Mark McGrath Favors Backstreet & Britney Over Xtina & *NSYNC

Contributed by elgato: had a scan of a survey done by Sugar Ray’s lead singer Mark McGrath. In the survey, Mark reveals that he prefers over Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys over *NSYNC, Korn over Limp Bizkit, Slayer over Metallica, Johnny Cash over Garth Brooks, Faith Hill over Shania Twain, Duran Duran over Devo, TLC over Destiny’s Child, Rolling Stones over Kiss, and Dr. Dre over Eminem. The site has since shut down.

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10 thoughts on “Mark McGrath Favors Backstreet & Britney Over Xtina & *NSYNC

  1. popnicklover says:

    Mark’s got awesome taste! Go BSB!

  2. ballersfantasy says:

    He’s such a hottie. I agree with him about his choices about 70%.

  3. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    This guy is stupid firstly…. OF COURSE DR.DRE IS BETTER THAN EMINEM! OH MY GOD!! EVERYONE NOS THAT DRE CREATED EMINEM. EVEN EMINEM ADMITS DAT DRE IS DA BEST… WAT A ………………… AND ALSO I have no words to say. Everyone’s taste is different… I prefer Christina over Britney because no one has a voice like that. NO ONE! and she’s different. I prefer *NSYNC to BSB.. I dunno I just do that don’t ask me why but I like BSB too…..and the list goes on THIS MOTHER—— Mark don’t have any idea who created and gave Eminem a taste I guess!! and popnicklover, this Mark is not the king of the world…… he may prefer BSB over *NSYNC but it don’t mean that *NSYNC has no fans. they got us!!! (I dunno why I responded you its kinda routine for me…. forgive…if you don’t…… ok I’m being polite =)

  4. babet says:

    I don’t like his taste in music. no wonder his career is …..non existent. Christina is better vocally. *NSYNC are better entertainers and just as good vocalists Shania Twain can sing and puts on a hell of a show….plus she’s prettier. destiny child are better vocally…..but TLC is better lyrically..i like them both. I don’t like Korn, Metallica, Garth Brooks, Slayer, or Limp Bizkit. I was never really into johnny cash (RIP)……so no comment there. Dr. Dre is better than Eminem…but they’re in different leagues. Dre is more of the thug and awesome pruducer type… Eminem is the lyrical genius.

  5. elgato says:

    Nsync’s mics are never turned on. So yes, they’re better lip synchers than anyone else. thank God. Thank God BSB never lip synch. they don’t have to.

  6. Kizzardkid says:

    Too bad BSB don’t lip sync, those guys suck and the need to learn how to harmonize :-P

  7. elgato says:

    Mark McGrath is a nobody? Funny, reminds me of when *NSYNC fans said Bubba Sparxxx has credibility.

  8. popnicklover says:

    N Sync and Christina fans are the only ones who think Mark McGrath is a “nobody”. Really–Sugar Ray is a much better band than N Sync ever could be. And you have to give BSB props for actually SINGING LIVE, despite the fact that sometimes their vocals may sound a bit off. I would rather listen to that then some perfectly synchronized lip syncing the way N Sync does. This just goes to show how much more real the BSB are compared to N Sync!

  9. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    But elgato mark is not the best decider or a hero in the music. he just put an opinion that’s all. he said BSB ok that’s it ..but he world didn’t stop. it’s still turning… it’s just an opinion.

  10. elgato says:

    Mark thinks BSB are incredible. He’s good friends with the group. When AJ went into rehab, Mark was playing at a Sugar Ray concert and dedicated the whole show to AJ. or as he put it “my buddy AJ” so *NSYNC fans, get over it.

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