Mariah Meets Manila: The Song Of Mariah’s Life

hit Manila on the Asian leg of her ‘Charmbracelet World Tour 2003’ on Saturday and the Manila Bulletin caught up with the singer, who spoke about her latest album ‘Charmbracelet’. “Writing ‘Charmbracelet’ was a cathartic experience,” she recalled candidly. “I’ve been through a lot, personally and professionally. I lost my father this year, after we had reunited and become close. It was very hard for me and a lot of that emotion is on the album.”

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9 thoughts on “Mariah Meets Manila: The Song Of Mariah’s Life

  1. Misty83 says:

    I bet that slut Christina is even jealous of this Lamb Flop.

  2. Crusader says:

    I bet you’re going to be successful……NOT!! stupid LOSER!! YOU ARE NOTHING BITCH!!

  3. webanging says:

    Poor Mariah, her father died and she had one of the biggest flop albums of the year. She’s a lot more disappointed over the Remix album being such a huge failure though. It’s time for another breakdown or worse suicide.

  4. mikemc says:

    GO MARIAH!!!! Her remix album has officially been the #1 Electronic Album according to Billboard for 4 weeks now!!! Go Mariah, your killing it baby!

  5. monarc20 says:

    Mariah’s got a lot of really soulful Song’s on “Charmbracelet” and a lot of fun Song’s. This Album really has a Song for everyone, I mean their so many different type’s of Song’s even if you hated all Mariah’s music you would like at least one Song off this Album if you listened to it.

  6. NJHottie24 says:

    maybe this a-hole webanging should read the entire story and see how they say how great her album is it and how it was a great seller and has been certified triple platinum already, what an idiot, a failure right, that makes a lot of sense

    The Remixes” spends its 4th week at the #1 spot on Billboard’s top electronic albums. “What Would You Do”, the Nate Dogg and Mariah collaboration, is currently #4 on the “top 4 at 4” and #6 on the “top 7 at 7” on Power 106, the number 2 station in the US. The song is still tied for #1 song on Soundmagnet, an internet radio station. Lastly, the song was champion of “Battle of the Jams” on Hot 94.1 in Bakersfield, CA last week. Soundscan update: “The Remixes” sells 11,824 copies this week which brings its total after 3 weeks to 69,256 copies sold. “Through The Rain” continues to sell copies and reaches a respectable amount of 114,444 copies sold.

    I love when topics like this get the haters panties in a bunch. They know, as well as we know, that her career is fine. A record company would not sign an artists that they didn’t think would make them money. Secondly, her tour is doing great. The haters can make up their sh** lies, its not gonna change the truth. They are in deep deep denial. The same denial that if their mothers get shot down while walking down the street in front of them. If her tours were not doing well then they would have cancelled the remainder of the tour, not add on an additional 11 stops. She’s gotten about 1 bad review out of 100 great reviews of the concert. Her record has sold over 3 million worldwide which they deny because but they can’t find any prove. But if her career was over, she wouldn’t have sold 270,000 copies in her first week. And then continue to sell amazing amounts the next couple weeks. It went platinum in less then 6 weeks. Most artists don’t even see that. That means at least 1,000,000 people went out and bought her CD. Then they will tell you that the fans bought 18 copies because the haters are pissed that she still has that many fans. Then they will go on to to say how she can’t get any songs on the Billboard 100. We all know that radio hates to play Mariah, so Through the Rain making it to the 70’s isn’t bad considering she didn’t have that much support. And look at Britney, her song has only hit 38, and this week fell to number 44. Pink still can’t break the top 50. The haters can’t accept this. They want to make it seem like it’s only Mariah. And then that weebongo compares her to Willa Ford, which we know he only did to piss people off, but it didn’t work. Pig boy is just grabbing at every last straw he can. Too bad it isn’t working!!!!! You lost, we won!

  7. Cicero says:

    Congratulations, Mariah. I hope she’s happy and healthy.

  8. niceg says:

    Congratulations Mariah! Your circus flopped. Yay! And being #1 on some crap electronic charts is next to being nothing. I bet one of the lamb-ho’s grandma can put up a remix album and go to #1 too. *lol’

  9. Jays says:

    Mariah you ROCK!!! Hope you stay safe and healthy. Have a great time performing in Manila! I wish I was there!

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