Mariah Carey’s Hairy Moment… Part Of The Show?

The Sun reports halted her performance in Stockholm when she realized her hair wasn’t quite sitting in place. The singer commanded her personal hair stylist on to the stage to adjust her locks. “She called out this flunky to play around with her hair in between songs and then joked with the audience that everyone called her a diva so she may as well live up to the tag,” an onlooker remarked. “To be honest, her hair didn’t really need fixing.”

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3 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Hairy Moment… Part Of The Show?

  1. Homertime says:

    Mariah’s just letting her hairdresser have his moment on stage. It started at the Radio City Music Hall performance when she called him out to help her remove a headset mic – just so his mom, who was in the audience, would get to see him on stage at that historic place. Here’s a segment of the story: “At mid show, during one of her chatty, between-song breaks, she had her male hairdresser come out to help her take off a headset mike without messing up her locks. “If they’re gonna call me a diva,” Carey quipped, “I might as well act like one.” She could have easily taken the headpiece off herself – but then, the hairdresser’s mom, who happened to be in the audience, wouldn’t have gotten to see her boy on the stage of Radio City Music Hall with Mariah Carey. So much for her being a diva.” source:

  2. ballersfantasy says:

    The Sun is just twisting things up. The whole hair thing is a part of her show. She does it at every show to make fun of herself for being known as a diva. It’s all in fun. Everyone loved it at the show I went to.

  3. mikemc says:

    I know, her hair-stylist does that in EVERY show, its part of the concert, it’s Mariah living up to her “diva” label. People really need to lives, and stop trying to live through Mariah.

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