Marie Digby Wraps Up Recording Japanese Album

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Sunday (December 21). The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’ve been in the studio now for about two weeks and we are finally wrapping up the recording for the Japanese album. Just about done with all vocals for 12 songs!! I’m so happy with the way that it’s turning out. I had a lot of worries about whether or not I’d be able to pull off doing a whole album in my second language.. if I could learn the songs quickly enough.. etc but it’s all turning out fine! The team I have out here is amazing. My producer Satori Shiraishi (top friend on my page) is fantastic and everyone else has been super helpful. I hope this is just the start of doing more domestic albums in Japan.

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2 thoughts on “Marie Digby Wraps Up Recording Japanese Album

  1. micah says:

    I like Marie Digby’s songs I heard she have a new album “Breathing Under Water”?

  2. seiyah says:

    her Japanese album “SECOND HOME” is out today!! (March 04,2009)

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