Marie Digby Fields Questions From The Fans

answered several questions on her newly created account today. Among them:

What direction would you like your third album to go? Same as ‘Unfold’? ‘Breathing Underwater’? A little of both or something totally different? by georgebui101

I would absolutely love to do an album which still incorporates beats but the instrumentation is all live… I guess it might be somewhere in between my first and second :)

What are the ups and downs (if any) of being racially mixed? And when people meet you for the first time are you classified as a Caucasian person or an Asian person?

Being from Los Angeles, a melting pot of every nationality .. I never thought very much about being racially mixed. But when I started playing music, I realized how much of my identity was my racial background (at least to other people). I have definitely faced some cold truths when it comes to being an Asian-American in the music business.. I’m determined to help pave a path for others and to break through any stereotypes that exist for Asians or mixed artist trying to make it.
When people meet me, I’ve heard it all from.. are you.. Russian, Chinese, Icelandic, Inuit ? :)

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