Mariah Carey’s Plans For 2004

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According to Lionel Cole, the co-writer of ‘Through The Rain’ and Mariah Carey’s piano player for the Charmbracelet tour, Mariah will not be releasing an album in 2004. He said it’s impossible to release a new album next year due to Mariah’s future commitments after the world tour. He added that it is more likely that a new album will be released in 2005. He said that in January, Mariah will begin rehearsals for the London stage adaptation of the comedy ‘The Sleeping Prince.’ Then there are still plans for a new movie, called ‘Sweet Science.’ Mariah is also looking forward to releasing her ‘Charmbracelet’ world tour on DVD. However, Universal France has not confirmed that it would be released.

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Plans For 2004

  1. mikemc says:

    I can’t wait!!!! Mariah is doing her thing, and her song “Miss You” featuring Jadakiss is starting to get a lot of airplay in London, even though the song hasn’t even been released yet!!!! I can’t wait to get the DVD when it comes out, and I know the new album is gonna be great. GO MARIAH!

    And for all those Madonna fans that wanna say that Mariah’s remix CD is a flop, I bet you guys are wishing Madonna could sell like Mariah!!! Madonna’s new remix CD debuted on the Hot 200 charts at #115!!!! She couldn’t even crack the top 100 albums, it just shows how weak her fanbase is these days.

  2. kiki says:

    That’s great. A whole year of movies and stage productions is great. I think that’s great for her, take the time on some more acting. Although “Glitter” is not a well good success, as for as I am concern, it could do better if it was released earlier, but as for acting I think Mariah Carey is not a bad actress. So good for Mariah Carey, for taking a whole year off of music and thinking through Acting.

  3. niceg says:

    Looks like the J-Lo wannabe is set to flop again. Everything that J-Lo does first, Mariah follows. J-Lo’s remix album, clothing line, movies, concert DVDs, etc…

    She only gets her roles in “C grade” movies, with low budget, which nobody even knows about. She should begin shooting a comedy about her life to let people joke and laugh at her. Probably, it will hit the box office. Then again, she’s now copying Toni Braxton who went bankrupt and starred in broadway for Beauty and the Beast. We can see a future for the flop queen there casting for a 10 second appearance for the extras.

  4. webanging says:

    Cyndi Lauper’s new album ‘At Last’ has only been out for two weeks and has already sold more than Mariah’s Remix album. Cyndi didn’t even have any promotion for it and no songs on the radio and she still kicked Mariah’s ass in sales. Mariah is a much bigger has-been than Cyndi Lauper now. How funny is it that Mariah is being out sold by Cyndi Lauper one of the biggest has-beens of the 80’s.

  5. getalifeyall says:

    Not too many people like Remix albums. Just cause J.Lo had a hit remix CD doesn’t mean everyone else who has a remix CD is going to find the same success. Almost all of J.Lo’s songs get remixed and released as a single, so her fans wanted the remixes which is how the song became a hit. Mariah’s remixes weren’t released as singles. They were just a thank you to her fans who DO like remixes.

  6. niceg says:

    Mariah will be marrying Ben Affleck lookalike next. Mariah just takes whatever J-Lo has. J-Lo’s manager, music, clothing line, remix album, etc… Too bad, she still flops.

  7. Hairul says:

    Its good that Mariah is branching out on other areas that she has been wanting be involved in. And as usual every Mariah album release will be a surprise so I can’t wait for her new album. Hope she could work with some hot producers right now. You go Mariah!

  8. monarc20 says:

    I glad to hear Mariah’s taking her time with her New Album cause that means it’s going to be even more amazing then “Charmbracelet”. I can’t wait for the Tour to come out on DVD cause she was so amazing when I saw her at Radio City this year. Haters please J-Lo’s the one that copied Mariah, Mariah wanted to Release a Remix Album for 5 years now and Tommy knew that so he put out one for J-Lo and then but out Mariah’s to make it look like she was copying her. Also J-Lo didn’t create DVD Concerts lots of People have those and Mariah released a DVD Concert before J-Lo even became a Singer, well if even want to call her a singer!

  9. dada says:

    hmm……… seems like some stupid Mariah haters are messing around this topic. To all dumbass that still dream that MC’s going to flop I’m sorry but I’m gonna break it to you delicately. The Remix album flop and the MAIN REASON IS even her hardcore fans don’t want to buy it!! WHY??!! Because it’s like buying a collection of remixes that you already have. and the remix there are not all great. there are some remixes like Pure Imagination that’s undeniably a classic and didn’t made the list. So that a-hole Sony is obviously trying to make money out of her. Even I didn’t bother on buying that. See, It’s like you stupid J Hoe fans trying to buy another remix Cd which features two new pathetic remix for J Hoe form the trash and All I have (My Ass)… Get it????? So please. stop thinking like it’s still 2001 because that’s definitely over. And Madonna’s remix thing flop! because that stupid dumb ass release an EP that contains I think 5-7 trash flops remix. So there you go.

  10. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Cyndi made a few appearances on television shows and radio morning shows, trying to drum up support for her new album. Secondly, “The Remixes”, which also had next to no support, has outsold Cyndi’s new album by ten thousand copies, according to Cyndi’s label. Def Jam didn’t e-mail me back. Man, you’re pathetic.

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