Mariah Carey’s New Voice Message

left a new voice message for fans on her official website. Transcript is as follows:

Mariah: Hey lambs, I am calling you from Korea, just wanted to say hello
and to let you know that we’re all out here right now. Tonight, we have
some wonderful guests here, and we’re getting ready for the release of
Charmbracelet, and uh, I am sitting here, looking at Trey Lornenz, looking
at Mary Ann, we’ve got Tika, we’ve got Melanie Melodious Daniels, and also,
Jerry Blair, president of MonarC Records, wanna say something Jerry?

Jerry: Hi everybody, I’m Jerry Blair of MonarC Music, very excited about
Charmbracelet coming out.

Mariah: [laughing] I dunno what kind of accent- oh Louise just walked
in the room too- but first, we have a very special guest, and he goes by
the name of…

Trey: Big Nasty! That’s right y’all, make sure you go get your Charmbracelet
records and make sure you listen to that bonus “Return of the Nasty Nasty”.

[They all laugh in the background]

Mariah: Anyway, its been really fun meeting all the fans out here- these
guys are making me laugh- meeting all the fans out here, everywhere we’ve
been, everyone’s been so cool and so nice, and I just wanted to say, I
love you much, and tonight some nice Korean fans said to me- What did they
say?- We love you, we appreciate you, and we enjoy you! [laughing] And
it was really nice, they ran up to Big Nasty, and asked him for his autograph
and all those things. So we just wanted to say, thank you much, we love
you, and we’ll talk to you soon! Buh bye!

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