Mariah, Gareth And Abs Winners Of Naomi Awards 2004

On the eve of the ever-more-corporate Brits, Music Choice has announced the second annual Naomi Awards 2004, and named Atomic Kitten, former Five star , , and Kym Marsh as award winners for their (lack of) contribution to the British Music Industry. Mariah has been chosen as the Worst International Female, Abs as the Worst British Male and Atomic Kitten is the Worst British Group. Check out the list of winners including Gareth Gates and Cheeky Girls at

Gareth Gates ‘Embarrassed’ By Jordan Fling

February 5, 2004 – Gareth has opened up about his brief fling with mega-boobed pin-up Jordan. He tells Top of the Pops magazine: “I was embarrassed. I didn’t want my mum and dad, my family and my fans to find out in that way.” As for how he feels about her now, Gareth admits, “Obviously, we’re not the best of friends. That’s it really.”

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5 thoughts on “Mariah, Gareth And Abs Winners Of Naomi Awards 2004

  1. Minxy says:

    Shouldn’t have went out with her if he was embarrassed. And he shouldn’t have lied about it. He only made it worse for himself when he denied it all

  2. miky says:

    Mariah just won the lifetime achievement award at the MTV Asia awards and she keeps on collecting trophies for her success nonstop. no offense to the British but most of their music isn’t popular worldwide so who are they to judge Mariah or any other artist?

  3. weebongo says:

    Who has Asia produced, no one of any importance to modern music while legends like David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Beatles and Black Sabbath all came from Britain. The music that has come from Britain is one of the most popular all over the world and that is undeniable.

  4. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    What the f**k ever. Ever heard of Elvis Presley(American), the most successful artist of all time? Or Mariah Carey? What about your precious Madonna? She hasn’t outsold Mariah but she’s over the 100 million mark. The only two talented acts out of Britain are The Rolling Stones (I love Mick Jagger) and David Bowie. America sets the trend for the global music industry, sweetie. The Beatles were are a carbon copy of American acts. They are soooo overrated.

  5. Loverboy says:

    What has Asia produced? It is this kind of ignorant racist comment that made Britain fall from a once important country to its state now — following the US blindly. Have you even tried to understand or listen to music from Asia? And sure, these artists are successful ones, but in Asia, we also have our own shares of artists, but hey, I do not expect ignorant idiots like you to know that.

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