Mariah Carey’s Insecurities And Attitude Ruined ‘Glitter’

Actress Tia Texada spoke with Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine and spoke regrettably about working with on the film-flop ‘Glitter’, and the diva behavior the singer exhibited that ended up ruining the film. “It was a disaster from the time I got there,” she fumed. “It was just horrible. I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t because when you’re in, you’re in. I would call my manager every day, trying to get myself off the film. I was so new and I thought you had to listen to what you were told. People would say, ‘You have to wear this!’ and I would just say, ‘Well I don’t want to wear that!’ But everyone, including Mariah Carey said, ‘You have to wear what we give you or you’re fired!’ She did not want any of us to look good!” The sexy actress added, “Let me just tell you that I wasn’t allowed to show any of my body in this movie because she would not allow it. It’s too bad because she’s so beautiful and talented that she doesn’t need to be that way. But she was very insecure. Everyone else I worked with, whether it was Colin Farrell, Chris Rock, Renee Zellweger, or Morgan Freeman, have all been so generous and easy to work with. But working with Mariah was really hard. She knows that I feel this way. When you work with actors, you have to make those around you who you’re working with feel comfortable. But she tried to make us all feel horrible and it came out in the film. That’s why the film was such a flop. In fact, she cut out all my dance moves. She said, ‘Sorry, but this movie is about my singing not your dancing.’ She just ruined the film.”

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12 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Insecurities And Attitude Ruined ‘Glitter’

  1. xtinasuxx says:

    How sad to that she is so insecure, but you know I would have preferred to be fired!. That movie was not good at all and it will always be in Tia’s filmography.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah that was said that Mariah Carey was insecure, but that shouldn’t be an excuse on Tia’s part to blame her that it was she who ruined the film. The movie wouldn’t have made it whether or not there was dancing or singing. It just wasn’t a good movie, it shouldn’t be blamed on anybody’s part. It’s best just to forget it; what’s the point of putting the blame on anybody now all of a sudden, the movie was a flop, maybe a few liked it, it’s over, time to move on.

    Yeah unfortunately her breakdown didn’t help either. But you have to understand that when someone is in a breakdown, it’s a heavy, hard, and emotional situation that just can’t be cured or hidden with a goody goody attitude so that others won’t feel like crap. It’s hard. It’s not like she just intentionally wanted everybody to feel like crap along the way, being emotionally and mentally I’ll and fatigue is a situation that was hard for her and others around her. So anyways, yeah unfortunately the movie didn’t do well because of Mariah’s insecurity. And yeah your right, she’s a beautiful woman, has a great powerful voice, and a great talent that doesn’t need to be overused with trying to be hoochy. But all in all, despite her insecurity, she has made it very far and has made a name for herself in music history. She will always survive.

  3. Dominicano1197 says:

    Oh please!We all know that this b itch is just looking for publicity!Mariah has never been hard to work with,everyone who has worked with her has said that she’s very easy to work with and is a very nice person.Tia Texada needs to get that d**k out of her ass and move on because she never was famous and never will be famous!

  4. Brentwood_Babe says:

    I’m not trying to be nasty, but read the whole article. She gets asked about Glitter all the time. She never brought it up, she was asked. I think she responded appropriately without heavy bashing. I think she told it like it is. Mariah is my favorite artist, but I’ll have to agree that she comes across as insecure. It shows in her videos and her appearances. It’s a shame, too. Mariah is so talented and I think she’s very nice looking, when she doesn’t hooch herself up. She doesn’t need to feel insecure, but I think she is. Also, she did do this movie and then had her breakdown, so that didn’t help. Mariah needed that breakdown, she needed to get everything pent up in her out of her system, but she didn’t need to make others feel like crap along the way.

  5. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Alot of factors went into the tanking of this movie. I do think Mariah was one of them, in a huge way. But, it’s not all on her shoulders, just because she starred in it and was the big name doesn’t mean it’s all her fault. I just hope Mariah learned a lot of lessons while doing this movie. I hope she can reflect on it and do it right or at least better next time.

  6. HoneyRain says:

    first of ONE person can ruin a film.. and I’m pretty POSITIVE Mariah didn’t have THAT much control.. was she a writer? a producer? a director? NOO! those people are the ones who MAKE the movie.. Mariah’s not doing well was their fault.. they should have directed her better.. and if she was so awful.. why didn’t they just fire her? this Tia girl doesn’t know what she’s talking about

  7. mikemc says:

    Exactly, what I don’t understand is that EVERY other person Mariah works with, they say she is so sweet and down to earth, now 2 years after the movie was out, Tia wants to out with this stuff? It just seems a little strange to me. Even Max Beesley, the guy who stared in “Glitter” with Mariah, said how awesome and sweet she is, something about this doesn’t seem right. I think “Glitter” could have been 10X better, but I don’t think it was as bad as the media portrayed it to be. And anyway, “Glitter” has already lost its “biggest flop of all time” title, its already official that “Gigli” is the “biggest flop of all time. It cost twice as much as “Glitter” and only made 2 million more than it.

    If Mariah is w-h-o-r-e, then what is J.Lo? At least Mariah isn’t on her 3rd husband in like 3 years, and everybody already knows this next “marriage”, if you can even call it that, won’t last either. Ben’s already slipping away in the hands of strippers.

  8. Arman80 says:

    If this report is true, it seems that Tia was the unpleasant one to work with. Everyone knows that wardrobe controls what you’re going to wear and for her to say she wasn’t going to wear it makes her seem like the difficult one! How much sexier did she want to be, she played the damn “hochie-mamma” in the film, and for having such a small role she seems very demanding. I wonder what explanation she will have for “Phonebooth” being a bad movie. By the way she played a hooker in “Phonebooth” so her being “sexy” fantasy was fulfilled, lol! Just like the saying goes “Don’t bite the hand that feeds us.” Well Tia, if this report is true, you bit the whole arm!

  9. FaustoAguilera says:

    She not only ruined Glitter but she ruined her career and there’s no turning back. She’s the laughing stock of the entertainment biz.

  10. EyezCold says:

    Oh please, this article is a piece of *****, no other artist even has complained about working with Mariah. Academy winning actress Mira Sorvino worked with Mariah on Wise Girls and no one complained about her. They all really worked well together despite stupid rumors that Carey and Sorvino got into fights. If so why during the Sundance Film Festival, they were both hugging each other. Tia Texada couldn’t even act with her ridiculous actress, of course she wants to make herself look could. What a Judas!! Mariah is very friendly and generous when it comes to her fellow co-workers.

  11. winston says:

    i don’t think its true.., the words are very very harsh and very uneducated., maybe Mariah had insecurities but this line was way too hard,.Sorry, but this movie is about my singing not your dancing.’ I don’t think Mariah will say that because as a human being that is very bad., so that actress Tia Taxeda whatever is just making up some stories….

  12. Felipe says:

    This is none of my business but you all have to understand that working with Mariah in a film should not be expected to be the same as working with Mariah in a song.

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