    Are you insane? you think it’s the Octave range that makes a great singer. I have news for you.
    Its the centre of gravity of the voice and it is that which gave Elvis the ability to sing songs of a range that no recording artist has even come close to.

    To quote

    “Presley’s range, albeit impressive in its own right, did not in itself make his voice that remarkable, at least in terms of how it measured against musical notation. What made it extraordinary, was where its center of gravity laid.

    By that measure, and according to Gregory Sandows, Music Professor at Columbia University, Elvis was all at once a bass, a baritone and a tenor, a most unique attribute amongst singers of any gender, both in the classical and popular music fields. ”

    As for trying to compare the No 1 hits , actually she and Elvis are = despite what Billboard says, however she will have more No 1 in the US (outside the Us she is far behind Elvis and The Beatles) eventually than Elvis and The Beatles, but to get No 1 singles these days you sell less than a 1/3 compared to when The Beatles and Elvis had their charting records. So her sales will never ever get close to Elvis’s or The Beatles, and this is only partly reflected by the fact That Elvis has 89 singles certified gold and platinum by the RIAA compared to Mariah’s 35.
    Don’t get me wrong I like Mariah, but there is only one King.

  98. dinchh.. says:

    but back to our real topic..
    >>>>S JUDAH<<<<<<
    we are not talkin bout king or Elvis or beatles n so on…
    dunt know la if you can’t read or misinterpret..
    whatever it is..
    yeah S JUDAH

  99. Judah says:



    I am not going to disagree with you too much, she has a hell of a voice and I really admire her return after all the slack she took.

  100. jake says:

    yeah…who cares about that???she has made great songs and recorded incredible vocals…nobody can beat her…SHE’s the VOICE, HITS, TALENT, DIVA, Songbird, GREAT, and the best selling female artist of all time to remind you Mr. anonymous.

  101. dinchh.. says:

    why don’t you just agree that Mariah is the real queen..
    oh my god…are you crazy..
    know what..don’t you ever came out with statement that can kill yourself lorh…
    huhu…seems like you are the greatest singer…
    by saying MARIAH’s voice like HELL…
    BEWARE lorh…all people in tiz world might say you are CRAZY dude….

  102. Christianus says:

    Mariah carey has the SYNCHRONISED WHISTLE ever. She can control a very high, deep and parallel whistle.. Don’t belive, Listen to the Emotion (Bridge Part Whistle), My Saving grace ( Bridge Part Whistle also).. No one canm perfectly whistle like her.. It’s hard to make ur whistle nice eventough you have the ability to whistle.. Poor whistle disastrous the song.Minner Ripperton having another tune of whistle, even she possessed a high octave than Mariah possessed…

  103. Memoirs of an imperfect Angel says:

    Let me tell you guys that range REALLY does matter to a singer. If Mariah has a 5-octave range, who are the singers that can beat her? Yeah, of course, all of you will say that GEORGIA BROWN does, but what a terrible voice she has!
    Beyonce, on the other hand, may sing louder than Mariah, but is LOUDNESS important to a great singer? Beyonce has a scrunchy voice.
    Whitney Houston. An easy-to-imitate voice.
    Fantasia, hehehehe,,,, I don’t know her.

    Well, Mariah, the greatest female voice! She has a high range, melismatic style of singing, and a good, looking girl. As everyone knows, she already sold 160 million albums thoughout her career. And who knows that her latest album could pack up a punch to the record.

    And S Judah,, we’re talkin’ her about Mariah, and she is a female, why did you reach into discussing Elvis?

  104. dinchh.. says:

    no need to relate S JUDAH in this article…
    S JUDAH definitely can’t read carefully and always misinterpreted what are people been saying of…
    we were talked about MARIAH, but it was suddenly been worst by involved ELVIS…
    so people…
    can you imagine how ‘STUPID’ S JUDAH is…

  105. Jenpuff says:

    I love Whitney, Mariah, Christina, and Beyonce! As far as I’m concerned, it’s apples and oranges and peaches and plums. Does anyone else feel this way? They are like colors of the rainbow. In regards to the octave discussion, all of these ladies sing an awful lot, go through physical ups and downs, and like with athletes, things change, sometimes on a daily basis. One thing about going low, though, is that it’s a question of size of chords… that explains why men can sing as high as women by training to reduce the vibrator “mass” to sing higher notes (think of the thinner strings on a guitar or violin playing the higher notes) while women can’t really “enlarge” their chords… they can merely train to sing some low notes without distortion (which can in fact be several semitones lower that without training it, but not, like, an octave lower). Back to the guitar analogy, your thickest string is the lowest… try loosening it and then try to play it without it sounding like a fart!

  106. David says:

    Ok so you people who say her live range is G#2 to G#7 (False) that’s a line of all the notes she’s ever HIT!!! when she sings she can really actually only go down to an A2(just a semitone higher then what she’s ever hit) and as for her whistle notes. well it was explanned a range is based on the ability to sing a note and not to hit it. so technically she can only sing up to E7 (it’s not D7 she’s proven sometimes to hold her own on E) she sang F7 and G7 while being sick. G#7 was not intended and was never attempted or hit again by her after that one performance. Also her live range would be B2 (lowest ever demonstrated while singing. and D7 highest she’s been able to consistenty show. I am a fan don’t get me wrong but there is a difference between being actual and living in a fantasy.

    Studio proven range – A2-F7
    Actual consistent notes – B2-E7
    Range of notes ever hit wether sick or lucky or just speaking – G#2-G37

  107. anthony lindo says:

    yeah…l8s say so that she cnt have he octave range of 7 or 8 but we cnt deny that idol Mariah Carey can reach an extraordinary high pitch voice which an ordinary person hardly cnt perform…for me nothing’s more than her…she’s the greatest #1 singer 4 me ever…

  108. anthony lindo says:

    its really obvious 4 a singer to reach a 8 octave voice…BUT,remember idola Mariah Carey can reach an extraordinary high pitch voice…especially WHISTLE VOICE….always think that Mariah is the only singer who almost use each of her songs accompained with high pitch whislt voice…MC?

  109. anthony lindo says:

    am hi guys wil you please oll of you to col or txt me 4 we cn communic8 about the comments…tnx in advance

  110. anthony lindo says:

    am 8s relly funny to hear that idol Mariah cnt have the 5 or 8 or watever octave voice is that but we ol knw that she cn hit an extraordinary high pitch voice…the question is “WHO ARE THE OTHER SINGER YOU CAN COMMENT TO BEAT HAR PITCH

  111. anthony lindo says:

    am….hai guys gud pm am heres my # am don’t 4get to col or txt me huh 4 we can talk about the voice of my idol,your idol.OUR IDOL….MARIAH CAREY

  112. Ricki says:

    I think its hilarious how you are all on your high horses about how you are supposedly better than her and how this person is better than her etc etc. Whoever claimed Beyonce has a better voice I cannot stop laughing at. Mariah has a voice like an angel and yeah it may not be as loud as Whitney but it is beautiful to listen to and at least she writes her own songs. She has a distinct voice and people who keep hating her are just jelous. I have one question if you are a better singer than her then y aren’t you as near famous as her or even better as even successful as her and the stupid comment on how she only did well due to being married to tommy, you know deep down you sound stupid. People don’t love artists because of who they are married to but love them for their talent and I can definately say her songs have touched many and have given inspiration to many.

  113. mitchievous12 says:

    i love Mariah Carey she is 5 octave

  114. marjoriergolden says:

    yo dumbass Mariah vocal range is a g2 to a g7 5 octvaes not 4 you idiot

  115. anthony lindo says:

    hai….guys…..we all really knoe that idol Mariah Carey can reach certain high notes which a normal person can’t hardly to reach……we know that she have the G#2-G#7 vocl range… she can access easily the whistle voice in any stylish notes….like a CALLING BIRD!!!!!

  116. ezekiel says:

    mariah’s voice now isn’t as good as the 90’s but it has a different sound..her voice when belting especially the F5s and G5s sound so much different from most singers today..beyonce,jojo,pink and other singers cite Mariah Carey as their greatest influence…and she “initiated” the use of vocal runs..sustaining G#4-Bb4 for 18 seconds..a F6-C7 for 18 seconds…a C5 for 14-15 seconds…and mostly E5s…her voice is hard to mimic..her voice was produced by her vocal nodules she had all her life…and she even sounds like a young boy sometimes…her voice today is “edgy” than raspy…and she puts so much letters in her songs and if you try to sing these fast paces songs of will run out of breath…

  117. Robin says:

    Oh and for those in doubt… listen to this. This is the range of 8 octaves.

  118. John Doe says:

    Mariah Carey has a 5 octave range either way it goes. It is impossible for a male to have a wider range than a female especially when referring to Mariah Carey. Any note that you may hit that may be higher than any that she hit… is simple like you said… sickness, congestion, etc… Moral of the story… Mariah Carey DOES have a 5 octave vocal range. Find something more constructive to do with your time rather than writing a paragraph about someone’s vocal range.

  119. bleak says:

    Actually it Whitney Houston who started the vocal runs lol. She influenced Mariah Carey and the only one who I’ve heard sing and run out of breath while singing Mariah Carey on her own songs lol. Beyonce sings

  120. James Smoksweedingswerth says:

    As far as I’m concerned, a singer’s range is their natural full-voice range – period. Head voice, super-head voice, “whistle voice” (WTF is that? .. I’ve been around professional music for 30 years and never heard that term..) basically falsettos of any type don’t count toward a singer’s “range”. Mariah, if she is lucky, has a three octave range. Not four, five, or any other such nonsense. Lately, she can’t get into her higher false registers at all which just makes my point.

  121. James Smoksweedingswerth says:

    PS – your “range” is just that… the ability to sing consistently up or down diatonically to a note. Mariah hits some very high falsetto notes, but they come out of nowhere and she cannot enunciate words in those pitches. IOW it’s just a form of vocal trickery – a gimmick. And as most gimmicks go, hers is gone. She can no longer “sing” in “whistle voice” at all… which proves my point. IT IS NOT PART OF HER NATURAL VOCAL RANGE, any more than David Lee Roth’s high pitch squeals are part of his actual range.

  122. James Smoksweedingswerth says:

    MC DOES __NOT__ HAVE A 5 OCTAVE MODAL (natural) RANGE. That’s just ridiculous and frankly ignorant of all you douchebags who insist on spreading that mis-information. Go to any music school on the planet and ask one of the voice professors- they will concur with me. A “normal” human range is two octaves. Really good singers can take it a few steps either direction for three octaves.

    She has a (maybe) 3-octave modal range – MAYBE – and two octaves of trickery i.e. “head voice” -whistle voice – whatever.

  123. Nikki says:

    And how do you know that she was either congested or sick when she sang singing Emotions? Where YOU even there?

  124. Bleak says:

    Whitney Houston could always sing better than Mariah Carey and Mariah Carey has a wider range than Whitney does. You could have the widest range in the world and there’ll still be more talented singers than you. Have you ever heard of GEorgia Brown lol.

  125. Laurie says:

    Finally people who know about Octave voices. There are not TO MANY SINGERS WHO CAN DO THIS. Whether the singer has an Octave 3, 4, 5 or whatever, not to many have that Octave at all.

    Mariah Carey I understand what he/she is trying to say and yes she did have that voice and the Guinness book or records would not post something not proved. She now has a lower Octave voice since her accident, which is why some people say no and yes.

    The others with this voice are MJ and at the age of 10, (talking about men hitting it) Whitney in her day, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson is almost there. Then there is the amazing powerful voice of which we must remember she didn’t even win that year and I don’t even know who did, I am taking Jennifer Hudson, amazing voice.

    Mj also noted James Brown back then for hitting that note. Then there is the singer that sang solo with MJ in “this is it” unbelievable he does know how to pick them. Can you see Brit up there, she can’t sing, she’s to squeaky and mousy I don’t like her voice at all. I have no clue why the girl with MJ didn’t go solo and make albums, she’s unbelievable, go listen carefully to her voice. So that’s it, whether it be 3, 4, or 5 and 6 they are the only ones.

  126. Tony says:

    “A singer’s true range is measured by the number of notes they can actually SING–not necessarily HIT.”

    Absolutely. I’ve been saying this for years, but whenever I said it in regards to a specific singer, I was deemed a “hater”.

    People sometimes fail to consider that studio recordings are not necessarily indicative of a singer’s range / ability, as those recordings are often altered or enhanced.

    Technology during live performances can also enable editing of a singer’s output. If you’ve ever played around with mics hooked up to modern sound systems, you’ll know about the various vocal effects you can achieve by modulating a few audio settings.

  127. nicho says:

    I can’t stand reading this bullsh**. But I have to correct one false statement: Mariah did hit G#7 during her live performance of “Emotions” at MTV VMA 1991, not on national anthem. Anyone wants to correct all of this sh**?

  128. DanielAvilaAGT says:

    Actually, Mariah(s) lowest note is an Eb2 (E#2) in studio and Live is Gb2 (G#2) but during her live performances she always plays around with her voice and sings/hits all these crazy notes. She has also done a G7 in a rare recording of Emotions in 1991. So her full range counting Studio and Live, simply because Mariah can sing and she is not a studio altered voice, her range that she has displayed in her career so far is E#2-G#7 ( that’s 5.2 Octaves) her recent highest , which was in a live performance of IWKWLI on the view she sang, ,not hit, she sang an Eb7 (E#7) and couple of times in her tour. So the song in which she displayed 2 E#2 is in Sweetheart . Her 1998 rendition. She did it in an Octave Unison and in background. An she does ann E2 in Bliss. And a bunch of F2s and few E2s … And she hit an F#7 in Mine Again. So that’s a semitone away from a G7. So she can definitely sing a G7 with ease.

  129. DanielAvilaAGT says:

    @ BLEAK

    Mariah(s) primary influences are the following, STEVE WONDER, ARETHA FRANKLIN, AL GREEN, THE CLARK SISTERS, GLADYS NIGHT, and MINNIE RIPERTON. she also enjoys PATTY LABELL, DIANA ROSS, MICHAEL JACKSON, MICHAEL BOLTON, SHIRLEY CEASER. Mariah got signed with Colombia Records in early 1989. And began on her Album then. Whitney could be like someone she heard on the radio and was blown away and was like, ” now I’ve got competition” but She defiantly surpassed her in terms of Artistry, vocality, musicality, originality, lyrically, sales, etc etc.. Yes, Whitney did popularize Melasma and runs, but she got it from her Mother and her Cousin, Dionne Warwick. Whitney Houston is a better version of her mother and her cousin. Mariah made it so much better. In my opinion. Mariah has been ranked twice as having the Greatest voices of all time. Mariah Carey is so immensely diverse and versatile. She has sung, Country, Reggae, Pop, Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz, Doo Wop, Auto Tune, Soul, Blues, Rap etc.. she has covered and mastered every register with in her range and adds beauty and spark and originality and creativeness and her studio work and artistry is impeccable. Just because Whitney sings Louder doesn’t make her better, Just Because Beyonce dances better doesn’t mean she is the better singer, just Because Jennifer Hudson is louder doesn’t make her better etc etc.. But, many people in the music world credit as Mariah as having the best voice alive. Whitney has ruined her voice, have you seen the YouTube videos of her current tour??

  130. DanielAvilaAGT says:

    Mariah also began singing in the studio since 1987. She actually got signed in November of 1988. But began major production in 1989.

    Anyway, Mariah covers all the notes… And doesn’t space out and that’s how she has a full 5 octave range and then some. She has hit or sustained numerous E7s and E#7s. The F7/F#7s are usually rare and her G7/G#7 are a treasure when heard. I like how she doesn’t display her full range capacity because if she would, it would be kind of like showing off. Also, she is always consistent with her music. And Mariah was already big before she even Married TOMYY MATTOLA. So don’t go there.and she also returned to prominence in 2005. And was she married with TOMMY MATTOLA in 2005?? Absolutely not!

  131. georgieboy says:

    I’ve had a wonderful time reading everyone’s scratching and clawing on octaves and ranges! Who is better — Whitney or Mariah? I’m not sure…they are both pretty good. I say, in all things considered, Karen Carpenter is queen.

  132. htoohtoo says:

    Mariah carey is the best singer than any other singers in the world.Marish carey is a princess of pop and R/B.I really know Mariah Carey has 7 octaves.

  133. A R says:

    Let me make this simple- Mariah Carey is 40 years old, you can’t expect her to have exacaly the same voice she had 20 years ago!! I mean that’s impossible for anyone. Have you actually heard Mariah Carey performing Without You this year? That’s right, on the 17th May 2010, she performed ‘without you’ in eygpt in front of thousands at a private party, and she sounded awesome. And it wasn’t lipped-! She hasn’t lost her voice, she’s just sings a different style now, and her voice has adapted to that style, but as soon as she performed ‘without you’, it sounded like the classic she released in the 90s…

    Haters- F*** off. Go pick on Whitney houston.

  134. CHRIS says:

    Mariah Carey got the best voice ever! Whatever you say,musical experts or not,you can’t deny that’s it a obvious fact. The songs of Mariah talk by themselves.Just listening Emotions, You’re so cold, Bliss, So blessed, etc…and you ‘ll hear what I talk about. Whitney Houston also has a huge voice as Mariah Carey (at 1980 and 1990 decade),but we must recognize that Mariah get the whistle register over Whitney. Mariah’s voice is also more toneful and more sensual than Whitney’s.Mariah’s voice also emit more emotions than any other’s female artist .And her voice stay today almost the same since her debut at 1990,it’s proved by her 2009 release single I Want to know what love is..This song is one of many others which deny all rumors sayin’ that Mariah’s voice declined.In fact,her voice still toneful,sensual,versatile and very young for her age .At 40,Mariah Carey’s voice still unique and beautiful.She stay till now,the best female voice worldwide ( listen her performance in the song Everybody Hurts,even Leona Lewis voice is average next to Mariah’s).Mariah keeps the freshness and the velvety of her voice.The qualities of her voice appears more obviously when she sing pop songs( Ballads,Soul,Traditional R&B and Gospel ).About her vocal range,there is no doubt for everyone who already listen her songs live or from albums : MARIAH GOT THE LARGEST VOCAL RANGE EVER .There is no need to be a professional in musical background to recognize it.Before to listen Mariah’s songs,people would think that it’s impossible for human voice to reach such high notes( Emotions,Bliss,All in your mind,etc…),again for a female voice to reach such low notes (You’re So Cold,Melt Away,O Holy Night,etc…).Her voice is very extensible in both directions : high and low.Anyway,Whether she have 5,4 or 3 octaves,the facts is that Mariah got at least 3 octaves over all other female singer voices. For example,in Emotions,when she sing “ You Make Me Feel So Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi-Hiiigheer!!!! “,we see that there are 5 different level of high notes (who represents the 5 octaves of Mariah’s voice).Maybe there are a few of skilful vocalists who could reach the first and the second high note.But,Nobody could reach the 3th level , even Christina Aguilera which have the most extended vocal range behind Mariah can’t ( see her at YouTube Christina Aguilera high notes VS Mariah Carey).This prove clearly that Mariah’s voice got at least 5 octaves and that she surpass other female voices with 3 octaves.

  135. runnie says:

    What can you say about CELINE’s voice? Is it unique somehow? Some people says she is technically the best singer ever?

  136. CHRIS says:

    To Runnie
    First,these three artists are my favorite singers and I know many of their respective songs.Celine Dion got a very great and beautiful voice,she’s a huge vocalist,but her voice is slightly nasal and a little bit less perfect than Mariah Carey’s and Whitney Houston’s as you may observe it yourself when you listen their respective music.Mariah and Whitney respective voice is more beautiful,emotional,versatile,powerful,and sexy than Celine’s.Mariah’s voice is the best,obviously .Mariah’s voice is toneful,sensual,and adaptable to all musical genres ( pop,ballads,Dance,soul,gospel,R&B,Rap,Techno,Rock,etc…).Its very stretchable in both senses : high and low.Moreover,Mariah have so much skills and ability on sing,Whitney too.Whitney Voice reached higher notes and lower ones than Celine’s . Furthermore,Celine is a few less skilful than Mariah and Whitney,particularly in gospel and pop/dance songs .Whitney and Mariah got more agility in dance songs ( I Wanna Dance With Somebody,Emotions,How Will I Know,Fantasy,Love will save the day,Now That I Know,etc..) .They also release most sensuality , feminine grace and allure in their sing style. Celine is a very good vocalist,but her voice is relatively dry,lacking of tone ,velvety and sensuality.Her sing style is often too “ serious’ and “straight”.Whitney and Mariah sing style is so sexy and glamorous ! Both combine sing skills ,vocal power and beauty ,proving that persons can be sexy in their sing style !As Mariah and Whitney,Celine’s voice got volume and power but her loud screams are almost all that she got in common with Mariah and Whitney .Mariah Carey voice beat the both on beauty, power,versatility, flexibility,hability & skill and vocal range.I listen and I love the three, but I can make a difference about their respective voice and talent. So,Celine isn’t technically the best singer,she just a very good performer .When you watch her singing,it seems like she do something nobody could do,as she release much energy and determination when she perform.However, when you just listen this same performance( and no watch it ),you realize that her vocal performance wasn’t so much extraordinary ! And if you compare her voice and her vocal runs from this performance to a Mariah’s ( live performance ),you’ll see that Mariah is obviously the best singer and got the best voice .I’m objective as I love the 3 very very much.However,I recognize that Mariah voice is better. In accordance with my observations on those 3 artists,Mariah is the best,Whitney is the second,Celine is the third.For me,Those 3 female singers are the best female artists of all times and surpass all others.If you doubt in what I say,just listen these songs with much objectivity and neutrality then compare them:

    1-The power of love -Saving all my love for you – Vision of love
    2- Misled – I wanna dance with somebody- Emotions-
    3-If you asked me to- All the man that I need- can’t let go
    4- Declaration of love – How will I know -You’re so cold
    5-My heart will go on- – I will always love you -Without you
    6- That’s the way it is- Queen of the night- Fantasy
    7-Because you loved me- Run to you -Hero
    8- I’m alive- I’m every woman- Dreamlover
    9-It’s all coming back to me now-I have nothing-Anytime you need a friend
    10-Falling into you-Where you are-Underneath the stars
    11- All by myself- I will always love you -Against all odds
    12- One heart-Step by step- Loverboy
    13-Love doesn’t ask why –Miracle- Forever
    14- Love can move mountains- So Emotional- Make it happen-
    15-The star spangled banner of the three.
    Moreover,Mariah Carey sing and many different genres that Whitney and Celine can’t.She’s really unique.

  137. yuli says:

    I agree with Chris. I used to be Mariah’s fan, but still I enjoy these three singers’s (Mariah, Whitney, and Celine) songs. I like Christina also, but I kind a have a feeling that somehow and sometimes she tried to imitate Mariah. Still I have to omit, there is one of Xtina’s live show (forget which one), her whistling was so good, but as whole Christina would never surpases Mariah. Probably coz’ Mariah is already famous before Christina or perhaps coz it was Mariah who popularize whistling more than any other singers, and it makes her legend. I also agree with some of you who said that Mariah can sing any other singer’s songs, even better than the original ones, but no one can sing Mariah’s songs sound right. LOL! I suppose coz’ Mariah sings a wide range of oktaves in one song. She also sings more genres than any other singer you’ve mentioned.
    Mariah and Whitney sing technically higher than Celine. But in term of powerful (loud), Whitney and Celine are better.
    I wonder when will another legend singer (like Mariah used to be) would come… I keep waiting since I am not being a fans of any singers since 3 years ago. coz for me, most of today singers, they more like entertainer than a real singer. However, Mariah is a trully unique legend.
    It is my opinion as a common listener, not mean to offense any other singer’s fans out there. Pisssss!!!

  138. MEGAN says:

    Yeah,Mariah got not only the best voice,she also got talent and creativity over her rivals !BUt Whitney and Celine are goo too,although Mariah is the BEST !!!

  139. Christy says:

    My favorite songs from Mariah are :
    My Saving Grace
    Your Girl
    Mine Again
    fly Like a Bird
    O Holy Night
    Fourth Of July
    For Whitney : Greatest Love Of All,One Moment in Time,Miracle,Where You Are and Do You Hear What I Hear
    Love doesn’t ask why
    Call The Man ,Only One Road and Falling Into You

    Madonna : Like A Prayer,La isla Bonita,Frozen and Ray Of Light.

  140. MariahisLove says:

    Ok, If you don’t like Mariah, don’t like her I’m pretty sure she’ll get over it. Just let her fans love her. Her fans are always defending her, becuase people go and bash her whereever they see her name. If you like Mariahs so caled “rivals” go love and like them her fans are perfectly fine loving who she is, becuase through her music she as touched them in some way you’ll never comprehend. I believe Mariah Carey is a beautiful singer that does not get enoguh credit for her music becuase people are so high-up on her personal affairs. Mariah Carey, too me, is the most brilliant singer/songwriter/performer of MY< generation.

  141. STEVE says:

    For all of you who think that Whitney’s and Celine’s voice got more volume (louder) than Mariah’s,it’s a misunderstanding.The three got the same level of volume.Just listen If it’s over,Whenever you call,O holy night,Against all odds,Make it Happen ,To be around You ,Santa Claus Is Comin To town,Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child with attention.Often,the volume’s voice of Whitney and Celine just seems more obvious than Mariah’s because their voices are less high-pitched than Mariah’s,and very often ,the both emit long loud screams in her songs when Mariah emit her high notes.In fact,when Mariah emit a long loud scream,it’s as louder as Whitney’s and Celine’s and its got as much volume (even more louder than them’s sometimes! ).Mariah release incredible loud screams in many of her songs ( often with rippling and wave).Celine’s and Whitney’s volume screams seems most obvious than Mariah’s because they are very extended and straight,nevertheless they doesn’t got more volume than Mariah’s.

  142. Truth Time says:

    Amy Lee has a full 6 octave Range. She blows all other female singers away.

  143. MUSIC LOVER says:

    It’s music which can prove the vocal range of an artist.In which music Amy Lee prove that she really had 6 octaves? She already show it live? Mariah had already show her talent many times. Don’t let fanaticism make you say anything.ok?

  144. loverboy. says:

    mariah goes down to an e2 and then goes up there to g#7.her vocal range is something more than 5 octaves.her vocal coach said that she can reach a’s sure that she can that notes like nobody else.perfect pitch.:))

  145. phewphonics says:

    I was just discussing all this with my niece (13yrs) tonight & found this page while searching some info to pass on to her.

    We just stumbled upon this young phillipino singer called ‘Charice Pempengco’ (can’t comment on her octave range) but she sings with the future potential to match a young whitney, Mariah & Celine (note I said young – she’s only 16/17 atm). Sorry my musical theory memory is a bit flat (so to speak) but what do yu guys think of her voice in these two clips? Interested in some feedback from some of yu that are quite up on musical talent & octave ranges etc: I got goose bumps when I watched this first clip: :) – charice is the one in the hat & wait till the end of the song before yu make an assessment.

  146. Glama says:

    Well in my opinion Rachelle Ferrell’s voice tops all of these people including Mariah Carey! And she has a higher octave range encompassing the deep male notes and the super high notes.

  147. 3rdBoleyngirl says:

    I’m sorry but I do not think Christina Aguilera ever tries to imitate anyone. She does her own thing and that’s that as far as I’m concerned. Wile she might have been inspired by some of the ‘greats’ like Mariah or Whitney and though her range may not be quite as big as Mariah’s,she has shown there ain’t no other singer like her. For example:what other famous singer could have sang ‘It’s a Man’s,Man’s World’ by James Brown live at the ’07 Grammys and completely nailed it. I admit to Mariah’s talent but she just doesn’t do it for me. Christina sings with so much soul and that I love.

  148. cyruz says:

    now adays Mariah sustains E7 in her I wanna know what love is…she didn’t hit it..she sustains…
    in the Philippines a singger named nina can also sustain E7 and hit up to F#7…also jonaly viray sustains a Bb6 in her oh holy night(Mariah Carey version)..rachelle ann go sustains D7 on her never too far(Mariah Carey version)
    they are great filipina singers…

  149. Range> says:

    She has said herself that she is an alto. However to say her whistle register is a gimmic and not that special is just going to far. Its not fair to discredit her voice like that imo. Opera singers train their voices for years to reach the higher registers. Also on that note, some of you seem to be obsessed with Whitney Houston. She’s overrated and hasnt’ had a good vocal performance since the 90’s so don’t act like she can outsing anyone now. Her voice peaked in the early 90’s like Mariah.

  150. diego says:

    Christina Aguileras has the best voice out of all those names you have guys mentioned. Christina is so powerful

  151. Stephanie says:

    Diego,there is any female artist who can beat Mariah vocally .Believe me,Mariah’s voice is more powerful than any woman you could cite !You want proofs ? go and listen Emotions,Vision Of Love,All In Your mind,Make It happen,Whenever You Call,Santa Claus Is Comin To town,To be Around You,My Saving Grace,Fly like A Bird,etc…

  152. Psycho says:

    LOL! What an idiot.
    Her live range is EXACTLY 5 octaves. The lowest she’s gotten is G#2 and the highest G#7. Now you do the math…

    There are videos on YouTube showing this, in case you need proof. ;)

  153. IGotIt says:

    @lameof1991 I CANNOT believe that you are the only one who pointed out that Beyonce can’t sing! For a second there I was wondering if I was deaf. I completely agree, she is a performer not a singer.
    Yes she has a pretty strong voice but that doesn’t mean she has a high quality voice. I don’t know why you all even allowed her to be in this “race” for the best voice. Her music is good but her voice… eh not so much. She couldn’t sing for me even if it was free…

  154. STACY says:

    Hi everybody !
    I’m pretty excited about Mariah’s new Christmas album ! I expect for this new Christmas album impatiently, this diva have a unique manner to remake Christmas songs ! I guess that it will be amazing and beautiful,as we already have an idea from her first Christmas album,which stay unbeatable for its quality till today !
    Who could forget her divine remake of “O Holy Night”, which any other singer had never manage to remake as sublime as her version, even not the great Whitney Houston ! Mariah masters and knows the secrets of singing better than anyone else.She accomplished so many extraordinary,incomparable and matchless musical feats !

  155. pattigurl says:

    I read that Mariah and Whitney were almost neck and neck in octave ranges, Whitney being slightly under Mariah.

    I’m surprised no one mentioned Deneice Williams who was noted by the NY Times as having a 5 octave range.

    While I believe that Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce have great voices I don’t think they have equally great range.

    I was impressed by Jennifer Hudson’s version of I Will Always Love You. I didn’t think she could do it well until I heard her performance.

    And I’ve never heard anything about Celine Dion’s range although I think it would be just under Whitney.

    Anyway, I am one who does find the octave ranges interesting.

  156. SH says:

    I am no Vocal expert so this is all CONFUSING as hell to me lol. But I do know a little bit. I just wanna know why some say she has 7 Octaves?? & then some say 5 octaves? I also wanna know has Mariah lost any of her range since her Prime?, if so whats her Real Range now & her actual range overall??

    Sidenote: Beyonce has 3.5 Octaves & is BY FAR my favorite singer, she’s so under rated as a Vocalist. Then we have singers that are overrated in this Department(jHudson & Xtina). To me the best Singers of all time are Whitney, Mariah, & Beyonce. Bar None.

  157. SH says:

    @ IGotIt

    Beyonce can SING!! & i.e You ARE Deaf! If you don’t like her voice that’s your problem. She has a Beautiful Voice, is very versatile & is an EXCELLENT Vocalist & my personal Fav.

    Any idiot that thinks she can’t REALLY SING should just watch these 2 videos:

    Shes a SINGER, DANCER & PERFORMER the Whole Entire Package.

  158. Jax1fdr says:

    You guys all need to listen to Minnie Ripperton’s “Only When I’m Dreaming” then you can stop talking about Mariah and Whitney. They all can sing but Minnie is untouched with the Octave range 5.5 with the semi-tone

  159. KB18 says:

    Y’all r all trippin. Mariah Carey can’t song better than Whitney Houston. The only reason why she sold so many records is because she was sold as da white chick wit da black voice. Whitney Houston’s voice only got bad because of da drugs n she cud always sing better than n her prime Mariah n still can n her worse voice. Patti Labelle has da same voice she’s had since 4ever n sings better than Mariah n always has so the age thing is no excuse. Aretha n Patti r regarded as the greatest singers of all time. Just because you have a wide range don’t make you a better singer. Mariah Carey can’t even sing all da notes under her whistle register, she only can sing 3 octaves n then da whistle register. I remember when her and Whitney were doing da Prince of Egypt duet on Oprah n of course Whitney sung better than Mariah, even though they were both off-key. Don’t get it twisted people. Mariah is one of the greatest singers, not the greatest.

  160. Melina says:

    Hi,everybody !Personally,I prefer Mariah over all the girls you mentioned .Mariah sings with more allure ,more femininity,youthness and grace than all others,besides her voice got more smoothness.Her whistle resgister is so…so…so…! Mariah is a model of femininity,she make me proud as such a girl !Mariah make me very proud of my feminity by her songs,and men are always amazed when the heard her sexy voice ! Although I respect all other female singers too,I must say that Mariah is better than others .

  161. MO says:

    Mariahs a great singer/artist but I’m not sure she’s the greatest.
    People like Ripperton,Freddie Mercury,Jeff Buckley,Michael Jackson,Prince and many many others are also brilliant

  162. mikesm735 says:

    I love Mariah, Whitney, and other female singers. Mariah has a voice that is flexable and higher than Whitney! But Whitney has the powerful voice that can stand out (well she used to) Mariah can sing well in any genre- tho she chooses R&B now, she did well in pop. But if this is about highest voices, then I would go with the lesser known Rachelle Farrell who can sing higher than Mariah, and she can sustain those notes longer with better vibrato than Mariah! But Still Mariah still has the best career going and I still want to hear more from her. I wish she would go back to pop!

  163. Mike says:

    Some of your comments crack me up. People are talking about Michael Jackson, Prince and Beyonce. Let’s keep it real, they are/were brilliant popsingers/artists. But they are far from great singers. Michael Jackson when singing live was often off pitch, he had a weak voice and a tiny vocal range. Beyonce is often on pitch, she has ha pretty good range, but she is a little screamy. I’m no fan of Mariah Carey, but her tribute to Stevie Wonder was a vocal masterpiece. She showed great pitch, control, power and great range. She lacked little emotion though. But nowadays she sings like a crow. Whitney had beautiful instrument in her voice, she had decent pitch and lots of energy. But she looked bad when she sang beside someone with great pitch like Luther Vandross for example. When talking about the best singers you must look further than Pop/Rnb and sometimes outside America. Singers like Pavarotti, Jussi Björling, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Donny Hathaway and even Elvis Presley became a powerful singer at the end. And there are of course MANY more.

  164. Bibi says:

    Anybody who has THE NERVE to compare Carey to huge legends like The Beatles, Presley or even Michael Jackson is simply out of line. Please look up on Wikipedia “List of best-selling music artists” just to see who the real players are. Carey is not even in the same league as such artists, no matter if she has had many #1 hits IN THE US. Sales figures is what really matters.

    Also, claiming that Carey is the “best singer ever” is just ridiculous, because that’s a matter of subjective opinion. I think there are more people who DON’T LIKE how she sings/belts notes than people who do, yet she sells a lot because she has a marketing machinery behind her. Many people simply don’t like high-pitched annoying female voices, while others do.

    Some people have a very short range and still are considered better singers than somebody with a huge range (Frank Sinatra’s SINGING range was about 1.5 octaves only, he could maybe sing 2 octaves tops, but they were 100% HIGH QUALITY and unique notes, many people consider him the best male singer ever; his detractors say he couldn’t even sing, but I’m sure more people like his voice than the opposite. Same goes for Karen Carpenter. Her songs were only maybe 2 octaves in general, her whole singing range was “only” some 3 octaves, but the QUALITY and beauty of her voice set her apart from everybody else. Michael Jackson had a 3.5-octave range they say, but the quality of his voice was unique, a very pleasing mixture between child-female and male, almost impossible to be imitated, just as the previous two singers mentioned. So, who cares about breaking range records? It’s more about the quality, that is, how pleasing and melodic a voice is. and, as always, it’s a subjective thing.

  165. Jerkel says:

    I likedid the constipation of mami. it really moved
    me bowels.

  166. high says:

    can her voice attract bats?

  167. valleygurl says:

    Hello. First, MC is one of the greatest singers of our time, whether you like her sound or not, when she deliver she really brings it. Give credit when due! Stop hatin, Start prayin’

  168. I am a singer says:

    People, your head voice is different from your chest and lower registers, YOU CAN SING/HIT high notes like normal even when you have a sore throat……. because you don’t use your throat to sing in your head voice. I am a soprano, I’ve done it many times. However, I’m not debating Mariah’s vocal range because there is no way to prove it unless she’s standing in front of me with no member of her management team, microphone, nor studio equipment around. The entire world knows that “Artistes” are created, from recordings to photographs, everything is refined. Whatever, is on You Tube or the net is what the management team wants the public to see and hear, because people, especially Americans believe everything they are told about celebrities.Stardom is 80% marketing and 20% talent. There are other people with wider vocal ranges than Mariah, and better voices than many stars. This game is about creating an image and selling it. Ask Tyra Banks, she has dared to tell people the truth about how supermodels are “CREATED” by the industry.

  169. songbird says:

    Mariah is not the best singer in the world, but she is much better than Whitney. Though, Whitney was very good in the 80s and 90s her new stuff sucks. Sorry to say this, but her ship has most definitely ran it’s course. She ruined her voice with all that crack rock. In my opinion, Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand are better than all the aforementioned.

  170. To songbird says:

    It’s just your opinion.Eryone worldwide knows that Mariah is the best singer in the world.Celine Dion and Barbra doesn’t deserve to compete with Mariah on sing ability,they’re so far from it.This is only Whitney who is very close to Mariah on this point.Mariah is the top,all her songs proves it.

  171. Mariah and Whitney rules ! says:

    Mariah and Whitney are the very best singers ever !

  172. SLYx207 says:


  173. Barbra the best ! says:

    Do you think this ugly pig named Susan Boyle can compete with great vocalists like Aretha,Barbra,Whitney or Mariah ? I don’t really see why everyone is crazy about this pig!

  174. Reece says:

    Sad sad. It just seems that so many of you people are hating on Mariah and Whitney and Celine and anyone famous ,,,, that is sad sad sad. As for the person that posted the article all this is about – he must honestly analyze Mariah’s voice so hard and try to find flaws in it! Just sad! You may be a baritone but I bet you aspire to try to sing like Mariah!

  175. TheHonestOne says:

    The truth is no one knows Mariah’s complete range. Just because you take all her songs, find out the highest and lowest parts doesn’t= Mariah’s range. First of all, she’d have no reason to exude her highest potential in a recorded song. Because if she did and had to perform it, that would exhaust her voice. People are forming opinions based on their own logic. Be content with not knowing.

  176. Kee says:

    I’m just glad someone knows the difference between how high a person can sing and their actual range. It’s annoying when people confuse them. People are always talking about a sopranos range when, likely, they can only sing on a small pocket of the piano. I’m a woman who sings almost baritone to mezzo soprano plus whistle notes and super head voice so I think range should be accredited to those who have it.

  177. Adriano says:

    Europe would like Mariah to come and live here ’cause even thou she is the world wide legend Americans want her to be perfect all the time even thou she is just a human.She is not appreciated for her unique gift and career which will never be duplicated.All new singers suck in comparison to Mariah and Whitney.Christina is roaring like a lion instead of singing,Leone is great but doesn’t have that star presence and her voice is just not that interesting.So Mariah come here:))))))))lamb for life.

  178. Marcus says:

    So sad that you people judge people’s singing abilities and compare.
    I wonder how an audience of over 10, 000 people would criticize YOUR voices if YOU sang live.
    I’m a Mariah fan and she honestly doesn’t care about these stupid blogs which were all wasting our time on, because she knows she’s got an amazing voice and is filthy rich-living the high life and is loved by so many people.

    So go ahead and keep spilling more crap about singers because they sure as hell don’t have the time for negative and critical people like you all.

  179. Manila with Love says:


  180. Emma says:

    Someone above mentioned Julie Andrews. I completely agree. Mariah can hit 5 octaves, but can she hold strong, beautiful notes in 5 octaves?
    No. Not really.
    Julie had over 4 octaves (sometimes credited as 5) when she was 10. At age 60 she still had 4. But she didn’t just HIT notes. She held out strong notes with a gorgeous vibrato that never sounded forced or fake as Mariah’s often do.
    Mariah does not have the kind of talent that many performers from Julie’s time did.
    (Unfortunately Julie now has a half-octave range, but that is besides the point. Not her fault. Blame Stuart Kessler.)

  181. Nika says:

    I can sing 4.5 octaves and can do easily the first high note in Emotions – end of 1st minute (never tried the highest one, ’cause just heard this song, but it is all training).

    It is NOT SINGING! It is indeed HITTING. And I would better call it screaming.

    The music teacher of my son who also have 4 octaves said she has the highest voice she had worked with – practically the end of piano. She confirmed very high notes he does is hitting, but not singing.

    The lower you put you head down the higher notes you can make. That’s why when you are afraid and scream you even sometimes you fold your arms next to the body in order to make more pressure on the vocal cords – it is a reflex, like this you can actually make higher notes, but then you loose the force of the voice because of lack of air to manipulate with.

    This is exactly what you hear when Mariah did it – you hear that her voice suddenly lost power, it sounds less louder. Then you do not SING, it’s a scream. When you sing you can also pronounce some words, at least relatively correct. She screams the notes – only “a”-“i”, no consonants.

    It is unlikely she could PLAY with her voice on that frequency. Play – I do not mean to go from one note to another, but louder-silent, “hard”-“soft”. It is all the same level. You can see the difference if you listen for ex. to Inva Mula (in the 5th Element).

    This is explained by the fact that when you sing then you use your diaphragm as well, not only your voice. Then you can manipulate with the voice, make it vibrate, “jump”, pronounce DIFFERENT sounds.

    When you scream then your playing possibilities are very limited, because you do not use a diaphragm. Basically, you have only 1 sound – something between “a” and “i”.

    In order to test her real voice capacities she should sing a melody as they do “mi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i” during the lesson. Not immediately from the last octave, but start from the beginning. Then you see that on high frequences you effectively more hit than sing and that’s why sopranos often sing something inrecognisable.

  182. Charis M says:

    pff, most of the comments are ignorant.
    1. Mariah Carey is a world class singer, her vocals are not perfect, but they are very impressive, unique and soulful. It has what it takes to make world records in the music scene.
    2. She is a Lyric Coloratura Soprano, not an Alto or Contralto and etc… She had used some of her lower notes in songs, but she doesn’t actually sing all the time in those notes!
    3. Beyonce and other today’s singers are not better singers than Mariah, who is the 15 year old, little ignorants here who say stuff like that?
    4. Her range is 5 octaves, and she is not the only one, many have 5 octave range, some are pros and working as singers and some don;t, why? because range doesn’t make you a singing career, the quality of the voice does, the songs, the lyrics, and Mariah has all that.
    5. She married the Sony producer guy because he fall in love with her and she did the same. NOBODY is 20 years a successful singer just because they slept with the manager, I mean common! Ask around!
    6. The article is little hateful, but it is ok, also the person who wrote this is right in one thing, when I am cold I can also hit easy above C7, I have went up to G7, it depends the voice, other than that, I’m a singer as well, classically trained, and with SLS I am expecting my natural vocal range with practice, and I can say it is possible to expand your range up to 4 or 5 or even 6 octaves. Lopez has 6 octave of vocal range, Brett Manning as well, and I can go in scales from G2 up to G6, and randomly I can hit above G6 up to G7 especially when I have rest my voice for days and have done some aphony.

    So, I love Mariah Carey, she has inspired me a lot as a singer, indeed I have heard better quality voices, like Maria Callas, Donna Summer, etc etc, but another thing to be a great singer and another a great vocalist, Mariah has both!

    Peace Love and Abundance people, just be happy!

  183. A random visitor says:

    we have a saying “over smaak valt niet te twisten”
    which means: you can’t argue about taste
    There’s always somebody who thinks someone is better than another, does that even matter?
    does that take away from the reason why you think someone is good?
    It might be interesting to speculate about range, but how often does it actually happen that your finest and best moment is recorded and broadcasted on the internet
    and how often is a studio recorded song NOT tampered with/edited
    Mariah obviously has a lot of followers AND haters
    it’s all a matter of taste
    Something that isn’t is her range, it’s there.. except for what the range EXACTLY is.. since you can never really know, you can’t really argue about her range
    it isn’t good or bad unless you think it is
    someone might have a bigger range, but is it really better? That’s also a matter of taste

    so it’s really pointless to give each other such a bad time over this
    Everybody has an opinion on this and nobody will change it just for you
    because somebody does or doesn’t love something as much as you do and there’s nothing you should WANT to have a grip on. It doesn’t make anything better and it never should.

  184. A random visitor says:

    “Barbra the best ! Says:
    January 8th, 2011 at 9:31 am
    Do you think this ugly pig named Susan Boyle can compete with great vocalists like Aretha,Barbra,Whitney or Mariah ? I don’t really see why everyone is crazy about this pig!”

    I’m suprised… since when did singing turn into a beauty contest?!!
    Sure she’s ugly
    and insane for that matter (well she is)
    But her voice brought tears to my eyes
    it moved me
    one without actual training
    from a village in the middle of nowhere
    comes to the stage to sing like one can only imagine angels would sound like
    This is my opinion
    But her looks might not compare to any of those you mentioned, very true
    but her talent IS worth mentioning as much as those
    This “pig” has the talent I can only dream of, don’t know what her reach is, don’t know wether she’s an alto or a freaking trumpet, but she can MOVE me and a lot of people around me
    therefore she IS worth mentioning. Despite her looks. She’s no less than any of those singers.

  185. Susan Rules ! says:

    Susan Boyles is 100 times better than Mariah.I don’t think Mariah could sing the song “I dream a dream” as good as Boyles,neither Whitney.Anyone could sing Mariah’s songs like Emotions,Bliss,Against All Odds,etc…by just giving voice and loud screams.But no one can sing a Susan’s song.Susan as a wider range than Mariah in spite of her age 5,8 octaves.Some people said 7 octaves.Boyles is the better vocalist that ever lived.Carey sucks !

  186. Chinsky says:

    “I have a range wider than Mariah (since I’m a baritone) I can sing down to a Bb1 and up to a G6 or higher)”
    Ha. Don’t believe you. If you have a range wider than Mariah Carey then right now you will be a superstar.

  187. alex li says:

    it’s look like the one that wrote the article is totally retarded person

    why did people choose Mariah?
    EASY ANSWER : if Mariah is like what you said “marketing manager” she wouldn’t be able to write “hero”,”through the rain” “my saving grace” and “fly like a bird”

    Mariah wins 100000000% she hits the whistle effortless than any other singer.


  188. Chocolate says:


  189. Elle says:

    Mariah got the best voice than any other female artist.She’s also the female artist that can SING very highly ( not just hitting or belting ).She have not only the whistle over other female artists .There is any other female artist that sing the way Mariah sings ! She does a lot of things with her voice that others females can’t !
    Her vocals release so much femininity,grace,allure ! She
    sings beytter than all others .her voice sounds like a true musical instrument,for example in the songs Fourth of July,Always Be My baby,O little Town Of Bethlehem….her runs are perfect .She’s thebest female vocalist that ever lived !

  190. Moronia says:

    Susan’s whistle notes are better than Mariah’s.Susan outsing Mariah’s emotions effortless.Susan has 8 octaves of vocal range while Mariah has just 6 octaves.Mariah is just behind Boyles.Susan Boyles all the way !

  191. tane says:

    @moronla you are wrong dear child! Susan white has no proof of hitting notes over G#7 whereas marah carey has hit that note several times in live performances such as: the emtions in 1992 the arsenio hall I think, and the live renditon of star spangled banner where she did in fact hit G#7!

    mariah has more control over her whistles than Susan watever!

  192. NotTelling says:

    Opinion, much?
    “Mariah Carey is the BEST singer in the WORLD. No matter what anyone says, she has every special characteristic any good singer has, plus a million of her own. In other words, if she sang someone else’s song, she would sing it even better than the original singer; but if someone, if anyone, tried to sing ANY of Mariah’s songs – they would like idiots and sound like fools. Not only that, but Mariah’s lyrics are amazing. They’re inspiring, emotional, so well written and beautiful. Totally her own, unique style, and her 18 number one hits are the support. She’s just one around the Beetles, and just so happened to come out with an album THIS YEAR after being in the music industry for 20 years now. She writes her own songs, produces them, and sings them. She’s got the hugest range, best control, most gorgeous voice. She’s definitely the best singer in this world. No doubt!”

    Miriah has about 5 octaves.

  193. Ann says:

    MARIAH is the best singer. Whitney can’t touch her, her voice is not as unique as Mariah’s. And whoever brought Beyonce into this is clearly clueless/uneducated.

  194. Ann says:

    LOL, Susan Boyle? Now we’re comparing the winner of TV show with a world renowned SINGER?

  195. JJ says:

    Beyonce is a better singer than Mariah and is a better live performer with her powerful ass voice. Ce Ce peniston can sing better than Mariah can. Mariah was always only 100% in the studio not on the stage. On the stage throughout her career she’s made more vocal mistakes than any other singer but that doesn’t take away the fact that she’s “one” of the best singers alive because there are singers who are better than her. And I wish y’all retards would stop saying she has a 5 and above octave range because that’s impossible. Sure there are gifted people that have great rangers that either start way below middle C or go way above it. People claiming they have 5+ octave ranges are either full of it or just don’t know what they talkin about. To all the delusional and retarded people saying Mariah’s the best singer news fah all youse…SHE’S NOT…THE END

  196. Fee says:

    There are a lot of Mariah haters on here. Mariah is the best to ever do it.

  197. Charles says:

    I would have to COMPLETELY AGREE with this post. I see a lot of truth to this post because my voice is basically Mariah’s voice lowered by 6 whole steps.

    I have nearly 5 octaves, but I can only comfortably sing up to a D6 [The last note of my head voice] much in the same way Mariah can only COMFORTABLY SING A6.
    THE LAST 5 NOTES OF ANY PERSON’S RANGE are generally the “outer limit” notes.
    Think of where you feel your chest voice “tug” and where it gives out.
    For tenors, probably E4-C5. For baritones, probably D4-A4. For Altos, B4-F5, Mezzos, C5-G5, SOPRANOS, E5-A5.

    There are more notes within comfortable full voice range in MALES because MALES UTILIZE MORE FULL NOTES than females. Females use head voice more often than full voice, even in everyday conversation.
    Mariah’s highest comfortable note, the note she can hit over and over and over without fail, seems to be B4, C5, C5, C5, C5 and D5. [These are her most powerful/open chest note] I put extra emphasis on C5 because it’s a 5th lower than her G5 [extreme, cannot be maintained]
    My F4 is my most open note, and my C5 cannot be maintained. See a trend?
    Same spacing between “opened, powerful comfortable note” and “pushed, short-lived note.”


    She loses it after G5.

    Mariah starts straining after E#5, and that’s where I begin to mix.
    Unlike the A written for women (which Mariah has trouble hitting in full voice, because she’s a true ALTO), I can hit A4 in full modal voice (slight tenor).
    The most comfortable note I can “sing” and maintain is a head-voiced D6 like the climax of I Still Believe, but I can sing from C6-C7 in whistle (I don’t count these notes). A true baritone couldn’t hit whistle notes, much like a true alto couldn’t hit them either. For this reason, Mariah’s “comfortable range” is ALTO, but her dramatic range carries into mezzo, although her tonal quality drastically diminishes.
    I am not a “soprano” or “sopranist” but a baritenor with extended lower and upper range. My full voice stops at about a Bb4, much like Mariah’s stops at G5 (6 steps apart) and my comfortable high notes stop at a B5, much like Mariah’s stops at a G6!

    ^ That video proves all of Mariah’s vocal transitions. Listen for the changes in tone for her key notes like chest B4/C5/D5 and head G6/A6

    But the truth is that her comfortable range, much like my comfortable range, is NOT 4 or 5 octaves. Just because someone can force out an F6 (Both Mariah and myself) doesn’t mean that note is in our “normal” arsenal of notes.

    This was long winded. Sorry. lol

  198. TwinklyStar says:

    Although I am not a fan of either, Freddie Mercury had over a four-octave range (wiki) and is often regarded as the greatest singer in many polls, and Micheal Jackson, with a 3.5 octave range, and also comes high on polls too. Those I prefer listening to.

  199. Diego says:

    Stupid children. Why are you screaming about this like the life on earth depends on it?


    They are all very good singers. Period. Listen what you like but do not pretend you are some know-all smart sh** because you are only sh**. No brains. If you had some (the brain) you would have been popular singers too. Since you are not, shut the hell up. The women you bicker over are all good and successful.

    Unlike every single one of you sad idiots.

  200. PAT says:

    @JJ and all other Mariah’s haters.Comparing Beyonce with Mariah is just like comparing a mouse to an elephant.Beyonce nowhere close to Mariah on vocal range and singing ability.Beyonce can be compare with Leona,Jessica,Kelly and Jennifer Hudson.Mariah belongs to another league.Only Whitney Houston can be compare with Mariah Carey.So don’t be delusional.Beyonce is nothing at all compare with Mariah.Mimi blows her away in everything,even in beauty,grace,allure and sexiness

  201. PAT says:

    About Mariah’s live performances,you just don’t know what you talk about,nobody can reaches Mariah’s performances on stage.
    – Emotions live at MTV Award 1991
    – If It’s Over live Grammy Awards 1992
    – I’ll Be There, Can’t Let Go, Someday,etc… live at MTV Unplugged EP 1992
    – Hero, Without You, Anytime You Need A Friend,Love Takes Time live at Proctors Theater 1993
    – Fantasy, Forever,Without You, Dreamlover,Open Arms,One Sweet Day Live at Madison Square Garden 1995
    – Butterfly live in Tokyo 1997
    – Whenever You Call solo version live in Sydney Australia 1998
    – Whenever You Call duet Version feat Brian McKnight live in New York in 1998
    – Can’t Take That Away live in 2000 year
    – O Holy Night 2000 Live Los Angeles PC
    – The Star Spangled Banner live at the 2002 Super Bowls
    – My Saving Grace live at Oprah Winfrey show in 2002
    – We Belong Together and Fly Like A Bird live at the 2006 Grammy Awards
    – I Want To Know What Love Is live at the Italia X-Factor in 2009.
    – One Child and O Come All Ye Faithful live at Washington DC by December 2010
    – And so on…

    All these live performances are unique and unreachable.Nobody can do as much as Mariah vocally even on stage.So,saying that Mariah is amazing only in studio is just a hating comment. Mariah is billion times better than any other artist !

  202. PAT says:

    Mariah Carey is the greatest vocalist that ever lived and the greatest singer ever !

  203. KHALED says:

    PAT, you are 100% right.Those live performances of Mariah Carey are really very amazing and unique, nobody can do as much. Mariah is really the greatest vocalist ever and the greatest singer of all times.

  204. tane says:

    @charles you are wrong, Mariah is quite comfortable hitting notes bigger than A5 just look at the song emotions, love takes time live 1993, she hit notes up to F#5 quite often without strain and fail.

    Mariah Carey’s highest note ever hit is a G#7, she hit that note 3 times to prove her range, not one of you people who say you have a bigger range than MC can compare to her, i mean yous are just a bunch of amateurs compared to her:/ no offense but its true:/ lol

  205. tane says:

    you are so wrong, who ever wrote this blog knows nothing!

  206. Garice says:

    Tane, Mariah Carey’s highest note ever hit is a G#8,Mariah hit that note in 1991 at the MTV Awards show,when she sang Emotions.About the G#7 note,Mariah hit that notes several times on stage,not just 3 times …Mariah is unreachable.

  207. CERISE says:

    Mariah Carey has 7 octaves of vocal range not just 5,since she already hit a G#8 note two times when she sang Emotions at the MTV Awards and also at the Arsenio Hall Show in 1991.
    There is many other live performances in which Mariah hit a G#8 notes.There are just unnoticed.

  208. Austin says:

    @ Bleak, you are really a jealous hater. She sings a trillion times better than Beyonce and Jennifer. Jennifer screams and she is not as good as people think that she is, it took her a very long time to nail “And I am Telling You.” Mariah is the voice and you are just a jealous hater.

  209. Moronia says:

    Ha ha! It was a joke ! I know Susan Boyle doesn’t really holds a candle next to real great vocalists as Whitney and Mariah! She’s in the league of Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion vocally.

  210. Moronia says:

    Talking about voice and sing ability,Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are the very best ! They are untouchable and I think there will never be other female vocalists like them.

  211. Moronia says:

    Hahaha ! And Susan Can’t whistle at all ! her voice is a banal voice,nothing close to Mariah’s legendary/amazing/magical voice !
    Comparing Beyonce to Mariah on voice make people look dumb,stupid and delusional.Mariah Carey voice is billion light years ahead and superior to these singers !

  212. Khron says:

    Mariah forever !

  213. td says:

    And in the end Lady Gaga wins hands down and no one has a five octave range as a woman not even Mariah, grow up people. The man is right. She’s an alto with a high C doesn’t make octaves. A C is a note.

  214. MARIAH IS THE BEST says:

    @ td : Really ? And do you think that you know better than all the professionals,vocal coaches,other singers/superstars,opera singers,doctors,producers,etc… that all recognize Mariah’s range as true.Do you have better knowledge ? Funny !

    Daphne Brooks – Instructor, Princeton University:“She is our greatest singing act that we’ve seen in decades, for decades and decades.”

    “Our reality shows, they are contests so it’s about being able to triumph in a particular way that is spectacularly satisfying to the masses. And no artist has been more spectacularly satisfying at the level of singing in the past 20 years than Mariah Carey.”

    David Lee Brewer – Opera singer/vocal coach:“She’s alone. She’s in her own category.”

    “White America believed that they had found ‘The Great White Hope.’ White people everywhere believed that she was white singing like a black girl. And with such a voice! My God! All of my white friends,‘Have you heard this new Mariah Carey?’ All of a sudden Mariah Carey was all over the scene like in a splash.”

    “Mariah Carey is a league of her own. No one can sing as high or as low. This means that you are a phenomenon. That’s what it means. The normal person has 2½ to 3 vocal range. Mariah is off the chart. She makes sounds. She has complete control of her vocal range. And why? Because she studied. She studied with a woman who happens to be her mother, who happens to be a colleague of mine, who’s an opera singer.”

    “Her white legion of fans who believed her still identified with her. And because of that she was able to bridge every gap there was. Mariah Carey is single-handedly responsible for bridging the gap between Pop and Hip-hop, and Soul and R&B. She is responsible for bridging all of those. No other singer. She is.”

    Diane Warren – Songwriter:“She wrote really accessible songs that have touched people. People connected with her.”

    David Morales – DJ/Remixer/Producer:“She’s allowed to be a diva in this business as a female artist, as a professional because she is the bitch.

    Don Lawrence -Vocal coach :” When Mariah first came up,I said ” this girl will be able to go higher vocally than any other artist ”

    Toure,Rolling Stones :” She ( Mariah Carey )is one of top singers in the world ,the word “singer” took literally.”

    Simon Cowell-” To sing a Whitney Houston song is very difficult,to sing a Mariah Carey song is a vocal suicide”.
    Walter Afanasieff -” Mariah Carey is the discovery of the century,as artist and vocalist “.

    Daphne Brooks – Instructor, Princeton University:“She is our greatest singing act that we’ve seen in decades, for decades and decades.”

    “Our reality shows, they are contests so it’s about being able to triumph in a particular way that is spectacularly satisfying to the masses. And no artist has been more spectacularly satisfying at the level of singing in the past 20 years than Mariah Carey.”

    David Lee Brewer – Opera singer/vocal coach:“She’s alone. She’s in her own category.”

    “White America believed that they had found ‘The Great White Hope.’ White people everywhere believed that she was white singing like a black girl. And with such a voice! My God! All of my white friends,‘Have you heard this new Mariah Carey?’ All of a sudden Mariah Carey was all over the scene like in a splash.”

    “Mariah Carey is a league of her own. No one can sing as high or as low. This means that you are a phenomenon. That’s what it means. The normal person has 2½ to 3 vocal range. Mariah is off the chart. She makes sounds. She has complete control of her vocal range. And why? Because she studied. She studied with a woman who happens to be her mother, who happens to be a colleague of mine, who’s an opera singer.”

    “Her white legion of fans who believed her still identified with her. And because of that she was able to bridge every gap there was. Mariah Carey is single-handedly responsible for bridging the gap between Pop and Hip-hop, and Soul and R&B. She is responsible for bridging all of those. No other singer. She is.”

    Diane Warren – Songwriter:“She wrote really accessible songs that have touched people. People connected with her.”

    David Morales – DJ/Remixer/Producer:“She’s allowed to be a diva in this business as a female artist, as a professional because she is the bitch.

    Don Lawrence -Vocal coach :” When Mariah first came up,I said ” this girl will be able to go higher vocally than any other artist ”

    Toure,Rolling Stones :” She ( Mariah Carey )is one of top singers in the world ,the word “singer” took literally.”

    Simon Cowell-” To sing a Whitney Houston song is very difficult,to sing a Mariah Carey song is a vocal suicide”.

    Walter Afanasieff -” Mariah Carey is the discovery of the century,as artist and vocalist “.

  215. MARIAH IS THE BEST says:

    “I love Mariah Carey. Her music has saved lives of children of the ghetto. Songs like “Vision of Love” gave us hope and the desire to sing her songs, trying to reproduce her notes, even if we could not. I do not think she knows she has played a large part of my life. And then when you meet her, you realize it is such a beautiful person, to defend when the media or other stars are attacking her. She does not deserve that.

    Mary J Blige

    ” I used to sing “Vision of Love” all the time in my shower using my toothbrush as a microphone.I looked up to Mariah a lot and I still do. I admire her as an artist, and to compete with her was a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life “.”


    “Vision of Love” when I heard this song, I knew my mind was made up, I wanted to become a singer.”


    “The first singer that I’m really interested in was Mariah Carey when I was 12. Somehow, she learned me to sing, because you know I could not really pay me singing lessons. So I just listen to all her albums over and over again and learned her words.”

    Nelly Furtado

    “I watched “The Arsenio Hall Show” and Mariah sang “Vision of Love.” The way she used her voice, she had so much power. I knew then that I also wanted to make people feel what she had purchased. I bought all her albums and memorized her words. That’s all I wanted to make my day, singing songs by Mariah Carey.”

    Nivea Hamilton

    “I was obsessed! I remember when I heard “Vision of Love” and then I saw this young white woman with a black woman’s voice, and while it upset me. You can tell her she was an icon magic and everything I dreamed of being when I was in school, it is becoming Mariah Carey. She sang with a gospel choir around her and it was my dream. I just wanted to be her !”

    Lucie Silvas

    ” From her first album till today ,her music is absolutely beautiful to listen to. I am touched by every note and her voice is practically on all notes of the piano.”


    ” I found out Mariah on the radio when I was in my room. And when “Vision of Love” is over, I ran down the stairs and I told my mother,“Mom, Mom, I just found the greatest singer in the world. I just heard the most beautiful voice in the world ”

    Christina Aguilera

    “I always told this story: when I was in prison and I heard for the first time “vision of love”, I said it was the hottest song in the world. I always used to say:“Dude! if only I could meet her !”

    Snoop Dogg

    ” Mariah Carey is a perfectionist,every tracks from her albums proves that ”

    Missy Elliott

    ” Vision Of Love Is an incredible song.Mariah Carey is an incredible artist”

    Wanya Morris

    ” Mariah’s voice is like a cloud of emotion that surrounds you, and take you in a dream world ”

    Fat Joe

    See ?

  216. ALICIA says:

    Mariah Carey has undeniably the wider vocal range ever in the music history ! But the most impressive is that she’s also the best singer ever,with the most beautiful voice.

  217. Muhamad says:

    Mariah Carey is the voice !

  218. JJ says:

    Mariah is definitely nowhere near as close when it comes to Beyonce when it comes to the looks and beauty department let’s keep it real. @ Pat Mariah is the mouse with that high pitched noise she makes. Beyonce has a stronger voice and more beautiful voice and she has rhythm. Jennifer is a better singer also anyone with ears can tell ya that…good ears anyway. PS if Mariah wasn’t marketed as a white chick they wouldn’t have played her music on all those white radio stations and her album would have flopped and she wouldn’t have gotten where she had today….once again….let’s keep it real.

  219. SH says:

    ^^^I AGREE

    FU** RANGE!! (SO WHAT??)

    BEYONCE (the UNDERRATED1) is just as Great as MARIAH if Not BETTER!! (Bey’s HEAD VOICE sounds BETTER too!, More Impressive, More soulful, & more Powerful in sound!!)

    PROOF that Bey at least slays Christina!!:

    Vocal Trinity: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, & BEYONCE KNOWLES!!!!

  220. DONT! says:

    Beyonce SLAYS Mariah’s WEAK & SHRILL Voice & ALL her VOCAL RANTS!!!



    BEYONCE = QUEEN OF THE VOCALS (Only Whitney Can See Her though her voice isn’t as Unique as Beys or Mariah’s)

    Vocal Trinity: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, & BEYONCE KNOWLES!!!!

  221. MELT says:

    Beyonce herself claimed she wanted to be a singer when she listened to Mariah nowhere close to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey in anything.Keep dreaming.Whitney and Mariah are vocal icons and worldwide legends.Beyonce is just a great sensation that could compare with Miley Cyrus, Rihanna,Lady gaga,etc… Mariah and Whitney are in their own league.Even Aretha Franklin,Barbra Streisand can’t rival with them on vocal capabilities.Nobody can touch them.Experts,artists,wanna be artists recognize and still claim Whitney and Mariah are vocal phenomenons.This is so silly to try talking about Beyonce next to these legends.Keep dreaming dears,your delusions can change nothing on facts.

  222. jhana says:

    You are obviously a Mariah Carey hater.. did you do your research very well.. your brain just below your knee.. whistle register is a note fyi!! yes she is not in the Guinness book. cause it is Adam Lopez which is male has the highest note. which is take note a whistle register … now Mariah is one of the few singer who can sing whistle register. therefore she is the best RECORDING female singer..

  223. Gold says:

    Mimi is unreachable ! She’s incredible !

  224. Marijo says:

    Mariah is the top

  225. lambily says:

    Regardless whether Mariah can whistle or not she has a beautiful voice, her sound and tone are amongst the bests, her voice is very distinctive, and she’s one of the very few people who has perfect pitch. And yes, she can really hit really high notes but she is also able to hit very low notes and she always does either one beautifully. Magazines, websites, tv shows ranked her as the “best voice”. She is Whitney’s only rival on the honorific title “The Voice. Mariah is one hell of a singe. The ones who hate are just jealous of Mariah’s talent and success.

  226. lambily says:

    Mariah’s voice is the best and if you don’t agree with that that’s fine. However denying Mariah’s singing talent is stupid. She has been dubbed as the “Songbird Supreme”. Haters can hate on MC as much as they want but they can never ever deny what she has and that’s a GOD-GIVEN gift. And you know what makes MC even greater than the rest, she writes her own material. Her lyrics comes from the heart and they touch people’s lives. Just keep hating sad haters. BTW All I Want for Christmas Is You, officially started the Christmas season @ #1, just like every year since its release. Mariah is also the Queen of Christmas and of course the Best-Selling Female Artist of All Time. Her net worth is 500 million dollars. So haters just hate more. <3

  227. synner says:

    When it comes down to it, this whole page is supposed to relate to Mariah’s RANGE, not tone, not control, etc. However, range alone makes for a boring discussion, so… Yes there are singers with wider ranges, I’m a baritone and can sing (notes in parentheses are not truly in full voice, the rest are those that are full/controlled) from roughly (Eb1) A1 to A5 (F#6), but in reality no one is paying me millions of dollars to do it. Mariah has a range, tone, lyrics, and anything else under the sun, that people want to hear. She is a great talent, plain and simple. Her whistle register is so distinct, and no one can truly pull off Mariah’s style (particularly full mid range) except for Mariah.

  228. anonymous says:

    As a classically trained former opera singer, what determines your range is that you can maintain notes sufficiently with vibrato (which is simply the air correctly passing through the vocal chords). As a result, most of the “belters” lose their so called “massive” ranges. Not to say they’re not talented, but they do not have the ranges they supposedly possess. They also must be able to accurately hit these notes and sustain these notes multiple times and be able to hit these notes without going up via a melisma (or hit descending). Yma Sumac is the only singer in recorded history with a five octave range. Even professional opera singers such as Leontyne Price, Beverly Sills, or James Morris have, on average, a two and a half to three octave range.
    Singers who use the techniques that Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and others use obtain what are known as vocal nodules because they sing so incorrectly. It upsets me because they have tremendous talent and amazing instruments, but they just don’t know how to use those instruments (not to go the opera route necessarily, but they should take care of them and learn, at least, how to harness whistle voice since you can damage your voice singing in it incorrectly). It’s why many belters have such iffy voices and cannot always hit those crazy notes whereas classically trained can. Also, belters are generally flat whereas most classically trained singers are on the pitch or perhaps slightly sharp (if even). Some of the weird things you learn to listen for when you spend countless hours listening to singers… I do have several Christina C.D.s so don’t think I’m not a fan. ;) And I listen to Rush so I endure Geddy Lee and his crazy voice! Ha! Talk about voice problems, but boy, can he shred the bass!

  229. Tane says:

    Oh you so called opera singers, Mariah Carey and her 5 octave range is truly incredible, opera singers can barely reach 4 octaves, its a wonder you see opera singers hating on MC”/ have you seen her live performances in 91 and 92? where she hit G7#? or her live rendition of star spangled banner(2004) where she hit F#7 and G7? i think you have.

    its true and its stated trough out the world, Mariah has a 5 octave range! if you opera singers or trined singer don’t believe then stop fu**ing reading these posts, you just wanna prove it wrong so you know you are on top”/

  230. kyle says:

    you dont know about her .. ur ignorant !

  231. Jay says:

    This post was ignorantly written! While I agree that Mariah may not have the largest range in the entire universe it is just stupid and sadistic to go off on how she shouldn’t be crediting something that she HAS. If she is able to hit a note more than once it is not by ACCIDENT that she can incorporate it into her performances! She is a stellar singer, and that is without doubt! You can not argue this fact, she is certainly not the best singer in this world (I am admitting this as a Mariah fan), but she can sure as heck sing her butt off! You don’t just earn 18 number ones for nothing! And about the “I have a wider range than Mariah” comment, you are going to need some serious proof backing up that one because you are blatantly lying to yourself and it is quite hilarious to see you claiming to own a 5+ octave ranged voice! -.-….

  232. Jj says:

    I actually don’t know what to think because so many people are saying so many different things. But, I’m 13 and I have a 4 Octave range and I would just like to know how cool/rare that actually is! Haha :)

  233. Maria says:

    Can you post a video of you showing your vocal range? I’d like you to prove that.

  234. Yvette White says:

    I stumbled across this conversation and I find it interesting that there are so many people here that know about voice and octaves. I have been telling people that my daughter sings in 6 octaves, because one vocal coach and one producer has determined it. After reading this discussion, I want to know how can we find out for sure? I don’t want to be accused of “false advertising”.

  235. Allie says:

    The obviousness of the majority of you not being classically trained singers is so blatant. Remember, Mariah is NOT classically trained (hence why she has go to on vocal rest so often, and has even injured her vocal chords several times…), so what she does with her voice, sick, congested, or otherwise is EXTREMELY damaging and unnatural. She is a soprano, the most common of female voices, and also the one that must be handled most with care. AND, in classical terms, she’s a coloratura soprano, meaning her voice is very agile. BUT because she is UNTRAINED classically, controlling these leaps and bounds is very difficult. What I am trying to say is, before you make comments, get your facts straight. There is NO WAY she can have an 8 octave range, just like the author said! She would have to be able to go into bass-baritone range, which is impossible for a soprano (as an alto, I can but I must be warmed up, and I could never even dream of singing Mariah’s soprano range, albeit even if it is forced.) If singers in today’s world were more classically trained, not only would their careers be more fulfilling, but they would also know how to not hurt themselves and make mistakes.

    *Source: I am a classically trained operatic dramatic contralto with a comfortable 3 octave range (my chest and head voices can reach higher and lower, respectively), and yes, once warmed up, I can sing down into bass-baritone range. Mariah cannot. (:

  236. Nahym says:

    whistle register is disconnected from the voice,only the modal register counts’which makes MC have a 4.5 octave,whitney has 3.6 octv

  237. taher says:

    i like Celine Dion so much

  238. manman says:

    Mariah has 6,5 Octaves of vocal range,every experts already stale it severall times !

  239. Andre' says:

    Found this article after googling “octaves Whitney Houston”.

    I have always said that Whitney is the greatest female vocalist, ever. And not just because of her very unfortunate recent passing. I have always thought she had amazing range, with rich depth and control.

    Whitney owns her songs like no other vocalist has.

  240. Lynn says:

    Ok….Rachelle Ferrell…has the most octave range….the highest range for a female….check her out….Whitney or Mariah could not touch her… honest…I like Mariah n Whiteny too ….but I gotta be honest…

  241. patrickM says:

    Mariah is a very good singer, she has amazing range. However, range isn’t everything. Whitney Houston had much more power and control. Ever wonder why she was called “the voice?” She is the artist that every other female artist is measured by, not mariah. I like mariah a lot, don’t get me wrong, she has both power and range. But Whitney had perfect tone in her prime. Christina aguilera is a very good singer and I would put her equal if not a little less than mariah. Christinas problem is that she tries to do one to many runs while singing. She needs to understand that she is not black and its okay to not try to emulate that. To all you people who are putting Beyonce, fantasia and Jennifer Hudson in this subject need to go back to the late 80’s to mid 90’s. None of them are even close to Whitney, mariah and Christina….

  242. Brian L. says:

    No one ever says that Mariah hit a G#7 when singing our National anthem.She actually hit that note in the Emotions performance in 1991,you are clearly musically retarded as the note she hit in You’re so cold was indeed A2,she also hit G#2 during the E=MC2 era

  243. Abdul says:

    What is Chante Moore vocal range? I was surprised but she has a strong whistle register or super-head that is not known to most people.

  244. A440 says:

    Mariah’s voice=best by far
    Whitney’s voice=used to be the best
    Christina’s voice=what voice?

  245. Nahym says:

    Whitney Houston will always be the greatest singers Ive ever heard in my ears,surely yes Mariah is impressive with her Multi octave note,She’s not the only one who can reach them high notes,classicaly trained operas can Hit as high as a B6 in head voice,and further when using Whistle,all this doest make you a great singer like Miss Whitney Houston,who had a range of 3.5 octaves(A2-C#6)that had power to make people understand that she does not make music for the eyes,she makes music for the ears!!!

  246. Naomi says:

    Some of you guys are idiots. Mariah was successful way before marrying her first husband. Mariah’s demo was handed to Tommy by Branda K. Starr at a party. He played it after the party and went back to get her. Long story short, she became a very successful artist and a few years later married Tommy. She wrote her own music and always had. She’s been singing since she was 3. Her mom was an opera singer and taught Mariah. When she was younger, her vocals were stronger. Its still strong today but 20 years ago she was definitely stronger. She is a great artist. Her number one singles, vocals and whistle register can back her up. Speaking of her whistle register, she’s done it in almost every song she sang. If you’re gonna judged Mariah’life. Make sure you know the facts not the lies some of you people make up.

    I don’t even know why Whitney was even mention in this…

  247. Jack Soden says:

    To S Judah: You forgot to mention that most of Mariah Carey’s number one hits were the result of pay for play aka payola. An investigation was conducted in the mid 90s and Carey’s name was mentioned as was Madonna’s. So, therefore she nor Madonna broke any records.

  248. Jack Soden says:

    To S Judah: You forgot to mention that most of Mariah Carey’s number one hits were the result of pay for play aka payola. An investigation was conducted in the mid 90s and Carey’s name was mentioned as was Madonna’s. So, therefore neither she nor Madonna broke any records.

  249. Jimmie Lee says:

    Glad to hear someone appreciates Donna Summer. She is so underrated. She’s very much “The Voice” to me than Whitney, but I like Whitney’s music. Just love Donna’s more. In regards to someone referring to Susan Boyle as a pig: How rude! Just because she’s not thin should have no effect on how you like or dislike her voice. You either like it or you don’t. Her weight, however, has nothing to do with your ears. LOL. By the way, the lates Donna Summer vocal contribution can be found on rapper O’Mega Red’s single, “Angel”, here:

  250. Henna says:

    There is a singer born every day…there is no such thing as “the world’s greatest singer” or “the greatest singer of all time”. The thought there is such a singer is absurd….. and it would be an impossible thing to measure anyway. This entire thread is embarrassing. It sounds like kids arguing about who’s better, Justin Bieber or Nick Jonas. I appreciate someone talking intelligently about vocal ranges and octaves, but when it turns into “my singer is better than your’s! neener neener neener!” it’s honestly weird.
    All the ladies mentioned on here are great singers for their own unique reasons….and this list will only continue to grow over time.

  251. mushroom says:

    You must be a fan of Christina Aguilera….LOL

  252. Samir says:

    Vanessa Williams has 3 Octaves:

  253. I says:

    I think Lisa Fischer is the best vocalist ever how she never gets mentioned or credited is sad and it is do smooth and effortless nothing less than beautiful listen to how can I ease the pain live on YouTube enough said

  254. Manuel says:

    I’m also going to add that Celine Dion has a 3.4 octave range. Higher than Whitney. People alway underestimate Celine because she sings the “sappy” songs. But that bitch has sold over 200 million albums worldwide and has 43 #1 hits. She didn’t get to that place by just being nice.

  255. Stan says:

    Except she’s hit and sung E2s on the song Bliss on her Rainbow album (and has hit a G2 live on the radio), and, has hit eb7 live in recent performances.

  256. josie says:

    It doesn’t matter what anyone says let the facts speak for themselves. Mariah has sold over 200 million albums (not single tracks) world wide. She is the best female vocalist of all time. More number one hits than any other female artist. A career that has spanned over two decades. Writes.and produces her own music. Has a proven 5 octave range and known for her creative and dynamic use of the whistle register. She has accomplished more than any other female artist alive and is showing no signs of slowing down. Oh and she`ll be topping the charts every Christmas with her single ” all i want for Christmas”. Was named artist of the millennium by the world music awards….gosh the list goes on and on

  257. Coco says:

    Mariah has the longest number 1 single in Brazil at 27 weeks.

    Mariah Carey is the best selling (non Japanese) artist of all time in Japan, selling over 17 million albums. She’s sold more than twice as much as any other non-Japanese female artist (Madonna, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston are in order the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th best selling non-Japanese female artists in Japan).

    Mariah Carey is the only (non-Japanese) artist to sell 1 million copies of an album in a single week, with ‘#1’s’

    Mariah Carey is one of the two (non-Korean) women (Whitney Houston is the other) to have a million seller in Korea, with ‘Music Box’.

    Mariah Carey is one of six women (Madonna, Shania Twain, Delta Goodrem, Alanis Morissette and P!nk are the others) to have an album sell in excess of 700,000 copies in Australia (10x Platinum).

    ‘Music Box’ was the best selling album of 1994 in Australia.

    ‘Music Box’ is one of the two (non-Dutch) female albums (Celine Dion’s Falling Into You is the other) to sell in excess of 600,000 copies (6x Platinum) in the Netherlands.

    Mariah Carey has more #1 singles on the New Zealand singles chart than any female artist ever with seven.

    Mariah Carey is the only (non-Japanese) to have 6 albums debut and reach #1 on the Overall Japanese Charts.

    Mariah Carey has more World Music Awards (16) than any artist.

    Mariah has had must success outside the U.S

  258. STACY says:

    According to internationally acclaimed Spanish operatic soprano Montserrat Caballé, “Carey is such a musician: perfect timing, divine accuracy, subtle and refined phrasing, melismas always connected to the rhythm and structure of song, infallible ability to establish and resolve? musical ideas and theme, and effortless combination of climax and resolve.”

    Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston & Beyonce are certainly technically superior singers to Celine Dion. Anyone with a professional ear can hear this.

  259. Lando says:

    People, if a singer is sick or has nodules, it does not help them to sing! Being sick does not allow them to hit higher notes. In fact, if they are sick or have nodules they need to rest their voice until they are no longer sick. When you have nodules in your throat and you force yourself to sing through it, you will hurt yourself and possibly lose your all of your ability to sing. Nodules can turn into bloody polyps and can tear up your vocal chords. Many singers have lost the ability to sing because of nodule/polyp issues.

  260. IRVIN says:


  261. carolyn says:

    Kelly Clarkson….just sayin’. Girl can sing anything.

  262. djstar says:

    Wow. I can and cannot believe this thread has been going on for (hold on, let me scroll back up) 2004 – that’s 9 (NINE) years!!! For the person who started this, I hope you are honored that a blog like yours is still receiving attention. Wanna know why? Because Mariah Carey has something that’s called charisma, class, and can still showcase her range (i.e., her 2nd Xmas album where she sings (live) with her mother). We, as fans and even the “non-fans” aka liars, melt every time she so much as hums a tune. Her voice is unparalleled and effortless. Thanks for the “Octave Lecture” but it will never change what any of us feel about her music. If you’re a musician, let go of your technical obsession and learn how to appreciate excellent music. Ciao.

  263. Bren says:

    He didn’t say she can’t hit a G#2, he is saying she can’t sing it and she can’t.
    Also those of you talking about opera singers vs Mariah Carey need your basic brains examined. Opera singers don’t use whistle register. It’s not a connected register . Opera singers can resonate over an orchestra live without a microphone. Mariah cannot, so please stop saying crap like Mariah can sing opera or Opera singers don’t hate on Mariah for having a 5 octave range because Opera singers are vastly superior vocalists than she or any pop female.They have no reason to be jealous. Not in the slightest.

  264. Steve says:

    I’ve never really heard Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, so I probably wouldn’t know one from the other, but I do like a nice tune. I have wide & varied tastes, but seem to somehow avoid mainstream pop music.

  265. Monrepos says:

    I think that Cher and Celine are better singers than Mariah, since Mariah can’t touch any of their songs. Songs live Believe or My Heart Will Go On are the hardest EVER !

  266. Monrepos says:

    Anyone can sing Love Takes Time or Emotions. But nobody could sing Celine and Cher hardest songs. That’s why I love these both beautiful legends !

  267. Mike says:

    I loved watching Mariah’s head explode when she hit A8.

  268. Ninette Dismon says:

    What great posts I’m reading, here, regarding Mariah Carey’s vocal range. I believe that it is at least between 4.5 and 5 octaves – but NO MORE than that. Anything more would be considered an exaggeration, on the part of some people. Minnie Riperton and Chante Moore are (or, were) great vocalists who also used “whistle”-pitch register.

    And MALE vocalists (such as Michael Jackson – to give one example) are mentioned in some comments. They have totally different voice-types than female singers do, and, it’s sort of like making a comparison of “apples to oranges,” so to speak.

    A male voice (whether speaking, or singing) is much DEEPER than the female voice; most men cannot, normally (except in very extremely unusual and rare cases), sing in the registers as HIGH as most women can. What do you think?

  269. Ninette Dismon says:

    While it is true that Opera singers can be heard over an orchestra, and they don’t use microphones, that’s because they use a different method of vocal production than a Pop singer (or, vocalist) would. Also, an Opera singer has many more years of vocal training. But, that alone – in and of itself – doesn’t make one genre, or style of singing, either superior or inferior to any other genre. The two are just different, that’s all. Can terminology that applies to Classical Music and Opera be applied to Pop vocalists? Maybe not; I really don’t know.

  270. Mentor54 says:

    In pop music, vocal range isn’t as important as in classical music. The main focus lies on personality and the ability to express emotions. According to this criterion there are much better singers than Mariah Carey to me.

  271. Adi says:

    don’t argue!
    First of all not all the high octave singers are celebrities. Don’t forget that Adelle has a vocal range of 2 octaves and she won so many Grammy awards and opera singers like Vitas (with 5 octaves) or pop star from Eurovision Mihai Traistariu (5.1 octaves) are not so on the wave..
    There are many other factors that makes a great singer:
    – vocal stamp, volume, air capacity from the lungs, attitude, self control (good psychic) , good compositions with message and of course vocal range.
    Check it out John Legend – All of me live. He does have a nice voice but his air capacity from lungs is so low – but who cares? Nice song, well sold but concerts are not so many and so big like Justi Bieber’s…
    However, if you search for artists vocal range, you will find thousands of opinions like Mariah Carey has 4 octaves – up to 7. Wikipedia says that she’s got 5.3. Who cares? She’s greatest for some, and great for others.
    Cheers !

  272. Thi Hills says:

    Mariah Carey updated LIVE vocal range is F2 – Bb7.
    5 octaves 2 notes and 1 semiton.
    You can take a search.

  273. No Name says:

    I love Mariah but i have heard way better singers so no need to argue.

  274. Elijah E. says:

    This post is so wrong. It should be taken down. Mariah did go past D7 when she was singing ‘All In Your Mind’ accapella. She hit Eb7. Mariah didn’t just hit G#7 in that performance of ‘Emotions’ in 1991 either. She hit B7 also! She sung the note. Mariah’s lowest note is F2 which she hit sing ‘My All’ in 2014. Her full range is F2-B7, which equals 5.3 octaves(5 octaves & 3 notes). She does have 5 octaves. She is singing all of it(there not exclaimed). When you talk about Mariah’s vocal range you have to take into account that she has nodules. She isn’t going to have the same vocal range all the time! Rested or not. If you have nodules you won’t be able to hit/sing the same notes all the time. The nodules are just not going to let you. Also, Mariah didn’t sing C3 at the end of ‘My All’ (studio version). It was B2. Mariah’s supported range is E3-Eb7. You need to just go away. Goodbye.

  275. Zeke says:

    Congrats! You have a big vocal range! So do I, and Mariah has a bigger range. I can sing an F2-G7. She has a larger range, from the F2 to the B7. You have a big range because you can sing lower than she can, but she can sing 1.2 octaves higher than you! Shut up and when you have been a pop icon for almost 3 decades, you can start to brag about your vocal range, OK!!

  276. Zeke says:

    Just so you know, your little comment on the whistle note, saying it is soft and low volume is COMPLETELY WRONG. I say this because it is high and sometimes it is soft, for a whistle. Higher=louder, well, in most cases at least. I can say this because I have the whistle register, am classically trained, and for your information, you are getting told off by a 13-year-old boy! a 13-year-old is proving you wrong!

  277. Titanium White says:

    The vast majority of people posting on this site are dimwitted and droll! The Morons. arguing with the Idiots arguing with the Imbeciles! The typical dimwitted sheeple, busying themselves with the meaningless and trivial!

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