Mariah Carey’s ‘The Remixes’ Press Release

Mariah Carey 'The Remixes' album cover

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NEW YORK, Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Columbia Records is set to release ’s “The Remixes”, a specially-priced two CD collection jam-packed with 22 of Mariah´s chart-topping dance/club tracks. The Remixes will be in stores on Tuesday (October 14).

With worldwide album and singles sales totaling well over 150 million records, Mariah is arguably the best-selling female artist in pop music history. She´s had more #1 hits than any other female artist and has spent more weeks at #1 than any artist in the history of the Billboard Hot 100. And while Mariah§s incandescent vocal prowess, her hook-filled songwriting, and her savvy production chops have guaranteed her reputation as one of the most widely recognized and popular entertainers on the planet, it´s on the dancefloors of the world´s clubs and discos where one discovers the true heady soul of Mariah´s music.

Over the course of her career, Mariah has established herself as a leader and innovator in creating cutting-edge collaborations between the worlds of pop and urban music as evidenced by her work with Ol´ Dirty Bastard (O.D.B.), P. Diddy, Jermaine Dupri and others. The Remixes brings together, for the first time in a single collection, the groundbreaking club mixes that catapulted Mariah to the center of the world´s dance music scene while securing her position at the top of the charts. In fact, 13 of the 22 songs on The Remixes have been #1 hits, either in their original form or as remixes.

Encompassing a decade´s worth of hits, The Remixes features remixes by some of the hottest producers in dance music history including David Morales, Junior Vasquez, Jermaine Dupri, Hex Hector, and more. Guest artists on The Remixes include Snoop Dogg, JD, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Nas, and Jadakiss among others. The album includes, for the first time on a Mariah album, her latest Top 3 Hot 100 smash, “I Know What You Want,” featuring Busta Rhymes and a previously unavailable version of “The One,” featuring JD and Bone Crusher.

Mariah Carey ‘The Remixes’ tracklisting:

“My All” — Morales “My” Club Mix
“Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely”
— Junior Vasquez Club Mix
“Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)” — Fly Away Club Mix
“Anytime You Need A Friend” — C&C Club Version
“Fantasy” — Def Club Mix
“Honey” — Classic Mix
“Dreamlover” — Def Club Mix
“Emotions” — 12″ Club Mix
“Through The Rain” — HQ2 Radio Edit

“Fantasy” — featuring O.D.B.
“Always Be My Baby” — Mr. Dupri Remix featuring Da
Brat & Xscape
“My All/Stay Awhile” — So So Def Remix featuring
Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
“Thank God I Found You” — Make It Last Remix
featuring Joe & Nas
“Breakdown” — featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone
“Honey” — So So Def Remix featuring Da Brat & JD
“Loverboy” — Remix featuring Da Brat, Ludacris,
Twenty II, Shawnna
“Heartbreaker” — Remix featuring Da Brat &
Missy Elliott
“Crybaby” — featuring Snoop Dogg
“Miss You” — featuring Jadakiss
“The One” — So So Def Remix featuring Bone Crusher
“I Know What You Want” — featuring Busta Rhymes.

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4 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s ‘The Remixes’ Press Release

  1. mikemc says:

    I can’t wait to get the album!!! It’s so damn HOT!!! I love all of MC’s remixes on there!

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    I’m anxious to get my copy. I have most of these songs already, found somewhere online, but it will be nice to have the official product. Now if she would only put out a live album, or better yet, a double live album, I’ll be in heaven! Not a DVD of one of her concerts, a good old fashion live album.

  3. SJ says:

    I CAN’T WAIT! Did you guys know the album is specially-priced….. (I always see Ludacris plugging this in about his new album)

  4. monarc20 says:

    I can’t wait to get this Album it’s got all her hottest Remix’s of her Career on 2 Disc’s. Everyone one I know like MC so I am gonna tell them all about this New Album. It be really nice if it debuted at #1 but hey at least we know it will hit the Top 5.

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