Marlon Jackson: Michael Had Too Many “Yes” Men Around Him

Michael Jackson’s brother Marlon is speaking out about the King of Pop’s death and the role his doctor Conrad Murray played in the homicide. “Michael died and someone is to blame – and it’s the doctor who was with him,” the 52-year-old told The Mirror. “Conrad Murray was the last person to be with Michael and he knows exactly what went on and he’s not saying.”

Marlon added, “I don’t think anyone tried to kill Michael on purpose but something went wrong, something happened and, yes, some of my family do think it’s murder. He had too many ‘yes’ men around him. With a bunch of ‘yes’ people around him there was no doubt he was headed for destruction. I’m talking about the doctors who were around him, the people he had working for him. It’s sad to say but these doctors would do anything for the money.”

Is Still Alive?

August 27, 2009 – Last night’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ featured footage of rumored to still be alive after emerging from a coroner’s van and walking into a building. Not only that, but the King of Pop wasn’t the only person in the vehicle. Watch the comedy clip below.

Death Ruled A Homicide

August 25, 2009 – An official says that the L.A. County coroner has ruled Michael’s death a homicide. Meanwhile an affidavit revealed new details about the actions of the singer’s doctor Conrad Murray. Watch a report from CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes, followed by Katie Couric’s interview with legal corespondent Trent Copeland, below the cut.

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3 thoughts on “Marlon Jackson: Michael Had Too Many “Yes” Men Around Him

  1. rose mcilhone says:

    I totally agree with Marlon as I don’t know the ins and outs of Michael Jackson’s life but it seems strange that it took over 30 minutes for the so called doctor to call 911 as why so long?? and why call his office etc first??? if he knew Michael was taking so many prescription drugs then why did he give him so many on that fateful night?? and the big question is why did he disappear for 2 hours?? Michael Jackson was so healthy as he passed a full medical and two days later he was dead,,,,it does not make any sense…but we all miss him so much and I wish I could turn back time, my only one regret is never seeing Michael in the flesh while he was alive as I have been watching him since I was seven years old and he was(and still is) my idol as he tried to help so many people,,,he literally gave his heart to the world and some stabbed him in it,,it must of been a terrible life for Michael not knowing who you could trust and not having a normal life as I can never imagine what that kind of life is like,,,but one thing I do know is he is in a better place now as Jehovah had his reasons for taking him so soon out of this evil world so Michael is finally at peace.

  2. sherry godfrey says:

    All has been said. ALMOST……………….the main thing is…………. I hope his soul was SAVED……………continue to PRAY for the JACKSONS….. Jesus is LOVE

  3. sherry godfrey says:

    ALMOST all was said. the main thing is.. let’s hope his Soul was SAVED…….continue to pray for the Jackson family

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