Mariah & Jennifer Lopez Figures Are Good Role Models For Women

Eilish O’Regan of reports an expert on eating disorders is saying female celebrities who have “fuller figures” – such as Mariah Carey and are good role models for women. Dr Michael Bourke, a psychiatrist in the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, commented it was wonderful to see these female superstars with normal physiques. Read more.

Jennifer Lopez’s Diva Demands Rebuffed, So She Leaves No Tip

April 11, 2002 – Shelby Loosch of the Globe reports went to lunch with three girlfriends at Islands of Westchester in Los Angeles. Lopez phoned ahead demanding a specific table and a certain waiting that would only be allowed to wait on them. When the party arrived, the manager said they were too busy to allow the guy to wait exclusively on the diva. Lopez argued and threatened to leave, but her pals convinced her to stay. After they finished eating, Lopez paid the bill – but stiffed the poor guy of a tip.

J.Lo Disses Her Own Oscar Hairdo

April 11, 2002 – The Enquirer reports fashion critics weren’t the only ones giving grief for her Oscar bouffant hairdo, J.Lo herself was too! Lopez told a pal, “I looked like a woman selling a washing machine in a 60’s TV commercial! I can’t believe they told me I looked good!”

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5 thoughts on “Mariah & Jennifer Lopez Figures Are Good Role Models For Women

  1. mcfan says:

    Oh my gosh what do they want from Mariah???

    One time in her life was she weighing 2 more pounds and now they won’t let her go!!!

    Since then she lost weight and returned to her old figure (save the after-breakdown era, and now she’s on a diet again)!!!! If they were aware of the situation, they would have known that Mariah is a BAD role model since she’s never accepted gaining weight and immediately goes on a killer diet!

  2. lostvictim says:

    Oh, please.

    Jennifer Lopez I can understand, but Mariah Carey? Ugh. She’s a sad excuse for a diva, and allow me to push it – for a person.

    Her response in an interview regarding starving kids in Africa:

    “I’d love to be as thin as them. But without the diseases and stuff.”

  3. MerryA69 says:

    Hater: That story has been know to be false for years. By the way, J. Lo is Not a Diva-sad excuse for trying to discredit someone good as Miss Mariah Carey is.

  4. lostvictim says:

    Branding me a hater? Please care to support your argument.

    I never referred to Jennifer Lopez as a diva, I only said Mariah Carey was a sad excuse for one, which is true.

    Sure, she may be talented vocally, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s as much as it goes.

  5. joxe says:

    okay, first Mariah never ever labeled herself as a diva, hello? people get fat, even if you’re the most richest woman in the world you could get fat. we have ups and downs.

    I think you are one of j-lows avid fan, just take off that fat ass and she’s nothing, get that, nothing, she can’t act too! and most she couldn’t sing, she even stole Mariah’s sample, the firecracker sample.

    and she could never write songs! men loves j-low because of her butt, then that’s it! no more!

    while Mariah, she inspired people by her songs and that’s why more people loves her, not just men, but women, girls, boys, name it!

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