Mariah Carey’s Singing Disguises Emotions

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There are no traces left of the emotional crisis experienced two years ago. The singer, who collapsed during a promotional trip and sent confusing voice messages to her official web site, took some rest and made a comeback after the biggest flop of her career (Glitter). Now she has come back stronger from the struggle.

The fact that she has found her powers again was proved by the satire opening of her concert at the Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam. From the back of the venue, she came to the stage surrounded by bodyguards. From the moment she came on stage she was horded by a small army of faux-photographers she had to beat away. “Living is suffering, especially if it’s in the spotlights”, she seemed to say with her arrival, but it’s my life.

Carey changed into a new ensemble for nearly every song, always looks for a nonchalant counterpart to her glamorous style, she often uses rappers to give her songs a more raw hard edge. But to Carey’s own credit, her voice is a show-voice. She can go all ways with it, but it has an indeterminate emotion. Is Carey driven, sad or happy? Her voice disguises these questions very skillfully. On her October 8 concert, she regularly used her signature mark: hitting notes so high that only dogs can hear. It garnished her a lot of appreciation from her fans.

Accompanied by a small band and four mighty backup singers, her gospel-esque songs, such as “Through The Rain” and “My Saving Grace” sounded impressive. Because of those backing singers, the concert had some soul.

Carey sang songs from her entire career and a couple from her latest album Charmbracelet. During the show the dancers’ parts became shorter and the show concentrated more on Carey, who often was away to change clothes, but when she was there she showed a lot of devotion. She came down from the top of the stage on a swing, then she stretched out on a grand piano to sing on further. Carey’s ad-lids to the audience became more relaxed, as her band introduction was completely sang.

It was also striking that she often referenced to the space cakes that make our country such a nice place to be.

Source: NRC Online (Translated by Meindert Leegwater)

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9 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Singing Disguises Emotions

  1. weebongo says:

    Now Mental Mariah is leaving messages on Eminem’s answering machine. Instead of trying to fight him not to release those tapes in a song she should hope he does. Mental Mariah shouldn’t care how dopey and retarded she is on them, it would probably be a big hit since most of Eminem’s songs are. This would give the Flop Queen a hit that she so desperately needs and all that she really cares about.

  2. MistySl says:

    While I’m no fan of the “Diva” format, The answering machine gig was so last year. Ok, great, everyone liked this woman’s show, must we read about it everyday. Next it will be her doctor giving an interview about her pap smear.

    I saw the little bracelet tour. It was a nice Janet Jackson type circus party. But those high notes on ever song were lip-synced and programmed into her band’s keyboard. Bringing on the Heartbreak, was song live and the end was 100% not live. the only good part was I will be there and the band introduction.

  3. PaulNick19 says:

    Even the haters are tired of reading good reviews. My favorite part of the show was the ad-lib band introduction….shes so amazing!

  4. Maddie says:



    Mariah Carey has been very good ..and always has. I don’t see how some of you haters on here..can say the crap that you’s all so untrue!! her a flop queen..yea she’s a real flop queen..being the BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST EVER!…and has more #1 HITS THAN ANY FEMALE IN HISTORY!…so yea…damn..what a flop…i wish I could flop as much as her…lol.. You people don’t know what you’re talking about…so stop with the flop nonsense. It’s all wrong!

  6. tena says:

    I wouldn’t call this exactly a great review, it was good to fair. What they said was that she had a show type voice, hit high notes that her fans liked, but her voice doesn’t reflect any type of emotion. In other words, technically good, but, not emotional and soulful, and that her back-up singers made her more gospel songs soulful.

    Mistysl, Madonna might not have a technically great voice, but, she did sing the songs from Evita with some skill, and most importantly emotion and style. And she won Golden Globes. And they weren’t easy songs to sing. she might not be Patti Lupone in respect to her rendition, but, she does have some skill.

    Because like the critic states, her back up singers bring some soul to her concert. She lacks emotion and soul in her singing. It’s boring and annoying. And for someone who has so many #1s, where are all her Grammys, aside from the 2 when she came out?Where is she on the list of the “200 best albums of all time” or “women who rock” or MuchMusic’s “top artists of the 90s” She was #177 on vh1 list of pop icons, while even J.Lo was #15. How about 100 best songs of the past 25 years? And her hits she owes to her sugar daddy, who was one of the people involved in the whole payola-airplay thing. And she isn’t the best selling female artist either. Even if she was, we know how many of her fans buy CDs by the gross.

  7. Homertime says:

    Ok, if you’re gonna complain and whine about reading great reviews about Mariah’s concerts, THEN WHY THE HECK DO YOU READ THEM???? Geez, you act like someone is forcing you to read news about her. Are you haters so inept that you can’t seem to scroll past a Mariah article without clicking on it? Dumb idiots.

  8. fantasyremix says:

    “Hate on me, much as you want to, you can’t do, what the fu** I do bitches be, emulating me DAILY… Hate on me, as much as you want to, you can’t be, who the f*** I be, b****es be imitating me baby.” -So went the wise words from Da Brat in Loverboy. Somehow, the message hits the nail over the head when it comes to you haters. For those of you who still hold on to the hope that the career of ms. Carey is over, I’m here to give you a rude awakening. It is evident that the cold hard facts don’t get through your thick skulls. Once again for you slow ones out there: Mariah left Sony, one of their biggest assets walked out on them, so WHY the hell would they put any effort in promoting the one that put them at a disadvantage when she (walked out)in the first place? Sony would Love for her to lack in sales, don’t you get it. Still too difficult to understand, here’s an easier one: Charmbracelet was NOT a flop, actually, she had the second biggest debut week in sales of her career.(Rainbow was her biggest) How the hell could it be referred to it as a flop? And another thing, don’t even get me started on the comments about her breasts. Its only one of two reasons people hate on em, one: they’re mad they were not blessed with breasts like that, so they feels self conscious about their saggy or small boobs that no one wants to look at, or 2: You’re a loser who only wishes he could have the time of day to date a girl with breasts like Mariah’s. Here’s an idea, you don’t like em, don’t look at em. How bout that? Like it or not, the general public is actually responding well to the CD. I had “the remixes” run at the retail store I work for and the customers responded well to it all day. Most didn’t know she released the album, but they wanted to go get it. Either way, sales are not going to be huge, but those who buy “the remixes” will be happy. One last thing I’ve been wanting to ask J.Lo fans: How many Grammys has she received? I think it was only one, no wait, it was none. That’s okay though, since she can always shake the only thing bigger than her ego on stage and strive to get one tenth of the success Mariah has had. What …Jen’s got about 15#1’s right?not. Maybe she should work on developing a voice instead of looking for who she’s gonna take to the alter next. Perhaps you admire Jennifer Lopez because you share a common characteristic: the a** from sitting in front of the computer all day hating the one and only: Mariah.

  9. mikemc says:

    ^^ I agree, how can “Charmbracelet” be a flop, not only was it her second highest debut in sales, but it was also a certified PLATINUM album 3 weeks after it was released. Charmbracelet US Sales: First Week: 240,000 copies Second Week: 173,000 copies Third Week: 191,000 copies Not only was she CERTIFIED PLATINUM 3 weeks after it was released, but “Charmbracelet” also sold more in 3 weeks, then “Glitter” has sold TO THIS DAY!!!!! Not only that, but she’s sold more than Madonna’s “American Life” has in 5 MONTH’S!!!!! How is that a flop? “Charmbracelet” then went on to sell more than a million copies a little more than a month later, and has now sold about 1.5 million in the US, and about 5 million around the world!!!! Yeah, that’s a flop! RIGHT!

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