Markus Feehily Responds To Westlife Tour Schedule Concerns

Markus Feehily checked in with his Twitter followers (@MarkusFeehily) earlier today, talking about Westlife’s upcoming tour and responding to the fans who were upset that the veteran boy band wasn’t traveling to their particular town. Markus writes:

Excited about our new tour, can’t wait to play Wembley again that place has such a great vibe, also new album going great so far:all good x

We will definitely be playing Dublin and Belfast too, I’m sure the details will be announced soon

Lots of emotions flying round since the new tour was announced

We don’t plan tours around making money we tour when it makes sense to tour taking album promo and recording plus other commitments into account

Also, we would love nothing more than to go to every country & gig regardless of amount of fans, but it’s not realistic guys I’m sorry

I want to tour again in EVERY country and go to new ones like Russia for instance but we haven’t got any offers to play there

One things I’ve learned about pop music and our fans and different territories is that its impossible to keep EVERY1 happy which is a shame

So instead of making tough decisions like deciding where to tour/promote, we leave it up to our promoter & label cuz it’d be impossible to choose

No matter what song we release/set list we perform/venue we play at, there will be someone somewhere left out or annoyed, unfortunately :(

So we strive to do what we think is best and feels right, thanks for listening, over and out x

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