Mariah Chatting With Harper Entertainment About Book

The New York Post reports is “still in talks” with publishers for her autobiography, and HarperEntertainment is said to be a frontrunner to publish the work.

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7 thoughts on “Mariah Chatting With Harper Entertainment About Book

  1. Tig says:

    Whoa, children really get on my nerves. Now, finally the public gets to know If Tommy was cheating with Thalia (the fake-ass j-lo wannabe), Did Tommy forbid her to Leave the House? Did he Beat her? Did he grab her up backstage at the AMA’s for looking too sexy? Did J Lo Steal Mariah’s Song, Was Derick Jeter really a short-short man, Why did Luis Dedicate his CD to Mariah, Why did she fall apart? This might be real Interesting?

  2. Maddie says:

    Damn!!!!! I used to work for the travel department at Harper Publishing company, THIS IS A BOOK TOUR I COULD’VE BEEN DOING NOW :( But it will be definitely a book I’ll be getting, it must be greatly interesting, have all those questions answer Tig! Although I heard she only mentions Mottola once in the book.

  3. Crusader says:

    Yeah sure, I’ll bet you’ll be one of the first ones to go and buy it. I can’t wait for this book to come out and sell well, so that you can put that crappy tongue in your ass bitch, you and all your fellow loser comrades. Mariah Forever!!! Crusader!

  4. Misty83 says:

    Oh god another sob story about her traumatic life and her breakdown. God you pathetic lamb flops will read anything that slut puts out.

  5. weebongo says:

    This book will be good for anyone who wants to be a hooker like Mariah. That’s the only thing Mariah is good at. She married an ugly, fat, bald 55 year old man because of his money. That’s why Mariah always dresses like a cheap hooker because Tommy wanted her to work for her money the hard way.

  6. olivia1984 says:

    Why do you guys always have to turn something positive into something negative. It is obvious that some of you don’t like her, so why waste your time and post rude, useless comments about her, no one is making you listen to her music or buy her CD’s. She is a successful artist who deserves to be famous. If she were not successful, then wouldn’t she be just one of those one hit wonders? And lets face it , everyone makes bad mistakes every now and then, no one is perfect. And as far as the flop of Glitter, it shows how even more talented and successful she is now to have a strong comeback after her downfall. I mean, she has sold out shows, so I say good luck Mariah.

  7. PaulNick19 says:

    Well well well, another Mariah posting and what do ya know, 60 comments. It looks like Mariah can cause a ruckus without even having to say anything these days. Now that’s power! How strange that no other singer that’s been around for even 1/2 as long as she has can have that kind of affect.

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