Mariah Carey’s Last Day Before Vacation Message

Contributed by a_rod221:

On Mariah left the following message today:
Mariah: Hello, just calling to say thank you so much for everything, letting you know that I’ve been enjoying meeting you all everywhere around the nice country, the world, things of that sort.. Happy holidays! This is my last day of work before vacation, Marry Ann is right here a.k.a Tots

Mary Ann: Hello and what’s up people? My people, go pop that ‘Charmbracelet’, don’t make me have to sic big nasty on you coz I don’t think you can handle that *laughing*
Mariah: And we have an extra special guest right here…
Cam’ron: Hey y’all, this is killa-Cam hanging out with MC, Sug a.k.a Tots, and we’re watching that color, (Mariah mumbling in the backround.. “might as well” and laughing) yeah, oh yeah and also a.k.a Brownsville’s finest also a.k.a …. you know what I’m talking about, Merry Christmas, MC, diplomants, one love.
Mariah: We love you, happy holidays – buhbye!

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