Marie Digby ‘Say It Again’ Guitar Giveaway Contest

Marie Digby talks about her signed guitar contest giveaway for the best cover of her song 'Say It Again' checked in with a video clip discussing the details of her autographed guitar giveaway contest, where participants have to make their own video for Digby’s song ‘Say It Again’ and upload it to her YouTube group. She then offered instructions on how to play guitar on the track.

“Basically all you have to do is make a video of my song ‘Say It Again’. So you can play it on the guitar, on the piano, trumpet, whatever you happen to play, and just do a cover of the song, or you can get super super creative and make a music video for ‘Say It Again’,” Digby said about the contest. “Whatever it is that you want to do, as long as it includes that song. If you are the winner, they you will get a free guitar that I actually picked out at the store the other day. It’s almost identical to the very first guitar that I had. The very first song that I wrote was on this guitar, so I hope you enjoy it.”

Watch it below.

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2 thoughts on “Marie Digby ‘Say It Again’ Guitar Giveaway Contest

  1. Jersain ruiz says:

    guitars rock

  2. John S Stevenson says:

    A great guitar is like a supermodel… beautiful, elegant, and plenty of strings attached.

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