Mariah Carey’s Kiss-Off Of Kid Brings On The Heartbreak

The Boston Herald reports KISS-108 Music Director – and budding pop star – ‘Kid’ David Corey got a big letdown from at her Wang Theatre gig last night. He was scheduled to open for Carey, but the diva decided to disinvite Kid David because she felt KISS-108 was dissing her new single. An insider said, “KISS didn’t add her new release, ‘Bringin’ On The Heartbreak,’ to the station’s playlist. So she told David not to bother to show up for the gig!” Mariah had earlier reportedly complimented Kid for his new single, ‘Now That I Love You’, and used the opportunity to invite him to open at the gig. “If they had told him that the gig was conditional on him adding her song to the playlist, he would have said no,” said the spy. “But that was never mentioned.”

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7 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Kiss-Off Of Kid Brings On The Heartbreak

  1. lopez_lover says:

    I’m not surprised that no one wants to play her crappy songs muahahaha ;))

  2. Madfan says:

    ‘Kid’ David Corey should be happy: his budding career (if he ever has one) won’t be jinxed by that has-been Queen of Bad Luck and Schizophrenia, Mariah Carey. Queen of Flops too.

  3. Maddie says:

    Shut up Lopez_Sucker! Good for Mariah, if they are not willing to collaborate with with why should you do the favor to them? What goes around comes around! And that’s for dissing her…..well done!

  4. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Why should she support him if he’s not willing to support her? It doesn’t make any sense. And this is only a rumor. The station’s website isn’t reporting it. And in the unlikely event that it is true, Mariah shouldn’t be so petty. BOTH isn’t that great a single. In fact I usually skip it whenever I listen to “Charmbracelet”. She should have released “The One” instead. I don’t know what the hell lopez_lover is talking about. “I’m Glad”, “The One(ft. Joe Budden)” and “Baby I Love U” are all flops. “Baby I Love U” has failed to chart since its release, and so did “The One”. Madfan is really a Mariah fan who goes against her only when things aren’t looking so great for Mariah.

  5. mikemc says:

    People, you obviously don’t know what a rumor is!!!!! Through the whole US leg of the “Charmbracelet World Tour” Mariah hasn’t used an opening act for ANY of the venues, certain ones have had stand-up comedians on before, but none have had any musical openers. This is just a rumor, its already been confirmed as a rumor!!!!! Sad losers!

  6. MariahsMan says:

    And the haters pounce once again… I love all this attention Mariah gets from people who don’t even like her. It’s fascinating.

  7. naz says:

    you are a fat ugly slag

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