Mariah Carey’s Heartbreak

The Glasgow Daily Record reports has denied her that her split with ex-lover Luis Miguel caused her emotional and physical breakdown two years ago. “I’d be on the phone until five or six in the morning, and I’d be so wired from working I wouldn’t be able to sleep,” Carey explained. “I broke my own heart by treating myself less than humanely.”

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11 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Heartbreak

  1. monarc20 says:

    To bad Mariah has a contract saying that she can’t say anything bad about Tommy cause he had a big part in what happened to her last year. This is no joke, he was taping her Phone calls and having her followed by private Detective’s. He Did this to Dive her Crazy cause he knows she can get in trouble with the Law if she say’s anything bad about him. He has to follow by the same rule’s but he get’s away with this cause he’s hot Friend’s in high place’s. Then she come’s up with a a great idea to do a gritty movie about a Singer and what they go through when they become famous. Then the director took her Story line and changed the whole thing around which ruined the Movie. She also had pressure from her New Record Company cause they were expecting “Glitter” to be a monster Hit. Luis cheated on her after that they broke up. If all that wasn’t enough the Soundtrack to “Glitter” came out on(September 11th 2001), the Movie opens in select theater’s 10 Days later. Then Mariah’s father get’s Cancer and her record company start to question if they made the right choice in signing her to such a big deal. Now I don’t know if that were me I would never get in the public eye again but Mariah’s a Fighter and extremely talented so she’s gonna be around forever.

  2. PaulNick19 says:

    That’s a good point Monarc. I guess its just easier for people to believe that she’s a nut and that the movie failed only because she couldn’t act and the CD failed because of the movie. I don’t think Mariah will ever quit being in the public eye because its what comes with her job. It’s part of who she is to write and sing songs and all the press and media are what comes with being a superstar recording artist.

  3. Madfan says:

    Sob… why can’t you just simply face fact that the woman is nuts, a ticking time bomb, a tragedy waiting to happen, a star whose time was just over… remaining in the denial stage won’t get you lamb chops the healing that you need

  4. mikemc says:

    Sometimes your posts are just really ignorant and uneducated. Whatever you want to say about Mariah, that’s your own opinion, but you look real stupid. This post has nothing to do with her career, its was about her personal relationship with Luis Miguel. Stop hating, you keep saying her career’s over, yet the woman keeps getting more and more opportunities everyday!

  5. tena says:

    ^ This is otherwise known as being paranoid. And she blames him for driving her crazy. I guess you know for a fact he was taping her phone calls. I mean he could have done that when she first left him and gotten the divorce. plus no one ends up in the hospital because they are calmly reporting being taped on the phone. They get in because they are freaking out of their minds. Not throwing dishes, etc. And she stripped and talked nonsense on TRL due to Tommy too. And how about leaving incoherent messages on her fan board. And the reason that movie flopped is because she can’t act. Blame all her problems on others. She is mentally I’ll and for her sake, please take meds as prescribed.

  6. tena says:

    Lets see she gets some voice part on a lame cartoon on the Disney Channel. Oh, and her calender, yeah, the one she financed. And the best one, someone told me that they read the latest variety magazine and her tour is losing money. One of the financial backers won’t invest in future events. And let’s see how she does with her remixes, Clay Aiken is going to kick her ass on this one. LMAO.

  7. mikemc says:

    Your post is so ignorant. There is proof that Tommy was out to stop her career. Wendy Williams ADMITTED on her radio show that Tommy came to her and wanted her to talk TRASH about Mariah while on the air and he would pay her a six-figure sum just to talk bad about Mariah. Wendy said no, and blew his spot up on her radio show. There has been SO many incidents where people have come up saying the same stuff, Tommy was trying to drag Mariah’s name through the mud. Mariah is NOT crazy, never was, and never will be. If you were a fan you would know Mariah is EXACTLY the same as she has always been. And if you knew the situation you would know that Mariah went to the hospital so the media would stop following her and stalking her. She was trying to relax at her mother’s house, but photographers were climbing the fence taking pictures of her. And MANY times, the people who worked at the Connecticut hospital were she was at, said that the entire time practically all she did was sleep. She wasn’t in a padded room fool! Get over it, no one is even talking about the situation, only you haters because you have no other ammo towards her.

  8. mikemc says:

    Oh don’t worry about “The REmixes” its already selling like crazy in the UK. So far with only the mid-week sales in, “The REmixes” is ALREADY in a higher position than “Charmbracelet” EVER reached in the UK!!!! And that’s only with HALF the sales in!!!! HA HA HA HA!!! Mariah’s KILLING you haters!!! Clay Aiken probably will beat her in the US, his album is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, but you know what, its still gonna sell!!!! Hater!!! As for the comment on her tour, that’s BS!!!! She’s doing great in Europe, she has 4 practically sold out performances in ARENAS in the UK alone!!!! Mariah’s making her money so stop spreading lies, the Variety article your talking about is pure fabrication and you know it!!! The opportunities I’m speaking of are her new album, her cameo and singing of the new Bond theme, her autobiography, her new movie “Sweet Science”, and everything else!!!! Keep hating haters!

  9. tena says:

    Your post is even more ignorant as you can’t even read properly. I said where is the proof that he tapped her phone? This was in response to someone saying that they knew for a fact. There is a big difference between someone bad mouthing someone and driving them crazy. That doesn’t equal a person being paranoid, throwing dishes, acting strange on TRL, leaving weird messages on their fan board, being “too wired to sleep” etc. The workers at the Connecticut hospital. A hospital is place you go when you are sick. A resort is where you go to relax. And she did go to one of these, as well as being in a hospital. Hmm, I guess I would trust people who report she was not in a padded room as much as the ones who saw her bloody wrists bandages in the other hospital. And she was taken to the hospital when they found her with blood all over, her publicist admitted they found her this way, but, stated that it wasn’t a suicide attempt. And unless you live with her, you couldn’t be certain she isn’t mentally ill. And being a fan means you are much less objective about the person you idolize. And plenty of high profile people get stalked by the media and don’t go to hospitals to escape. Not only are you so deluded by anything your idol and her very talented publicist says, that you will believe any crap that you get fed, even if it doesn’t add up.

    Well when I see her in this cameo and sing the song I will believe it. Right now it’s talk. And she did lose money on the tour, it’s not a lie. Selling out a few arenas for a major tour isn’t a success. Let me see, her autobiography, hmm, that isn’t an opportunity, this is something she is doing for herself, not that an author approached her. Well, it wouldn’t be called an autobiography if someone else did it. Of course she is supposedly getting help from a real author. And her movie will probably be another flop. The girl can’t act. And even Madonna’s AL did well in its first week. enough said.

  10. mikemc says:

    Do you believe EVERYTHING you read in the Enquirer? Mariah was NEVER bloody, the ambulance driver who took her to the hospital has been quoted and said there was no blood, her wrist’s were never cut, that was a tabloid rumor which isn’t true, that entire thing was already proven false when Mariah was on Oprah. If Mariah was mentally ill, do you think they would let her be out living in the outside world, the incident was more than 2 YEARS ago, if Mariah is mentally unstable, what proof do you have over the past 2 years? What has she done in the past 2 years that makes her mentally unstable? NOTHING!!!! Your basing your entire argument on something that happened 2 YEARS ago, and something that is OVER!!! If Mariah was STILL making weird messages on her website, or if she was still acting weird on TV like during her TRL visit, then I could see your point of view, but NOTHING like that has happened since. You need to realize the entire situation is old news, people don’t care about that anymore, she made her comeback no matter what the haters think. Are you honestly gullible enough to believe that if Mariah wanted to just “relax” she would have gone to a resort? HELL NO!!! They would have followed her a$$ where ever she went. The reason why she went to the Connecticut hospital was because the media couldn’t interfere with her, if you don’t believe that it’s your problem.

    Unlike Madonna’s “American Life” though, Mariah Carey can still sell more than a million copies in the US. Madonna can barely crack HALF of that, and just to show you how bad Madonna’s “American Life” is doing, “Glitter” sold more in the US then “American Life”, that is SAD!!!! You can deny the Bond theme and cameo all you want, she already inked the deal and is set to sing the theme and cameo. And what proof do you have that her tour is losing her money? This alleged “Variety” article that doesn’t exist. “The Charmbracelet Tour” is not losing her money, if she was losing money like you claim she wouldn’t even continue on with the tour, they would stop it dead in it’s tracks. Once you give me some sort of proof that her tour is LOSING money, the only thing your spitting out is lies. As for the quote “the girl can’t act”, maybe you should pick up the copy of your favorite magazine “Variety” and read their review of her movie “Wisegirls”, they LOVED her and said nothing but GREAT things about her and the movie. Don’t base your entire argument on “Glitter” and say she can’t act, when “Wisegirls” went on to get rave reviews and a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival.

  11. maxthesteamwhistle says:

    You are Right! Sometimes people forget that she is a real person with lots of pressure on her and most who put her down are only jealous that they are not as strong a person as her. I started singing Mariah Carey songs when I was 9 and she has beautiful songs because I think she is a beautiful person inside her heart. That beautiful voice comes from her heart and she makes the world a better place. People who put her down so much should say what they have done to make the world better. Nobody’s perfect and not every movie or song can be the best but she has inspired me to do my best. I hope she will never stop making new songs.

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