Mariah Shines Likes A Phoenix From The Ashes At SECC

Maggie Mckenzie of The Glasgow Daily Record reviewed Mariah Carey’s concert at SECC. She writes, “ again proved on Saturday [October 25] she had soared shining brightly like a phoenix from the ashes into the main spotlight a triumph which she has managed to sustain for 10 years.” She added, “Her need for adoration was evident as she held the footlights of the stage during her encore, gently touching the adoring mass in a religious-like way. It brought a tear to my glass eye. Truly wonderful, truly diva, truly Mariah.”

The entire review at has since been removed.

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11 thoughts on “Mariah Shines Likes A Phoenix From The Ashes At SECC

  1. mikemc says:

    Once again, another great review from the critically ACCLAIMED “Charmbracelet World Tour”!!!!! Go Mariah!

  2. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    She lip sings all the time what a whore

  3. mikemc says:

    Check your facts fool, EVERY song except for “Fantasy” is sung 100% LIVE!!!!! And the only reason “Fantasy” is pre recorded is because it has a dance routine in it!!!! Stop hating just because ALL of Britney’s tours are 100% pre recorded, while real singers like Mariah actually SING their songs while their on tour!

  4. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Didn’t they say Christina took the show away so easily.

  5. niceg says:

    So, she’s trying to be god now. “Some people take the road to the left, some take the road to the right, others just take the road to HELL”. This is just a sinful act. Plain Satanic idolatory. Can’t imagine that people were doing worship at the concert. In the name of GOD, I command you (SATAN) to leave the people alone. Galatians 5:19 “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious, … idolatory and witchcraft,….those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of GOD”. Be warned.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    Even if she did lipsync…she still has the voice and enough recognition to showcase her talent and gift without having anybody make lame excuses and accusations about her voice.

  7. niceg says:

    This is plain serious. It is ok to be a lamb and crawl into Mariah’s butt, but it is absolutely not ok to worship and praise an idol. That is plain satanic. I’m just warning you guys that you took it too far this time. You will end up in HELL! HADES is waiting for all of the lambs.

  8. MariahsMan says:

    “…gently touching the adoring mass in a religious-like way.” All that is saying is she touched the audience in a deep way, like when you go to church and you are moved by a sermon. It’s saying that the fans were moved by Mariah and felt a bond with her. It is NOT saying that Mariah thought she was God and her fans worship her more than God. To bash Mariah and to call her fans ‘lamb-hos’ is one thing. But, to bring the subject of God into it and throw his name around in a ridiculous way, as well as telling people they will go to hell for being a Mariah Carey fan, is COMPLETELY DISGUSTING.

  9. niceg says:

    Suddenly, the lambs are going to a CHURCH instead of a circus for the wrong reasons. That is more disgusting. So, sing your worship songs now!

  10. MariahsMan says:

    ^ Say what you will. If you honestly think your foolish comments are going to make me question my religious beliefs…you are disturbed, seriously. I don’t even think you know what you talk about most of the time. You just talk and talk and talk and nothing remotely intelligent comes out of your mouth. But hey…whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

  11. monarc20 says:

    The good review’s just keep coming in and this is really making up for all the negative Press she got 3 year’s ago. Even the critic’s that always hated on her are give her great review’s for her concert’s. I saw her at Radio City here in new York and her Voice was much better then when she first started. That’s what I’ve always loved about Mariah she’s usually a lot better at Live singing then being in the studio.

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