Marion Raven’s Gameplan

Marion Raven

Former M2M star Marion Raven checked in with fans on her official web site’s forum on Saturday (September 23), answering several fan questions, including one asking the singer about “doing a rockier image now” and what type of musical demographic she’s trying to appeal to. “My sound will still be rock with a pop appeal,” she said. “I will mostly be doing promo for the Meat Loaf song this fall in the US. But at the same time promoting myself and get people interested in me as an artist. I will be attending a lot of big TV shows in America with Meat Loaf performing our song [‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’]. I have an EP coming out in the end of October and will be doing a few online interviews to support that release. There will then be more things happening in the beginning of next year with a new single, video, touring etc. My music is for everyone who want to listen.”

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