Mariah Carey’s Quote Controversy

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In 1996, it was reported that during an interview, was allegedly quoted to have said: “When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” Apparently that quote was fabricated and is completely false and bias to what Mariah actually said. has the full story here.

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7 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Quote Controversy

  1. popmaster167 says:

    Well yeah she probably said that she felt sorry for those people in the 3rd world, I can’t imagine her saying the skinny part though.

  2. Hotstar says:

    I can not believe anyone was ever stupid enough to believe that. But I remember when that story and although it is mean, I have to admit it is funny.

  3. mikemc says:

    What a crock of CRAP!!! I can’t believe some idiots would be ignorant enough to believe that someone like Mariah Carey would say that!!! Just shows how stupid the mass public can be.

  4. CMB says:

    I doubt those words truly came out of Mariah’s mouth… the person who fabricated them needs a meeting with their psychologist, really fast.

  5. monarc20 says:

    When I first started reading this I thought, OMG why are they posting this Fake BS after all these years. I’m happy to see that it’s been proven Mariah never said anything like that. I never believed this and anyone that did has a few screws lose. I mean even I you were the meanest person on the World you wouldn’t say something like that on tape.

  6. mazza says:

    Just want to say that I highly doubt that Mariah said this… The person that made this rumor really needs to get a life and start to act humane… and the idiots that believe that she said it need serious help as well.

  7. A Person says:

    I honestly think that this is so hysterical. Both what the public think and what she supposedly said. It’s pretty funny

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