Mariah’s Trail To The UCLA Psych Ward

The Enquirer is revealing shocking details behind ’s pysch ward admittance at UCLA. Mariah was headed on an airplane to the east coast when a series of bizarre acts by Mariah have her family terrified and has her friends suggesting “She needs long term hospitalization, maybe as long as a year.”

Included in the Enquirer’s allegations:

-Mariah stopped taking her prescribed manic-depressive medication because a psychic told her it was ruining her singing voice.

-Mariah was drunk and staggering while talking gibberish on the set of her recent video shoot.

-During the same shoot, Mariah yelled, ‘Look, a shooting star!’ while pointing in the air in the middle of broad daylight.

-Again during the shoot, Mariah flirted with a young production assistant and gave him a lap dance asking him, ‘Isn’t this your fantasy?’

-During a meeting with Virgin execs, Mariah twirled around the room asking, ‘Can you see me?’ telling them she was invisible.

-Claimed she was talking to Marilyn Monroe through the piano wires of a piano she’d bought that was once owned by Monroe.

-During her east coast plane trip, Mariah screamed, ‘We’re gonna die! We’re gonna crash! I don’t want to die!’

-During her UCLA psych stay, Mariah took a bath with all her clothes on, later flashed her breasts to the hospital’s staff, and asked them if anyone wanted to have sex.

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